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Do you really like fried chicken? If you really like fried chicken, make sure you visit Church’s Chicken Restaurant. Because at Church’s Chicken Restaurant you can enjoy the delicious fried chicken dish. Church’s Chicken Restaurant can satisfy your love of serving fried chicken. Then do not you throw away your purchase receipt. Because the receipt is an opportunity you get a free chicken. Wow is not this very interesting? Furthermore, you only need to follow Church’s Chicken Survey. You can survey through Churchs listens. Because Churchslistens is a survey portal of Church’s Chicken Restaurant customers.

As a customer, you can express your opinions through Churchs listens. At this time the use of customer surveys is very popular. Because companies try to understand the desires of customers by knowing their opinions. So your opinion can help the growth of the company. In addition, they also offer free chicken coupons for you. So are you still in doubt? No need to fear to fail to do Churchslistens. Because we will help you with easy and simple instructions. Save your spending more. Then enjoy the chicken dish for free by following Churchslistens. Let’s do it now! Before we get started for survey preparation, let’s find out about Church’s Chicken Restaurant first.

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About the Church’s Chicken Restaurant

Church’s Chicken Restaurant was founded in 1950. The founder of Church’s Chicken Restaurant was named George W. Church. Then, Church’s Chicken Restaurant was first established in downtown San Antonio. Then in 1960 Church’s Chicken Restaurant was managed by George W (Bill) Church jr. Chicken Restaurants in Church Restaurants are growing. Evidenced by the establishment of Church’s Chicken Restaurant in Canada. Until 2000, Church’s Chicken Restaurant sold more than 1,000,000,000 of their products. Wow, fantastic numbers!

What rules should I know to do Churchslistens?

Before you actually do Churchslistens, you need to understand this rule. Because this rule determines your validity in doing Churchslistens. Actually, the rules in following Churchslistens are similar to other surveys. But for those of you who have never done a survey, better if you read our instructions. So you will not violate the rules. Because we do not want you to get into trouble in the future. Here are some rules for doing the Church Satisfaction Survey:

  1. Age Limit does Churchslistens

How old are you now? If you are 18 years old then this is your chance to get rewards. Because Churchslistens sets age limits to participate in surveys. If you wish to do Churchslistens, you must be 18 years of age or older. Because at that age you can be responsible for yourself. Then you can understand and answer Churchslistens questions. In addition, you can give your opinion more objective. Thus the company is more targeted when making improvements. So before doing Churchslistens, make sure you are old enough.

  1. Your position against Church’s Chicken Restaurant

Do you work at Church’s Chicken Restaurant? If you work there, then this rule is not profitable for you. Churchslistens establishes the rules that employees may not participate in surveys. Because the company expects honest and objective comments. If you are an employee of Church’s Chicken Restaurant, the objectivity of your opinion is questionable. Because many factors can affect your opinion as an employee. For example your work atmosphere and outlook on Church’s Chicken Restaurant management. here are some people who are not allowed to follow Churchslistens:

  • First, you are an employee of Church’s Chicken Restaurant.
  • Second, you are a business partner of Church’s Chicken Restaurant
  • Third, you have family relationships with restaurant employees
  • Lastly, you live in a house with employees of Church’s Chicken Restaurant.
  1. Your reward after doing Churchslistens
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Next, you have to understand the prize you will get. In addition, you can do a survey, you will also get a prize. Because Church’s Chicken offers free chicken coupons. If you really like chicken, of course, you do not want to miss this opportunity. In addition, you can enjoy the chicken, you can also save your expenses. But sometimes they will also give a discount as a gift. Below is a reward provision in performing Churchslistens:

  • First, you must do Churchslistens to get the validation code.
  • Second, you can redeem your coupon on the next visit.
  • Third, make sure you bring your coupon when redeeming the gift.
  • Fourth, you should not duplicate the coupon.
  • Fifth, you can not exchange coupons with cash.
  • Sixth, you should not choose a gift outside the company’s terms.
  • Last, the change of provisions is the right of Church’s Chicken Restaurant.
  1. Regulations conduct surveys

Churchslistens is basically a survey for all Church’s restaurant customers. But there are some provisions to do Churchslistens. One of them you can only do a survey once for a month. So no matter how many receipts you get, then you can only participate once. Then we suggest you do the survey immediately after the transaction in the restaurant. Because your receipt may have an expiry date. If your receipt expires, you can not reuse it.

What should I prepare to do Churchslistens?

Churchslistens is Church’s Restaurant’s online survey. So you need to prepare some things to be able to do Churchslistens. Because if your survey preparation is good, then your survey will be smooth. The equipment that should be provided to do Churchslistens among other computer devices. Then you also need to provide internet connection. Below are some of the things that are needed in Churchslistens:

  1. Tool to do Churchslistens

Essentially Churchslistens is an online survey. So you need a tool to access Churchslistens. The devices we recommend are computers or laptops. Because both devices have advantages if used for the survey. Both devices have a large screen display. Then they also have a conventional keyboard. Making it easier for you to read instructions and questions. Thus the risk of error when conducting a survey can be smaller. But you can also use a smartphone or tablet. Both devices are more practical to carry anywhere. So you can survey all the time.

  1. Internet connection

Secondly, you have to prepare internet connection. You can choose to use any provider. But consider the speed and signal support at your location. Currently, the signal used provider consists of 2 types, namely 3G and 4G. So you have to adjust the signal type with the capabilities of your device. In addition, your location also affects your internet signal. If your location is not supported by internet service, then it is impossible to find a signal.

  1. Legitimate receipt from Church’s Restaurant

Next, you need to prepare a receipt. If you recently visited Church’s Restaurant, then keep your receipts. So if you want to get a receipt, you must make a transaction before. In addition, your receipt can only be used once. So if a receipt has been used, you can not reuse it. So the receipt is your entrance to Churchslistens. If you do not have a receipt, then you can not automatically do Churchslistens. Because on the survey page you have to enter some information about your transaction.

  1. English or Spanish Abilities

Finally, you have to prepare your language skills. The required language skills are English or Spanish. If you are confident in your English skills, then you do not need to make the setting. But if you have trouble in English, then do the language setting. Unfortunately, you can only do settings in English and Spanish only. Remember, a survey question will be provided in the language you choose. If you still have trouble you can ask for help from people around you. In addition, you can use the popular online dictionary.

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How can I complete Churchslistens?

Have you completed all your needs? If you have completed the need, then it’s time you do Churchslistens. Next, you need to recall your experience while visiting the restaurant. Then you can give suggestions or criticism. We suggest you give an honest comment. Also as a customer, you want comfort while enjoying the dish. But sometimes you experience a disturbing incident. So you need to report the incident to the company. So that the incident does not happen again. Below is a step by step Churchslistens:

  1. Visit the official website to do Churchslistens

First, you should visit Churchslistens official website. Make sure your device is connected to the internet. You simply write the address in the column of your search engine. Then click on the search or enter button. Next, you will be guided to enter on the Churchslistens page. In addition, Churchslistens has 3 links to conduct surveys. The following is the official website address of Churchslistens:


2. Fill out the information according to the available fields

Next, on the first page, you have to enter some information. The information is already listed on your receipt. If you forget, you can see your receipt. But if you are still confused, you can see an example picture receipt. In the picture has been marked the part that must be included in the survey. Uniquely on Churchs survey, each survey website has a different login:


on this survey website, you can not only do surveys in English. But you can also make changes to Spanish. Simply tapping on the Espanol button. Then the question will be available in Spanish. Then you need to enter information about restaurant number and date of visit. Check back your answer. If you already feel confident, then click on the “start” button.


Then on this website, you can only do surveys in English. Furthermore, you have to enter information about the restaurant date and number. You can view the information on your receipt. If you are confused, you can see at the top of your receipt. Check back your answer. Adjust the information on your receipt. Next click on the “start” button.


on this website has a slightly different system with other websites. On this survey page, you should enter the receipt information in more detail. If before you just enter the number and date, here you have to enter the location of the restaurant. So the company knows the performance of the restaurant. Then the information you should enter is date, time, location. In addition to the website available in English or Spanish settings. Before you hit the start button, make sure you set the language. Because you will not be able to change the language on the next page. Check back your answer. If you feel confident, click on the “start” button.

  1. Do your survey now

Third, now is the time for you to survey. On this page, you can do a restaurant service assessment. Then you should not be afraid of getting tough questions. Because the survey question is about restaurant service. Thus you only need to answer honestly according to your experience. in the first part, you have to assess overall service. Here you have to rate in scale. Furthermore, the scale shows your satisfaction when receiving the service. In the second part, you can write your comment about Church’s Chicken Restaurant. Below is a section you may want to review:

  • The hospitality of Church’s Chicken Restaurant employees
  • Lack of service at Church’s Chicken Restaurant
  • Cleanliness of the place to eat
  • The accuracy of food served with customer orders
  • Existing facilities at Church’s Chicken Restaurant
  • Taste of food
  • The price of the food
  1. You can join Church’s Chicken Club
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Next, before you end the survey, you can choose to join the club. If you choose to join, then you can see offers from the restaurant. You just need to enter your email address. Then Chruch’s Chicken Restaurant will contact you via email.

  1. Write the validation code on your receipt

Finally, after you complete the survey then the validation code will appear. Then you just need to record the code on your receipt. Now you have Chruch’s Chicken Coupon. Congratulations, you are getting closer to free fried chicken. You only need to redeem the coupon on the next visit.

How can I connect with Chruch’s Chicken Restaurant?

As a customer, you want to enjoy food comfortably. But sometimes you have questions in your mind. In addition, you may experience events that interfere with your comfort. For that reason, you need to make a complaint to Chruch’s Chicken Restaurant. Unfortunately, you do not have a receipt. So you can not follow the survey. But you do not have to worry. Because Chruch’s Chicken Restaurant provides several ways you can make a complaint. Below is a way to connect with Chruch’s Chicken Restaurant:

  1. First, you can contact Chruch’s Chicken Restaurant by phone

Do you have an urgent problem? If you have urgent problems, then you need to contact customer service. When you use the phone, you can submit your complaints and questions directly. Then you do not have to wait long to get an answer. Because the assignment will directly respond to your complaint or question. However, you should pay attention to the hours of customer service operation. Usually, they will serve you from 8 am to 5 pm. Below is Chruch’s Chicken Restaurant Customer Service:


  1. Second, you can send a letter to Chruch’s Chicken Restaurant

Furthermore, if you prefer the old way, you can send a letter to them. Apparently, Chruch’s Chicken Restaurant also received mail delivery from customers. You can write as many comments as you want. But the disadvantage is you have to pay for mailing. In addition, you have to go out to the post office. Furthermore, you also do not know when your letter can be read. More importantly, you have to wait longer to get a reply to your opinion. Below is the address of Chruch’s Chicken Restaurant:

Church’s Global Restaurant Support Center

980 Hammond Drive

Suite 1100

Atlanta, Georgia 30328

  1. Third, you can use social media

Then you can use social media. Do you have social media? If you have social media, then you can connect with Chruch’s Chicken Restaurant. Because Chruch’s Chicken Restaurant provides several types of social media for their customers. Thus Chruch’s Chicken Restaurant also follows the technology development. In addition to communicating with consumers, social media is also used for promotion. Then you can see interesting offers and new products with social media. In addition, you can also make orders through certain social media. Below is a social media owned by Chruch’s Chicken Restaurant:

  • Facebook:
  • Instagram:
  • Twitter:
  1. Fourth, you can leave a message on the website

If you do not have social media, you can use the website. On the website, you can leave feedback to Chruch’s Chicken Restaurant. Then you just need to visit Chruch’s Chicken Restaurant website. Next click on the menu Contact us. Furthermore, you must fill out your identity. In addition, you can leave feedback on the box provided. Below is the contact us menu page:

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