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Have you just enjoyed the tasty chickens of Church’s Chicken restaurant? Then, you may get a chance to have other tasty menu items from this chicken restaurant for free! Bu, how come? Well, you just need to spare a few minutes to take part in Church’s Chicken Survey. It is an online survey platform made by Church’s Chicken restaurant to find out how happy you are with the services and products served at Church’s Chicken locations. Through this guest satisfaction survey, Churchs Listens to your real opinions related to your latest visit experience at Church’s Chicken restaurant. And at the end of the survey, there will be a coupon code that will bring you a special reward from Church’s Chicken.

Are you wondering what is more you can learn about the Churchs Chicken Survey at Churchslistens portal? You can find the complete information about the survey steps, Church’s Chicken saving tips, ways to find the nearest Church’s Chicken locations, the procedure to send feedbacks to Church’s Chicken, and some more interesting things. So, happy reading!

churchs chicken survey

churchs chicken survey page at

About Church’s Chicken

Church’s Chicken is a company managing a chicken restaurant chain in the United States. The headquarters of this company is located in Atlanta, Georgia. George W. Church Sr. founded this restaurant as Church’s Fried Chicken To Go in 1952. He opened his first restaurant location in San Antonio, Texas. in the early years of this business, the founder only sold chicken menu. However, he decided to serve more options in the restaurant menu list, such as jalapenos and fries, in 1955. Today, Church’s Chicken has been one of fast-growing restaurants in the world. Moreover, it has got its name on the 4th rank among international chains of largest chicken restaurants. Customers may find Church’s Chicken branches in over 1700 locations. The locations are available in 25 countries worldwide, including North America, South America, Europe, and Asia. Outside of North America, people know this restaurant as Texas Chicken.

If you come to Church’s Chicken, you may order some fast food menu items, such as combo chicken tenders, family meals, side foods, sweets, soft drinks, and other beverages. Besides, Church’s Chicken has a service that will allow you to order your preferred menu online.

church's chicken survey

church’s chicken survey steps

Steps to Take Part in Church’s Chicken Survey

There are several things that you need to prepare before you can take part in Church’s Chicken guest satisfaction survey. First, it is important for you to have Church’s Chicken purchase receipt. you will need some information printed on the receipt. You should use the receipt as soon as possible as it is only valid for 3 days after your visit date. Second, you should have a device with a browser installed in it. Third, the internet connection is a must because this is an online survey.

if you can get all of these things needed for the survey, you may begin your steps for taking Church Satisfaction Survey. You will only need 5 up to 10 minutes to do all of the survey steps. In case you need a guideline, you may follow the survey steps below.

  1. Go to
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First, you must go to the website of Church’s Chicken Guest Satisfaction Survey. You may reach the survey page at The survey website will display a welcome statement on its home page. In addition, you may take the survey at

  1. Select a Language

Second, you may select the language provided on this guest satisfaction survey page. Once you have been on the home page, you will be able to read the website in English. It is the default language for Church’s Chicken survey. However, you may change the language setting into Spanish. If you want this language to appear on the survey website, you can click the Español link. After you have clicked it, the entire survey pages will turn into Spanish.

  1. Enter Restaurant Number

Third, you have to enter the restaurant number in the provided field. You will find this blank field on the survey home page. You may use your Church’s Chicken purchase receipt to find the restaurant number.

  1. Specify Visit Date

Fourth, you also need to specify your visit date. The purchase receipt from Church’s Chicken restaurant must provide this information for customers. You can use the transaction date as your visit date. Then, you can click the field of date, month, and year to pick the correct numbers.

  1. Click Start

Fifth, you must click the Start button to begin answering the survey questions. When you have clicked it, the home page will load the question pages for you.

  1. Answer Church’s Chicken Survey Questions

Sixth, you will get questions from Church’s Chicken guest satisfaction survey. You may respond to the questions based on your true experience last time. You may rate some statements there. Besides, you can also elaborate your feedbacks for Church’s Chicken services and products. In addition, you may share any awful things happened to you in your recent visit to Church’s Chicken restaurant. The questions that you will get on the pages are about your dine-in type, overall satisfaction with the visit, food tastes, food temperatures, restaurant cleanliness, and many more topics about your visit experience.

  1. Write the Validation Code

Finally, you will get a validation code when you have answered all of the questions from Church’s Chicken guest satisfaction survey. The code will appear on the last page of the website. After that, you can take your Church’s Chicken purchase receipt with a pen to write down the survey validation code. There is a provided space on the purchase receipt where you can note the code. Next time you visit Church’s Chicken restaurant, you can bring this purchase receipt along with the validation code for redemption procedure. Make sure you come again when the validation code is still valid. Then, you may redeem the receipt with a survey reward informed in your purchase receipt. If the redemption is successful, you will be able to take the reward from Church’s Chicken. The redemption may not require you to make any purchases at Church’s Chicken restaurant.

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Tips to Save at Church’s Chicken

Enjoying Church’s Chicken menu items without spending too much money is a great experience, right? You may have chances to save your cash when you visit Church’s Chicken restaurant if you do the following tips.

  1. Participate in Church Listen Survey

Church’s Chicken guest satisfaction survey at will grant you coupons every time you finish the survey questions. You may redeem the coupon with the offer printed on it. It can be 2 pieces of chickens, a combo meal, and family meal for free. At a certain period, you need to make purchases before you can redeem.

  1. Visit Website

You may visit Church’s Chicken website at This website provides a coupon page where you can check the newest Church’s Chicken Coupons offered by the restaurant. Besides, you may print the coupons out directly from the website.

  1. Sign Up Email Club

If you sign up for Church’s Chicken Email Club, you must be ready with a lot of offers sent to your email address. You may register your email address via Church’s Chicken website.

  1. Download Mobile App

The mobile app launched by Church’s Chicken will be a means to receive special coupons from the restaurant. Moreover, it will help you earn rewards without difficulties.

  1. Follow Social Media

By following Church’s Chicken social media pages, it will increase your chance to find coupons and updated promotions from this restaurant. You may find the pages on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.

  1. Find Deal Sites

You can take advantage of the internet to find online deal sites. The sites will inform you about the updated coupons from Church’s Chicken.

How to Locate Churchs Chicken Near Me

Is this going to be your Church’s Chicken restaurant? It is okay. You can find the location of this chicken restaurant easily as long as your mobile device is connected to the internet. Then, you can try the following ways to search for the nearest location of Church’s Chicken restaurant.

  1. Church’s Chicken Restaurant Locator

There is a feature on Church’s Chicken official website that will help you to find the nearest location of the chicken restaurant. You may look at the following instructions about the ways to use Church’s Chicken Restaurant Locator.

  • Visit the official website of Church’s Chicken

Firstly, you must visit Church’s Chicken website at You will be able to see a simple but eye-catching web design at this address.

  • Click Navigation

Secondly, you need to click the Navigation button. it is on the top right corner of the website home page. If you click it, a drop-down field will come out.

  • Choose Locations

Thirdly, you will be able to see some options in the drop-down field. The options are Menu, Coupons, Locations, and Our Story. As you need to find Church’s Chicken restaurant, you may choose Locations. This option will take you to the page of Church’s Chicken Restaurant Locator.

  • Enter Location Information

Fourthly, you have to enter the location information in the provided field. You may use a zip code, city, or state. When you are typing in the field, some recommended addresses will appear below the search field.

  • Select Restaurant Address
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Lastly, you may select a Church’s Chicken restaurant address near to your place. once you have selected the address, you will be able to see the restaurant information on the locator page.

With this Church’s Chicken restaurant locator, you may get information about the nearest Church’s Chicken restaurant in your area. The information consists of Church’s Chicken location address, phone number, and restaurant hours. Moreover, you will be able to see the menu items at Church’s Chicken restaurant and also submit your order online directly to this restaurant location.

  1. Mobile App

If you have got a Church’s Chicken mobile app in your device, it means you will be able to access any information about this restaurant, including the closest restaurant location from your current place. In addition, this app will enable you to find special coupons, get rewards, give feedback about your visit experience, and browse Church’s Chicken menu items. in case you have not had this mobile app, you may download it from Google Play Store or Apple App Store.

  1. Search Engine

It is also simple to use your search engine to locate Church’s Chicken restaurant near to your place. You can just launch the browser in your device and type in the keywords in the search field. Then, you will get the results within several seconds.

Ways to Contact Church’s Chicken Customer Service

Did you experience any bad things during your visit to Church’s Chicken restaurant? You should let the Church’s Chicken management team know about it all. This way, you will not find any troubles anymore on your next visit to this restaurant. Church’s Chicken has provided a customer service that will help you solve the problems. You may contact the representatives of Church’s Chicken customer service using the following methods.

  1. Website

The website address of Church’s Chicken restaurant is available at You may reach the customer service of this restaurant by completing a feedback form provided on the contact page of the website. You may need to inform some information about your contact details and the restaurant location that you are eager to review. Of course, you must fill in the comment field to give more details about your feedback for Church’s Chicken restaurant.

  1. Mailing

Church’s Chicken also allows you to contact the customer service via mailing post. You only need to write down or type your feedbacks and send your letters to the following address.

Church’s Global Restaurant Support Center

980 Hammond Drive, Suite 1100

Atlanta, Georgia, 30328

The United States

  1. Phone

Do you need a quick response? Don’t worry! You can call Church’s Chicken management team using the phone numbers below.

  • Customer Service: 1-866-345-6788
  • Corporate Office: 1-770-350-3800
  1. Social Media

Your social media account will be helpful as well when you need to contact Church’s Chicken. It is very simple as you only need to leave your comments on Church’s Chicken social media pages. The links below will take you to the pages of Church’s Chicken restaurant.

  • Facebook:
  • Twitter:
  • Instagram:

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