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Have you ever dreamt of enjoying free burritos for a year? Now that is not just a dream anymore. You can make it true. You just have to do this simple thing: Take Chipotlefeedback survey and enter the sweepstakes. If you are very lucky, you can take win a Chipotle Burrito Card. This survey is very advantageous for Chipotle customers. Thus, you should make sure that you do not miss this chance. Besides, you can share your feedbacks to Chipotle. Did you know that your feedbacks are important for Chipotle? If you take Chipotlefeedback survey, you can tell what makes you satisfied with this brand. Also, you can tell why you do not like to enjoy Chipotle’s menus. You can share what makes you unhappy with the services from Chipotle. If you do all those things, it means you have helped Chipotle to grow greater. Remember, your feedbacks always matter!

Well, Chipotle must not be a new thing for you. Perhaps, you have heard about this brand a million times so far. But, we are sure there are more things that you should know better. Actually, the official name of this brand is Chipotle Mexican Grill, Inc. Yet, people like to make it short and it has been famous for Chipotle for many years. The founder was Steve Ells. He started this business in 1993. His father gave him a loan to begin this business at that time. Then, he had his first restaurant of Chipotle Mexican Grill in Denver, Colorado. The first location was near to the University of Denver. Two years later, he opened the second store of Chipotle Mexican Grill. After that, this restaurant keeps gaining success. This restaurant has grown bigger and bigger. It spreads its branches outside of Colorado as well.

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Moreover, Chipotle has been an international brand. Chipotle Mexican Grill has opened its branches in Canada. Besides, customers can enjoy Chipotle’s foods in several countries in Europe. Such as Germany, France, and United Kingdom. Now, Chipotle Mexican Grill has more than two thousand restaurants. Moreover, there are more than sixty thousand people working for them. The official headquarters is still in Denver, Colorado now. But, this company has announced that it will move its headquarters from Denver to Southern California this year.

The Official Rules of Chipotlefeedback Customer Survey Sweepstakes

If you are a fan of survey sweepstakes, you must not feel surprised about the official rules. These rules will manage the process of conducting the survey. Thus, the Chipotle survey also has the official rules for this customer survey sweepstakes. And if you can win this Chipotlefeedback sweepstake, you will get a reward. But, you should know that this sweepstake does not oblige you to buy food items at Chipotle restaurants. So, you do not have to purchase anything from the Chipotle restaurant if you want to enter this sweepstake.

Then, even if you have made purchases at Chipotle restaurants, it will not add your chances to win the sweepstakes. Every sweepstakes participant will have the same opportunities in this Chipotlefeedback customer survey sweepstakes. So, it will be a fair deal for those who do not purchase foods at Chipotle. To make it short, you can just pay attention to the following information.

  1. Participants

There are some requirements that will make participants eligible or not to enter Chipotlefeedback customer survey sweepstakes. Here are the rules:

  • The minimum age is 13 years old.

Chipotlefeedback customer survey sweepstakes have ruled the minimum age for the sweepstakes participants. But, this sweepstakes does not make the rules too strict. While other sweepstakes oblige the participants to be 18 years old at least, Chipotle sweepstakes make it easier for teenagers to enter this sweepstake. The minimum age to be eligible for this customer survey sweepstakes is 13 years old. So, if you are at this age or older, you can enter this sweepstake. If you have not reached this minimum age, you can request your parents or legal guardians to help you enter this sweepstake. Who knows you have got the luck to win it, right?

  • Participants are residents of the United States.

To be eligible, participants should be the legal residents of the United States. It will not be a problem from which state you are. As long as you are the holder of the United States citizenship, you can enter this sweepstake. This rule applies for the residents of the District of Columbia as well. So, if you are living in the United States, but you are not legal residents of these states, you cannot take part in this customer survey sweepstakes. It is because you should be able to show the proof that you are a legal resident of the United States if you win the sweepstakes.

  • Chipotle’s employees are cannot enter.

This sweepstake is only for Chipotle’s customers. So, there are not employees and business partners of Chipotle can enter this sweepstake. Besides, if you have the immediate family relationship with Chipotle employees, you will not be eligible for this sweepstakes. Moreover, you are not eligible as well if you live in the same household with Chipotle’s employees.

  1. Sweepstakes Period

The sweepstakes start on June 22th, 2017. It starts at 10.45 a.m. EDT. Then, it will end on July 15th, 2018 at 11.59 p.m. EDT. There is 13 monthly entry period for this sweepstakes.

  1. Method

There are 2 methods that participants can use to enter Chipotle feedback customer survey sweepstakes. Participants can choose which one is the most convenient for them. For more explanations, please keep on reading this:

  • Online

To enter the sweepstakes online, you should go to the official survey website first. You can visit it at You can use your Chipotle receipt to do the survey. But, it does not mean that you cannot enter the sweepstakes if you have not got a receipt. The most important thing is that you can answer the survey questions on the survey website. If you take this customer survey sweepstake online, you should know the limit. Each participant can only submit one entry per day for one purchase.

  • Mailing

You can also enter Chipotle’s customer survey sweepstakes offline. Thus, you should submit it by mailing. Each participant only has a chance to submit one entry per day. To do this method, you just have to do the following things:

  • Firstly, you should prepare a piece of paper. Make sure the paper is plain.
  • Secondly, you can write your contact details on the paper. The details are your first name, last name, email address, and ZIP code.
  • Thirdly, you should give your answers to the survey questions. The questions are:
  1. Scale your satisfaction level about your visit experience at Chipotle
  2. Mention the sweepstakes name that you enter now
  • Fourthly, you should enter that paper in an envelope size #10.
  • Finally, do not forget to write the destination address. Then, you can send it to:

Chipotle Feedback Customer Survey Sweepstakes Entry

ATTN: Lauren Murawski, Vibes Media, LLC 300 W. Adams, 7th Floor,

Chicago, Illinois, 60606

  1. Winners

This customer survey sweepstake has 13 monthly entry periods. So, there will be 13 monthly random drawings. Each monthly drawing has its own schedule. Then, the drawing will result in 5 potential winners for each monthly drawing. If participants fail to win that month, their entries will not get included in the next entry period. So, if they want to win it, they should enter the sweepstakes for the next monthly entry period. The potential winners will get informed within 5 days after the drawing. The administrator will inform them by email. If there are no responses from the potential winners, the prize will get forfeited. Then, there will be the next random drawing to choose the alternate winners.

  1. Chipotle rewards

feedback customer survey sweepstakes will grant a Burrito Card for each sweepstakes winner. Each Burrito Card will allow the winner to enjoy 52 Chipotle Burrito Bucks. This card is worth $520 ARV. This means every winner can enjoy free Burrito Bucks for a year. The delivery of the Burrito Card will take 8 weeks. There are no substitutions if winners lose the card. Besides, this card is not redeemable for cash.

Prerequisites that You Should Prepare for Chipotlefeedback Customer Survey

To make things run easily, you should prepare the prerequisites easily. This will include Chipotlefeedback Customer Survey. You should have the required things before you take part in this survey. If you can prepare all the things needed for this survey, you will not face any technical troubles later. Well, we have summarized what you should prepare before you take Chipotlefeedback Survey. Here are the things:

  1. A receipt

This receipt will be valid until 2 weeks after the purchase date. You can use this receipt to check your survey receipt code.

  1. A device

You can use a smartphone or a laptop. Make sure you have a browser in it.

  1. The internet connection

To make it easier for you, please use a fast and stable internet connection.

  1. English ability

You will only use your Basic English to answer all survey questions.

Steps to Take Part in Chipotlefeedback Customer Survey

It might seem difficult for you if you have never done it. But, you just have to be calm. This survey will not take up much time. It only takes less than 10 minutes and you can enter the sweepstakes. As long as you have been certain that your prerequisites are ready to use, you can finish the survey in a smooth way. You will not find significant technical difficulties if everything is well prepared. Besides, you do not have to get confused about the steps to do Chipotle feedback survey. You can use the following guideline to help you:

  1. Go to

The first step to do is to go to the official survey website of Chipotlefeedback Customer Survey. The website address is available at www. That page will show you some information related to the survey. Then, there will be a receipt example there. You can use to locate the survey invitation code printed on your receipt. Furthermore, Chipotlefeedback Survey only provides English as the language. You will not be able to change English into other languages on the website.

  1. Click Receipt Code

On this website home page, you will see 2 points. You can choose which points that is suitable for your conditions.

  • The first point is Receipt Code. You can click this point if you have got a receipt with a survey invitation code. You can grab your receipt. After that, you can enter the code in the available blank field. This code consists of 20 digits.
  • Then, the second point is Don’t have your receipt? Click here to continue. You can use this point if you do not have the survey code. If you have entered the survey questions, you will have to inform about your address and the visit date and time at Chipotle restaurant. You do not have to worry because you can still enter the sweepstakes if you use this point.

If you have done choosing the point, now you can click Begin Survey button.

  1. Answer the questions

Now, you can start to answer the survey questions. The questions will be about:

  • satisfaction levels,
  • plan to recommend this restaurant,
  • type of your visit,
  • friendliness of employees,
  • food tastes,
  • service speed,
  • And many more.
  1. Enter the sweepstakes

Then, you can enter the sweepstakes. You only have to submit your contact details. The sweepstakes will need your first name, your last name, and your email address. Then, you may click Finish button. Now, you can wait for the winning announcement from the sweepstakes administrator.

What to Order at Chipotle Mexican Grill Restaurants

Chipotle is an original restaurant chain from the United States although Mexican has been a part of its name. The concept of the restaurant is fast casual. So, customers can get healthy ingredients from Chipotle’s menu. Of course, you will find Mexican foods here. You can order wrapped burritos, burritos in bowls, variants of tacos, and salads. You do not have to worry about the nutrition. It is because Chipotle will allow you to choose the ingredients of your menu. You can also choose the extras and the toppings as well. There are chips if you want side foods. You can check the allergen information from Chipotle’s official website at Besides, if you bring your kids to this restaurant, you can let them have their own meals. Chipotle has provided special kids’ menu for them. And for the beverages, there are margaritas, soft drinks, bottled drinks, and beer.

Do not worry about the prices. You can enjoy Chipotle’s menu with affordable price. Besides, this brand often gives away coupons for its loyal customers. It is such good news, is not it? You can get the information about the coupons and promotions from Chipotle’s official accounts on social media platforms. Chipotle will inform most of the offers of Chipotle free burrito coupons on Facebook. You can visit Or, you can use Twitter to get these promotions at @chipotletweets. But, not all people can get this chance. Chipotle really limits these free coupons from its customers. Only loyal customers can get this offer. So, if you are lucky, you can get a Chipotle coupon and redeem it at any Chipotle locations. Just make sure you do not miss this chance from its social media accounts.

Moreover, Chipotle has Chipotle BOGO free programs at times. These BOGO free programs will be available for celebrating certain days. For example, Chipotle wants to take part in Teachers’ day celebration. So, Chipotle will make this program available for teachers only on that day. So, if you are a teacher, you will get this offer from Chipotle. You just have to come to Chipotle restaurant. Then, you can show your ID card that can prove that you are a teacher. After that, you can take your BOGO free burritos. This special day can happen to other people with certain professions. You just have to remember that these Chipotle deals will last for a day only. So, do not miss it. Despite that, these BOGO free programs are not available at all Chipotle restaurants on the same day. These will only available at participating locations which take part in the celebration.

How to Contact Chipotle Customer Service

If you have got problems during your visit, you can contact the customer service of Chipotle. The representatives will give you immediate responses. You can contact them if you want to make partnership as well. To reach them, you can do the following ways:

  1. By mailing

If you want to send your business letter, you can use the following address:

Chipotle Mexican Grill

1401 Wynkoop Street

Denver, Colorado, 80202

The United States

  1. By phone

In case you have urgent problems, you can call them at (303) 595-4000

  1. Through social media

You can get promotions and offers in the real-time if you follow Chipotle’s social media accounts. You can use these links:

  • Facebook:
  • Twitter:
  • Instagram:
  • YouTube: