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As a user of Comdata, it is not surprising that you need much information about Cardholder Comdata login portal. This is a platform that will bring you easy ways to pay several kinds of services, transactions, and many other things. The reasons why it will easy to pay using this platform is it offers great solutions for its users. Besides, you can take advantage of this Comdata’s Cardholder Services Internet Portal to improve the efficiency of your business after you create an account on this www Cardholder Comdata com login portal. So, you will not have to waste your time or energy to manage unnecessary things related to every transaction that you have to handle.

To enjoy the benefits, you should be able to login to your account on Comdata Cardholder Services at Of course, you should get through several steps to register your account before you have full access to your account. If you have successfully logged in, you will get chances to explore all of the features on this Cardholder Comdata login portal. Therefore, you can keep on reading this article to find how to sign up and log in to your Comdata’s Cardholder account, how to reset the password, and several tips to do Comdata’s Cardholder activities.

comdata cardholder login page
comdata cardholder login page

What You Should Know about Comdata cardholder services

You may wonder why you should use the Comdata payment solutions login portal. The answer is because Comdata’s Cardholder gives you a lot of benefits. for example, you can use Comdata MasterCard for your transactions. Moreover, this Comdata’s Cardholder offers some services as like below.

  1. Employee payment

Comdata’s Cardholder portal enables you to pay your employees online. You just need to have complete information about your employees’ account. Then, you can set it up to do some transactions through Connect Pay system.

  1. Virtual transactions

When you have Comdata’s Card, you may pay virtual transactions with some benefits, such as rewards, commercial card, incentives, etc. As it is virtual, you may just need to check Comdata pay stub online.

  1. Healthcare

Your Comdata’s Card is also enabling you to pay healthcare services. Hence, it will be an advantage for you if medical providers that you are using now have become parts of Comdata’s payment solutions.

  1. POS solutions

Comdata has provided a service for Point of Sale (POS) solutions that allow you to get fuel at certain locations.

Prerequisites of account registration on Cardholder Comdata login portal

There are several things that will help you sign up Comdata’s Cardholder account. you can look at the following list to find out what you should prepare before the registration account starts.

  1. Card Number

It is important to have a Card Number before you sign up the account on Comdata’s Cardholder Services Internet Portal. You will receive card number from the Remedy Branch.

  1. Comdata activation code

When you register Comdata’s Cardholder, you will need an activation code as well. The activation code can be your SSN, phone number, date of birth, employee number, etc. The various forms of the activation code depend on the decision of the company where you are working.

  1. A device

Of course, you will need to prepare a device to create Comdata’s Cardholder account. Using a laptop or a computer will be more recommended as it will be easier to use the wider screen when you sign up.

  1. The internet connection

this portal is an online platform. So, it is a must to have the internet connection if you want to sign up Comdata’s Cardholder account.

comdata login
comdata login steps

Steps to Create Cardholder Comdata login Account

If all prerequisites are ready, you can begin your steps to create the account on Comdata’s Cardholder Services Internet portal. here are the steps that you need to take for registration.

  1. Go to

First, you should go to the portal of Comdata’s Cardholder Services Internet. You can reach the website at

  1. Click Here to Register

Second, you can click Here to Register button next to the Login section. If you click the button it will direct you to the registration page of Comdata’s Cardholder Services Internet portal. Besides, you may use a link of Here to Register. You will see this link under the Log In button. This link will take you to the same page for Comdata’s Cardholder account registration.

  1. Fill in Registration Form

Third, you have to fill in the registration form with some information that you will use for your account. what you should provide in this form is:

  • Card Number

You can get Comdata’s Card from the Remedy Branch. You just need to find the 16-digit number on this card. Then, you can fill it in on the upper blank field.

  • Activation Code

You may use the activation code instructed by your company. The length of the digits may vary at different companies. You need to enter this activation code in the lower field.

You may click Next button if all of the fields on the registration form are complete. If you click the button, you will be able to view the setting page of your profile.

  1. Create Account Profile

Fourth, you will be able to create the profile for your Comdata’s Cardholder account. to create the profile, you can complete some the setting page with the following information.

  • User Name

You may use any username you want as you long as you make it from letters and numbers. You can use 18 digits as the maximum length of your username.

  • Email Address

It is necessary for you to connect Comdata’s Cardholder Services Internet portal to your email account. Thus, you should provide an active email address when you set up your profile.

  • Password

You can use any desired password for your Comdata’s Cardholder account. to make a strong password, a combination of letters and numbers will help much to secure your account. You may use 8 up to 20 characters as your password.

  • Security Question

You must provide a security question to give double protection to your Comdata’s Cardholder account. You can pick a question available in the drop-down field. then, you can give the answer as well.

  1. Submit

If you have finished with the account profile setup, you can click the Submit button. It may take you to your account directly where you can explore the features of Comdata’s Cardholder account.

How to Take Cardholder Comdata login steps

Even though the registration has let you enter your new Comdata’s Cardholder account, you may have logged out from it. So, how to log in account again? Well, you just need the following login steps to do this task.

  1. Go to

Firstly, you must visit Comdata’s Cardholder Services Internet portal at this is the same platform that you have used for account registration process last time.

  1. Fill In Username

Secondly, you should fill in your account username in the login section. You can fill it in the upper field.

  1. Enter Password

Thirdly, you can enter the password in the lower field. this will be the key to enter your Comdata’s Cardholder account.

  1. Click Log In

Finally, you just need to click Log In button. It will process your login request and enable you to view your account on Comdata’s Cardholder Services Internet portal.

Comdata direct deposit Setup Steps

Direct Deposit is helpful to transfer funds from Comdata’s Cardholder account to bank account. if you wonder how to activate this direct deposit, you can use the following procedure to set it up.

  1. By phone

If you want the representatives of Comdata to set up your direct deposit, you can contact them at 1 888 265 8228.

  1. By website

It is also possible for you to do the setup steps by yourself on Comdata’s Cardholder Services Internet portal. the steps that you should take are:

  • Go to Comdata’s Cardholder portal

Firstly, you should go to Comdata’s Cardholder portal at

  • Log in account

Secondly, you just need to log in to your account. You may follow the login steps in the previous section.

  • Click Banking

Thirdly, you may click a feature of Banking when you have entered your Comdata’s Cardholder account. if you click it, a drop-down list will appear and you can select Direct Deposit.

  • Save amount

Fourthly, you can enter an amount that you want to leave on your account. Then, you can click Save account.

  • Set up Direct Deposit

Fifthly, you may set up the Direct Deposit. You can choose to use Manual or Automatic based on your preference.

  • Submit

Lastly, you can submit the setting if you have done all of the steps.

You will need to wait for 10 days before you can use the Direct Deposit. During this period, the system will verify if your Comdata routing number and account are valid.

How to Check Comdata card balance

Do you need to check your Comdata balance? You have 3 ways to get information about your balance. Here are the explanations about checking Comdata Cardholder balance.

  1. Website

If you want to check your balance via Comdata’s Cardholder Services Internet portal, you should visit the portal at then, you can log in to your account and find a feature to check your balance inside your account.

  1. Phone

In case you prefer checking your balance by phone, you can contact the phone number showed on your Comdata card. After that, you can press one of these buttons when you are on a call using the phone number.

  • * key will let you go back to the menu display.
  • 9 key connects you to the automated system.
  • 0 key to talk to a representative of Comdata’s Cardholder customer service.
  1. Mobile App

You may also use Comdata’s Cardholder mobile app to check your balance. This app provides a feature that will help you to do this task. You may download this mobile app from Google Play Store or Apple App Store.

A Procedure to Recover Password & Username of Comdata login Account

Did you find problems with the password and username of your Comdata’s Cardholder account? just follow the following steps to recover them. Hence, you can get them back to do the login steps.

  1. Go to Comdata’s Cardholder Services Internet portal

Firstly, you should go to the portal of Comdata’s Cardholder Services Internet. It is at

  1. Click Password

Secondly, you can click Password link provided on the Login section. This link will take you to Comdata’s Cardholder password recovery page.

  1. Enter account information

Thirdly, you can just provide some information related to your account. it is important to be able to prove that you really have registered an account on Comdata’s Cardholder Services Internet portal. Well, you can use the following information to recover your Comdata’s Cardholder account password.

  • Username

You should type in the correct username. So, the system will recognize you.

  • Email address

Comdata will use your email address to let you know the password of your account.

  1. Send request

If you have completed the fields, you can click Submit Request button. Then, you will receive your new password through your email account. you’d better choose this button, than the Reset Password button. This way, your account will always keep integrated with your company.

For Username recovery of your Comdata’s Cardholder account, you can do quite the same steps. you just need to click forgot username link. Then, you may complete the recovery form with the information of your card number and email address. After that, you can Submit your request to get your username via email.

How to Contact Comdata customer service

There can be a lot of reasons why you should contact Comdata’s Cardholder customer service. It can be about account issues or other matters related to the account. For example, your card can functions anymore after you enter the wrong PIN for the maximum times. Or, you lost your Comdata card and need a new one to do your payments. Whatever your reasons are, you can call Comdata’s Cardholder customer service to help you out from such issues by phone. This service will be available for 24 hours a week at  1 888 265 8228.


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