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Just got an invitation from CabanaCares guest survey? That is good, then. You can take this chance to get a discount from Taco Cabana restaurant. Taco Cabana holds this guest survey to measure the level of customers’ satisfaction. For more information about this survey, you can keep reading on the explanations below

About Taco Cabana

Taco Cabana is a restaurant chain owned by Fiesta Restaurant Group, Inc. from the United States. Mr. Felix Stehling founded this restaurant in 1978. He built the first location in Midtown San Antonio. The headquarters remain in San Antonio, Texas. Customers may find Taco Cabana restaurants in New Mexico, Texas, and Oklahoma.

taco cabana survey
taco cabana survey can be accessed from

Most of the Mexican dishes available on the Taco Cabana menu. You may order a lot of variants of burritos, quesadillas, nachos, and tacos at this restaurant. Besides, you may have breakfast menu here. This restaurant also serves family meals, group meals, kids’ meals, food bowls, double portions on plates, desserts, sides, and some beverages. Taco Cabana also provides a salsa bar for customers.

Rules of CabanaCares Guest Survey

For your information, Taco Cabana Survey has provided a set of rules for its respondents. It is important to know what the rules are before you take part in CabanaCares survey. You may learn the rules below:

  1. Participants.

CabanaCares survey participants should have the following conditions.

  • The participants should be the legal residents of the United States. Even though there is no age restriction to join this survey, all resident should have reached the minimum age of the majority.
  • Only customers of Taco Cabana can join this survey. Employees of the restaurant or the corporate office are not eligible for CabanaCares survey.
  1. Methods.

CabanaCares survey only holds an online survey. This means all of the participants should visit the survey website at before they complete the survey questions.

  1. Rewards.

When participants have answered all questions from CabanaCares survey, they will get a validation code. This code will be valid for once. Participants can take this code with the receipt at participating Taco Cabana locations for redemption. They will get $1 discount for things they purchase there. Without purchases, it will be impossible for you to redeem it. Besides, participants cannot ask for other prizes or cash for the reward substitutions. And if you lose this code, you will not get another code for substitution. Moreover, this reward is not valid with other discounts and promotions from Taco Cabana restaurant.

Prerequisites of CabanaCares

Taco Cabana Survey requires you to prepare some prerequisites before you take part in it. The things which should be ready for CabanaCares guest survey are:

  1. Taco Cabana purchase receipt.

If you get an invitation from CabanaCares guest survey, you should use it very soon. This invitation is valid for 2 days. If you do not use this after 2 days has passed, you will lose your chance to get the survey reward from CabanaCares guest survey. besides, the invitation on your receipt has important details to unlock the survey page. You will need a coupon code and a passcode to enter the page of CabanaCares guest survey questions.

  1. A device.

You will need a device to access CabanaCares guest survey. you may use a laptop, a smartphone, a tablet, or a personal computer. Besides, you will have to complete your device with a compatible browser.

  1. The internet connection.

As you know, CabanaCares guest survey obliges you to go online. Thus, you should provide a stable internet connection. The stable connection will help you to access CabanaCares survey page in a smooth way.

  1. English or Spanish ability.

CabanaCares guest survey page will use English as its main language. But, you can use Spanish if you want. Just make sure you use the most familiar language for you.

  1. A Pen.

You will use the pen to write down the validation code of CabanaCares survey. you may use a pencil or a pen marker if you do not have a pen.

Steps to take part in CabanaCares

Now, you can begin the CabanaCares survey. If you wonder what to do with this survey, you can learn the steps first. we have provided a simple guideline for you here. So, you can use the instructions below to help you do CabanaCares customer survey.

cabanacares survey steps
cabanacares survey steps
  1. Visit

Firstly, you should go to CabanaCares survey website of Taco Cabana. The website address is

  1. Select a language.

Second, you can select a language once you have reached the page of CabanaCares guest satisfaction survey. This page will appear in English. But, you may click Español link on the bottom part of the page to turn the entire CabanaCares survey pages into Spanish.

  1. Enter the coupon code.

Third, you should enter the CabanaCares coupon code. This code has 16 digits. You may use Taco Cabana purchase receipt to help you do this.

  1. Enter the passcode.

Fourth, you should enter the passcode of CabanaCares survey as well. There are 5 digits for this code. You may find this on the receipt as well.

  1. Answer CabanaCares survey questions.

Fifth, answer the survey questions based on your true visit experience at Taco Cabana restaurant. The CabanaCares survey will as you about your satisfaction level at the time you dine in at Taco Cabana, the food qualities, the employees’ friendliness, the restaurant facilities, your recommendations about Taco Cabana, and many more.

  1. Provide contact information.

Sixth, you may provide your contact information for CabanaCares survey. You can fill in the contact form with your name, ZIP code, and your email address.

  1. Write down the validation code.

Finally, the validation code from CabanaCares survey will show up for you. You can take your pen to write down this code on your purchase receipt. You can use this as your coupon. Then, you may take this coupon to Taco Cabana restaurant for redemption. Next, you may get $1 discount for the menu you will purchase next time you visit the restaurant.

How to Find Taco Cabana near me

Need to find Taco Cabana? It is an easy task. You can do the following things if you are eager to reach Taco Cabana locations as soon as possible. The ways below require you to go online. If you are ready, you can try one of the methods below.

  1. Taco Cabana restaurant locator.

You may find the nearest location of Taco Cabana using its restaurant locator. You will find this restaurant locator on the Taco Cabana official website. These are the steps to use the locator.

  • Go to

First, you should visit the official website of the Taco Cabana restaurant at Taco Cabana restaurant locator is available on this website.

  • Click Locations.

Second, you can click Locations once you have reached the website of Taco Cabana. This button is on the menu bar. It will lead you to the locator page. Or, you can visit the page directly at

  • Enter location details.

Third, you can just enter the location detail in the available search field. You can see this field on the restaurant locator page. You may type the ZIP code, the city name, and the state name.

  • Click Search button.

Fourth, you may click the Search button next to the search field. Then, the search result will appear in a few seconds.

If you use Taco Cabana store locator, you will get beneficial information about Taco Cabana locations. Each location in the search result has an address and a phone number. In case you do not know how to get to the location, you may use the map next to the search result. There will be Get Directions button on the map. Moreover, this restaurant locator has provided an Order Now button. So, this will help you to make an online order from this website.

  1. Taco Cabana Mobile App.

My TC! Loyalty is a mobile app from Taco Cabana. This mobile app is also able to help you locate Taco Cabana restaurant locations. If you download this app, you may get 75 points and $5 reward. Besides, you can use the mobile app to do some other activities. For instance, you can view the Taco Cabana menu, place an online order, receive offers, and many more. You may download this Taco Cabana mobile app from Google Play Store or Apple App Store.

  1. Search Engine.

You can also get information about the locations of Taco Cabana restaurants using a search engine. You only need to launch your browser. Your browser will display a search field. Then, you can just type the keyword to find Taco Cabana locations. The search result about the restaurant locations will appear in some seconds. Moreover, this search engine will help you to get important information related to CabanaCares customer satisfaction survey.

How to Contact Customer Service of Taco Cabana

Taco Cabana knows that not all customers may experience problems when they dine in at Taco Cabana restaurant. The problems may come from what they have ordered, facilities, or any other things. To clear such problems, Taco Cabana has created a customer service for Taco Cabana customers. This way, disappointed customers are able to share their feedbacks to Taco Cabana management team. Customers can tell their complaints and suggestions to improve the qualities of the Taco Cabana restaurant. Moreover, they can give compliments to Taco Cabana in case they are happy to visit this restaurant.

There are several ways for customers to reach Taco Cabana customer service. So, if you are one of Taco Cabana customers, you may want to do the following ways.

  1. By website.

If you can go online, you may choose this method. You can use the Taco Cabana official website to submit your restaurant feedbacks. There are a few steps to do if you want to contact Taco Cabana customer service.

  • Access
  • Click Contact link
  • Fill in Taco Cabana feedback form
  • Click Send button

If you have done all of the steps, you can just wait to receive the response from the representatives of Taco Cabana customer service.

  1. By mailing.

You may contact the customer service representatives of Taco Cabana restaurant by mailing post. This is easy because you do not need to prepare the prerequisites to go online. You only need to have a pen, some pieces of papers, and an envelope. Then, you may write down your long feedbacks on the papers. Besides, you can use this method for your business purposes. Then, you may send your letters to the address of Taco Cabana corporate office.

8918 Tesoro Drive Suite 200

San Antonio, Texas, 78217

the United States

  1. By phone.

The customer service of Taco Cabana is available at each Taco Cabana locations. So, it will be a good idea to contact the local Taco Cabana restaurant to share your feedbacks about Taco Cabana. Besides, you will get fast responses if you contact Taco Cabana customer service by phone. This way, you may get immediate assistance. Also, you can ask some questions about CabanaCares survey. Next, the representatives will help you to solve the problems. You may get all the local phone numbers on Taco Cabana official website. However, you may call the phone number of Taco Cabana corporate office if you have important things to talk about with the office staffer. The phone number for the office is 1 (800) 357-9924.

  1. Through social media.

Taco Cabana has several social media pages. You can use the pages to reach the customer service representatives from Taco Cabana. Besides, this is a convenient way because you can just access the pages from your smartphone. To do this, you should have the personal account first on the same social media platform. Then, you will get the latest information from Taco Cabana pages if you follow this restaurant by social media. The following links will help you to reach the social media pages of the Taco Cabana restaurant.

  • Twitter:
  • Facebook:
  • YouTube:
  • Instagram:
  • TCTV:

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