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Buffalo Wild Wings conducts a Bwwlistens guest satisfaction survey to find out if customers feel satisfied when they dine in at Buffalo Wild Wings restaurant. Customers can give their feedbacks through this survey. Besides, Buffalo Wild Wings will use these customer’s feedback to make the improvement to the restaurant. Customers can contribute to making Buffalo Wild Wings have the best qualities. Furthermore, BWW Listens survey will give a special reward right after the survey is over. This reward is an appreciation for customers who have made tome to take part in this guest satisfaction survey. At the end of the survey, respondents will get a validation code. This code along with their purchase receipt is redeemable for $5 discount. Customers can get this discount if they make a purchase for $25 at least.

Well, here is a bit review about Buffalo Wild Wings. This is a restaurant chain in the United States. What makes this restaurant chain is that it has a sports bar inside. This restaurant began in 1982. Jim Disbrow and Scott Lowery started this business together. The made the first location of Buffalo Wild Wings in Columbus, Ohio. Now, this restaurant has more branches outside of the United States. The countries where customers can find Buffalo Wild Wings are Canada, Mexico, Panama, India, Vietnam, Oman, United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, and Philippines. There are more than a thousand restaurants are operating right now. The headquarters is in Minneapolis, Minnesota. And more than forty thousand people are working for Buffalo Wild Wings restaurant.

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If you visit Buffalo Wild Wings restaurant, you can order Buffalo wings and sauces. These are the signature dishes from Buffalo Wild Wings. Yet, this restaurant also provides other tasty menus. For example, you can enjoy burger, sandwiches, wraps, shareable foods, sides, desserts, and beverages. You do not have to worry about the ingredients. This restaurant has committed to serving healthy foods because the concept of this restaurant is casual dining. Thus, it will be easy to check the nutrition of the food you will order here. Besides, there is allergen information for every menu item at this restaurant in case you need it.

If you visit the official website of Buffalo Wild Wings, you will be able to get a lot of information. For example, you can see the available menu at Buffalo Wild Wings restaurant. You can check the allergen and nutrition information as well. Then, you will have access to your account of my buffalo wild wings. This account will help you to save your favorite menu and payment information. Moreover, you can use the store locator to find Buffalo Wild Wings restaurants near to your place. If you use this locator, you will get complete information about the restaurant. For instance, you will get informed about the restaurant address, phone number, store hours, and the restaurant services. Furthermore, this store locator will allow you to make buffalo wild wings reservations. With this feature, you will be able to manage the time and the number of your party at your preferred location Buffalo Wild Wings.

The Prerequisites of Bww listens Guest Satisfaction Survey

It is important to prepare the things you need before you take part in Bwwlistens guest satisfaction survey. What you prepare for this survey will give the contribution to the successful process of this guest satisfaction survey. If you are able to prepare all things needed here, everything will go the way you want. Besides, this survey preparation will keep you away from technical difficulties during the survey process. You do not want to get troubles when you have started the survey, right? Moreover, this survey is only available online. There are many things can happen when you go online. Thus, we can say that good preparation will minimize the occurrence of technical problems. To help you make a good preparation, we have created a short list of things you need for the guest satisfaction survey. You just need to have the following things ready.

  1. A purchase receipt

You can use a purchase receipt only if it has an invitation from bwwlistens guest satisfaction survey. You can see a sign of this survey invitation if you get a survey invitation code from printed on your purchase receipt. This survey invitation code has 16 digits. You can use this to enter the survey page. This purchase receipt will be valid for 2 days since you’ve got this receipt

  1. A device

There are no certain rules about the device that you can use for this guest satisfaction survey. You can use the most affordable one for you. For example, you may use a smartphone, a tablet, or a laptop.

  1. The internet connection

Be sure you can provide a stable internet connection. This stability will make you get fast access to the survey pages.

  1. Basic ability of English

You will need your basic ability of English. So, you do not have to worry about the English vocabulary used here.

  1. A Pen

This pen will help you to note the survey validation code. You can use other writing tools if you do not have a pen near to you.

Step by step to take part in Bww Guest Satisfaction Survey

Before you take part in BWW guest satisfaction survey, it would better if you take your time to do some rechecks. You should make sure that all survey prerequisites are ready to use. All the things that you will use for this survey should be able to function well. You can start it from your device. Your device should have an installed browser in it. This browser should have a compatible version with your devices. Otherwise, your browser will not be able to show its best performance. Then, you should connect your device with the internet. And do not forget the purchase receipt from Buffalo Wild Wings. When you have finished checking your survey prerequisites, you can continue to take the steps.

bwwlistens survey guideline

The steps of this guest satisfaction survey are simple. You will not take much time to do it. You will be able to finish all the steps in 10 minutes or 15 minutes. As long as you have done good preparation, you will not take a longer time to do this survey. You can learn how to do the steps first. We have the prepared a guideline to help you. This guideline will be useful for you to give a better understanding of the steps of buffalo wild wings survey. If you are ready, here we go!

  1. Go to the survey website

Firstly, you can go to You should be on this survey website if you want to take part in this guest satisfaction survey. When you have seen the home page of bww listens survey, you will not see an option to change the language setting. This means you will use English only until you have done taking part in this guest satisfaction survey. Besides, there are a blank field and a receipt example there.

  1. Enter a survey code

Secondly, you can enter the survey code. This code consists of 16 digits. You can find this survey code on your purchase receipt. If you find difficulties to find the code, you can use the receipt example to locate the code. After you have entered the code, you can click Next button to continue your step.

  1. Answer questions from this guest satisfaction survey

Thirdly, you will have to answer some survey questions. This survey will ask about your latest visit to Buffalo Wild Wings restaurant. For example, you can answer about your overall satisfaction level, food qualities, restaurant atmosphere, friendliness of the employees, and many more.

  1. Write the validation code

Finally, you should write a validation code when Bww Listens guest satisfaction survey has finished. This validation code will show up on your screen. You can take your pen and note the buffalo wild wings coupon code on your purchase receipt. The code and the receipt will make the discount coupon for you. You can bring this coupon to a Buffalo Wild Wings restaurant. Then, you will get $5 discount if you spend $25 on your next visit there. This validation code will be valid for 14 days since you have received the purchase receipt from Buffalo Wild Wings restaurant. In other periods, this survey may give different offers for the survey reward. For example, you can get a special food or drink for free if you redeem a survey coupon at Buffalo Wild Wings restaurant.

Procedure to Submit Feedbacks for Buffalo Wild Wings at

This survey is not the only way for you to share your feedbacks for Buffalo Wild Wings restaurant. You can still voice out your feedbacks through the official website of Buffalo Wild Wings restaurant. You may visit it at You will not need a purchase receipt from Buffalo Wild Wings because this is a voluntary feedback. So, you will not get a validation code after you submit your feedback on the website page. It means you will not get any survey prizes from Buffalo Wild Wings. You can give your feedback to help Buffalo Wild Wings restaurant to improve and reach the best qualities. We have summarized the steps to submit your feedbacks for Buffalo Wild Wings restaurant via the website. Here are the steps:

  1. Go to

First, you should be on the website of Buffalo Wild Wings restaurant. You can visit it at When you have reached the website page, you will be able to see some beneficial links. You can use these links to add your information about Buffalo Wild Wings restaurant. You will be able to search for the menu, locations, allergen and nutrition information, and many more.

  1. Click Contact Us

Second, you click Contact Us link. This link is available on the bottom part of the page. So, you should scroll down the home page to find it. That link will lead you to a contact page of Buffalo Wild Wings.

  1. Complete Feedback Form

Third, you can complete the feedback form on the contact page. This feedback form will require some information from you. The information will be about:

  • Feedback Category

The first information needed here is a feedback category. There are some categories here. The categories are Dine in, take out, company, loyalty program, and menu information.  You can select one of them.

  • Feedback Topic

The second information is about feedback topic. There are many options for this feedback topic. The options will show up based on the feedback category that you have selected. Then, you can select which topic that will be appropriate for your feedbacks.

  • Contact Details

You should inform your contact details before you submit your comment. This is important because it will give a chance for the management team to contact you back. Of course, they will if you allow them. Anyway, the details that you can submit are your first name, last name, home address, email address, and phone number.

  • Restaurant Information

To make your feedbacks clearer, you should give some information about the Buffalo Wild Wings restaurant that you have visited. This way, the management team can check if your feedbacks are real based on your visit information. You can start it with the location of Buffalo Wild Wings restaurant where you have dined in. next, you can inform the date and time of your visit. You can find all of these details printed on your purchase receipt from Buffalo Wild Wings restaurant. Then, you can tick a small box to describe your visit experience. You can select positive, neutral, or negative options.

  • Comment

After you have provided the information needed, you can give your comments about Buffalo Wild Wings restaurant. There will be 1600 characters for you. Make sure yo tell the pints of your feedbacks. So, you will not waste the characters here.

  1. Submit

If you have made enough comment, you can submit it. Before you submit it, you should choose if you want a representative of Buffalo Wild Wings restaurant to contact you back or not. And do not forget to tick the captcha field.

How to Contact the Customer Service of Buffalo Wild Wings

We are sure that nobody in this world wishes to find problems with their mealtime. It is going to more disappointing when the troubles come at a restaurant. And this is what makes Buffalo Wild Wings restaurant to provide a customer service. It is because customers’ satisfaction is important to this restaurant. Of course, the management team of Buffalo Wild Wings restaurant has tried to do their best. Still, something can disturb customers. It can be about order, food, services, and many others.

Besides, this customer service will not handle customers’ complaints only. They will respond to many sorts of customers’ feedback. This means customers can give compliments, suggestions, and inquiries to the customer service representatives. Then, the representatives will give complete information about Buffalo Wild Wings restaurant. If you are Buffalo Wild Wings customer and you need to reach the customer service representatives, you do not need to feel confused. There are some possible options to reach Buffalo Wild Wings customer service representatives. Just do the following ways.

  1. By website

You can contact the customer service of Buffalo Wild Wings at Of course, you should be able to go online to do this. You get to prepare the internet connection if you want this method. The steps to reach the customer service representatives are available in the previous section of this article.

  1. By mailing

The customer service representative does not inform the customer service for mailing address on the official website. But, you can still send your letters to the address of Buffalo Wild Wings corporate office. You can use this address to send your business letters as well. Here is the address.

500 Wayzata Boulevard, STE 1600

Minneapolis, Minnesota, 55416-1237

The United States

  1. By phone

You can contact the customer service representatives via phone in case you need immediate help. This way, you will be able to get fast responses from the representatives. This is a good way in case you have urgent problems to fix. You may use one of these numbers to contact them. You can dial:

  • (952) 593-9943 or
  • (651) 450-9464

Besides, Buffalo Wild Wings restaurant also has another number to contact. You can call at (952) 540-2043 to talk to the staffer of Buffalo Wild Wings corporate office.

  1. By Fax

There is another number that you can use to contact Buffalo Wild Wings restaurant. You may use (952) 593-787 to send your fax.

  1. Through social media

Well, social media has been very useful for its user. Buffalo Wild Wings restaurant sees this as a good opportunity to get closer to its customers. Customers can reach the social media accounts of Buffalo Wild Wings restaurant to share their feedbacks. Customers only should be on the same social media platforms with Buffalo Wild Wings. This will be very convenient. Moreover, customers can use these accounts to get the newest updates from Buffalo Wild Wings. They can get the most updated promotions and the special menu from this restaurant. The following links will direct you to the account pages of Buffalo Wild Wings restaurant.

  • Facebook:
  • Twitter:
  • Instagram:
  • YouTube: