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Have you ever imagined yourself done a happy shopping for free? Now, you do not have to imagine it anymore. It is going to come true to you if you decide to take Burlington feedback customer satisfaction survey. Why should you take this survey? It is because Burlingtonfeedback survey has prepared a gift card for the survey winner. The gift card is worth $1000. This survey is a way to find out how happy customers are with Burlington Coat Factory. Besides, if you take this survey, it means you are able to help Burlington Coat Factory to improve. Your honest feedbacks on Burlington feedback survey will show which store aspects are great. Moreover, this survey will also find the weakness of Burlington Coat Factory. Then, the management team of Burlington can find a way to solve it. So, you will feel more satisfied next time you go shopping at the Burlington store.

Burlington has made its name in the retail industry. We are sure that you must have heard about it many times. But, it will be better if you update your information about this clothing store. Well, Burlington Coat Factory is a retail chain from the United States. This is an off-price brand and popular with its high-quality store items. You can get what you are searching for with affordable prices at Burlington stores. The founder of Burlington was Monroe Milstein. He started this business in 1972. He focused on coats and jackets in the beginning. But these items are seasonal. Then, he added more items. Next, some developments happened and it gained success. Now, Burlington Coat Factory is operating more than six hundred stores. Customers can find these stores in forty-five states. There are twenty-eight thousand people are working for this store. The headquarters is in Burlington Township, New Jersey.

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burlingtonfeedback survey
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If you visit the Burlington Coat Factory store, you will be able to find your household needs. For example, you can get decor items for your house, furniture, baby items, toys, accessories, handbags, fragrance, and gifts. Besides, there are a lot of kinds of clothes here. These clothes are for men, women, and kids with complete sizes. You can order all of these items online. Or, you can visit the store directly to select the items you want. If you have never gone to this store, it is not surprising if you are wondering, “How to get to Burlington coat factory near me?” To find the nearest Burlington store from your location, you can use the Burlington Store Locator. You can use it at www.Burlingtoncoatfactory.com. If you use this store locator, you can get complete information about your preferred Burlington store. The information will include the store address, phone number, and directions.

BurlingtonFeedback Steps

Apart from its cheap prices, it does not mean you cannot get discounts. Burlington often creates deals and promotions for its loyal customers. These deals can be for online orders or in-store shopping. So, you do not have to wait for Burlington coat factory coupons. You can save your dollars up to 65% every day. Hence, you do not have to remember the coupon codes anymore. For deals and promotions from Burlington, you can search for the discount items at www.Burlingtoncoatfactory.com. On the official website, you will be able to see the details on taking the deals and the promotions. For example, there are items that offer free shipping. Then, there is Burlington Layaway program as well. You can get more information about this layaway program at the customer service desk at Burlington stores. This program will beneficial to save your budget because you can receive a bonus card worth $5.

The Official Rules of Burlington sweepstakes

You should know about the official rules for Burlington Coat Factory sweepstakes first before you take part in it. Besides, it is important for you to know what you should do to enter the sweepstakes. Also, you should know what to avoid so that you will not break the sweepstakes rules. No matter what the reason is, you will get disqualified if you do not obey these rules. To know more about the official rules of the Burlington Coat Factory sweepstakes, you can pay attention to the following information.

  1. Participants

The participants of Burlington Coat Factory sweepstakes are eligible if they have the following conditions:

  • Age

This sweepstakes only allows participants that have reached 18 years old. It means, if you are older than this minimum age, you will be automatically eligible for this sweepstakes. But, if you have not reached this minimum age, you will not be permissible to enter Burlington Coat Factory sweepstakes. Yet, you can try to ask your parents to enter this sweepstake for you. Your legal guardian is also permissible to help you enter this sweepstake. Besides, you can request your older siblings to enter it for you. It will not be a big problem as long as your older siblings have reached 18 years old.

  • Residential status

Your residential status is one of the factors of your eligibility to enter Burlington Coat Factory sweepstakes. It is because this sweepstakes only allows legal residents of the United States. This includes the District of the Columbia. Besides, residents of Puerto Rico are also eligible for this sweepstakes. Next, the ID holders of Canada citizenship are eligible to enter it. Residents of all provinces in Canada can enter this sweepstake, except Quebec. Further, it does not mean that you can enter the sweepstakes even though you have been living in one of these countries for a long time. As long as you are the foreigner in these countries, you will not be eligible for the sweepstakes.

  • Employment

Burlington Coat Factory sweepstakes are only open for Burlington customers. This means that employees of Burlington Coat Factory are not eligible for this sweepstakes. This rule point applies to all of the employees and there is no exception. Besides, people who have got the business partnership with Burlington Coat Factory are not permissible, too. Then, all immediate family members of Burlington Coat Factory employees are not eligible as well. This rule point includes anyone who is living in the same household with Burlington Coat Factory employees.

  1. Sweepstakes Entry Period

Burlington Coat Factory Customer Sweepstakes is available for 12 months. It begins on July 1st, 2017 up to June 30th, 2018. During this entry period, there is 12 monthly sweepstakes period.

  1. Entry Method

There are 2 methods that participants can use to enter Burlington Coat Factory Customer Sweepstakes. And to enter this sweepstake, participants do not have to make purchases at Burlington Coat Factory stores. Besides, your purchases at Burlington Coat Factory stores will not double your chance to win the sweepstakes. In case you are eager to enter the sweepstakes, you can keep on reading the following information:

  • By Survey Website

If you enter Burlington Customer Sweepstakes by the website, it means you should take part in its guest satisfaction survey first. It is because the form of the sweepstakes entry will show up right after the survey questions are over. You can take this online survey at the survey site. On the survey page, you just have to provide your contact information, such as first and last name, email address, and phone number.

  • By email

You can also enter the sweepstakes via email. This is simple and easy. You just have to use your email account. Then, you can compose an email with your contact details. The details are your first and last name, home address, and phone number. Next, you can send your email to [email protected] Make sure you have typed “Burlington Stores Survey Sweepstakes Entry” in the subject field. This way, the sweepstakes administrators will know that your email is for the sweepstakes entry. So, they will not skip reading your email or delete it.

There is only one chance for every eligible participant during one monthly entry period. It means participants of Burlington Customer Sweepstakes can only take one method only during that time. Every participant can only choose to take the survey or submit the email. Besides, before you submit your entry, it would be better if you double check the details. It is because incomplete or misdirects entries will not be able to get included in the monthly drawing. And the sweepstakes administrators will not be responsible for these mistakes.

  1. Winners

There will be 12 monthly random drawings to find the winners of Burlington Coat Factory Customer Sweepstakes. It means there will be 12 sweepstakes winners. The administrators will conduct each drawing on the 7th day of every month. Then, the potential winners will get notified via email. The potential winners will have 5 days to respond to the email notification. If the potential winners fail to give responses within 5 days, the potential winners will get forfeited from this sweepstakes. Then, there will be another drawing to select the alternate potential winners.

  1. Prize

Each sweepstake winner will get a special Burlington Gift Card. This gift card is worth $1000. The winners can use this gift card when they go shopping at Burlington Coat Factory stores. Moreover, the gift card is also redeemable at MJM, Baby Depot, and Cohoes. This Burlington Gift Card is not redeemable for money. Besides, the winners cannot request for other prizes as the substitution for the gift card.

The Prerequisites of Burlington Customer Satisfaction Survey

You can take part in Burlington feedback without difficulties if you can have the prerequisites. Then, you should make sure that the prerequisites will work well during the survey process. You do not have to get confused about the prerequisites of Burlington feedback survey. You can find these things easily. Let us just prepare them!

  1. A receipt

It is important to have a recent receipt from Burlington Coat Factory before you take part in Burlington survey. This receipt has a survey invitation code. This code will unlock the survey question page.

  1. A device

You can choose to use a smartphone, a tablet, a laptop, or a personal computer. Just get the most affordable device for you.

  1. The internet connection

To make things run well, you can prepare fats and stable internet connection.

  1. English or Spanish ability

Be ready to use English here. And if you want, you can change the language setting into Spanish.

Steps to Take Part in Burlington Customer Satisfaction Survey

When all the prerequisites are ready, now you can begin the survey. There will be several steps that you should take to complete this survey. The steps are not difficult. You will be able to finish it in less than 10 minutes. SO, you will not waste too much time on this. If you are ready, we can start it now.

  1. Go to the survey site

To do the survey, you should be on the survey website. The address is www.Burlingtonfeedback.com

  1. Choose a language

The survey website will show up in English. But, if you want Spanish, you can change Español as the language setting.

  1. Fill in survey code

You can find the survey code printed on your receipt. It consists of 18 or 19 digits

  1. Answer questions from Burlington feedback survey

Then, you will be able to read the survey questions. The questions will about your latest visit to Burlington stores

  1. Enter the sweepstakes

Next, you can enter the sweepstakes. You will have to submit your first name, last name, phone number, email address. Then, the survey will finish. This survey will not give a code for Burlington coupon. SO, you can close the window and wait for the drawing information.

About Burlington coat factory credit card

Moreover, there is another advantage that you can get for shopping at Burlington Coat Factory stores. The advantage is that you can use a Burlington coat factory credit card to pay your purchases. The payment will include coats, apparels, and accessories. Burlington Bank Card issues this credit card for loyal customers of Burlington Coat Factory. If you use this credit card for transactions at Burlington, you will have a chance to get the reward. There will be a return policy as well for the holder of the Burlington coat factory credit card. This return policy will apply in 30 days. Next, you just have to pay for the annual fees for $4. But, you are not permissible to make a balance transfer using this credit card. For more information about Burlington credit card, these are the explanations for you:

  1. Apply for Burlington Coat Factory credit card

There are several ways that you can do it apply for Burlington credit card. These are how to do it:

  • By website

You can apply for the Burlington credit card online. To do this, it means you need to access the application on the website. That is why you should visit should be the official website of Burlington Bank Card at www.Burlingtonbankcard.com. The steps to apply for the credit card are:

  • Answer questions on the homepage

The questions are the acceptance status of the credit card, sales volume monthly and individual sales amount.

  • Complete the business information

The information is your business name, contact name, city, phone number, state, email address, country, and product or service type.

  • Give comments
  • Click Submit button

If the bank approves your application, you will get notified via email.

  • By mailing

You are able to send your request by mailing post. You can send it to the office of Burlington Bank Card at:

117 Bank St., 1st Floor

Burlington, Vermont, 05401

The United States

  • By fax

If you want to send the request via fax, the number is 802-419-3722.

  • By phone

To make fats request, you can dial 1-800-758-1002 or 1-802-861-2605

  1. Activate Burlington Coat Factory credit card

After the approval of your application, you can activate your credit card. You can contact 855-355-2875 to activate your new credit card.

  1. Log in to the account of Burlington Coat Factory credit card

If the activation process has finished, now you are able to log in to your account. You just have to visit Burlington credit card login page. Then, you should inform your email address and password. Next, you can click sign in button. Finally, you can log in to your account. You can use this account to pay your bill now. And if you find difficulties with this Burlington credit card, you can reach the customer service number at 855-355-2875.

Burlington Coat Factory Customer Service

If you wonder how to reach Burlington coat factory customer service, you can do the following ways.

  1. By website

You can send your comments, complaints, questions, or suggestions at www.Burlington.com. You just have to visit this website address and then you will find the feedback form on that page.

  1. By mailing

If you like to tell your feedback on a letter, you can do it as well. You can send your letter to the following address:

Burlington Stores, Inc.

2006 Route 130 North.

Burlington, New Jersey, 08016.

The United States.

  1. By phone

Need fast response from the customer service representatives? You can dial (855) 355-BURL (2875). The representatives will be available on Monday up to Friday at 8.00 a.m. until 8.00 p.m. EST.

  1. By social media

Social media is a good way to share your feedback. Besides, you can use this platform to get updates about Burlington promotions. Here are the links:

  • Facebook: https://web.facebook.com/BurlingtonCoatFactory
  • Google+ : https://plus.google.com/111968966818527904558
  • Twitter: https://twitter.com/Burlington
  • Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/Burlington
  • Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/Burlingtonstyle/
  • Pinterest: https://www.pinterest.com/Burlingtoncoat/
  • Blog : https://www.Burlingtoncoatfactory.com/blog