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There are 3 types of primary human needs. They are clothing, food, and shelter. Now we will discuss one of the 3 primary human needs. Yes Right, we will discuss clothing products. If you want to buy clothes, then you need to go to the store. But, how can you save time searching for family clothes? So you need to visit a shop that sells clothes for various ages. If you are a resident of Puerto Rico, then don’t hesitate to visit Burlington. They sell coats, clothes and various baby needs. So, you can get all the items you need in one place. Then, you can give feedback to the Burlington Coat Factory. You only need to visit the Burlington Coat Factory Survey.

Burlington Feedback is their way to accept criticism and your opinion. They want you to get a comfortable experience for your next visit. If you are just visiting their store, don’t waste your receipt. Because you can do various things using receipts. First, you have the right to give an opinion via Burlington feedback. Second, don’t miss the chance to join Burlington Sweepstakes. Do you want to try your luck? We will help you realize your expectations through survey instructions. Then you can read information and profiles from this popular shop in Puerto Rico.

burlington coat factory survey

burlington coat factory survey page

Burlington Coat Factory Profile.

Next, you can find out the history and profile of Burlington Store here. If you want to get complete information, then visit their website through a browser. Use the www.burlington.com address. There you can visit the About Us submenu. You can see the items they offer, career information, etc. But, we will summarize their profile in this article. So, you don’t have to waste time exploring the Burlington Coat Factory website. Well, Burlington is a retailer of clothing products. They are able to manage 567 stores. Their shop is in the United States and Puerto Rico. What do they offer to customers? You can buy baby coats, clothes, and needs. Or you can buy home decorating needs and shoes.

What is special about Burlington? They dare to sell quality products, but Give lower prices for you. So, you can buy products at 40% cheaper than other retailers. So, you can save time and money when shopping at this store. Their story began in 1924. At that time they sold products as wholesalers. So they sell women’s clothing and junior suits. Year after year passed, they succeeded in opening the first store in 1972. The location of the establishment of this shop was in Burlington, New Jersey. The typical product of this store is Coats. But, they want to meet diverse consumer fashion needs. So, they are expanding business opportunities to men’s, women’s, sports, shoes and more.

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If you are a Burlington loyal customer, then follow the Burlington Coat Factory Survey. You can help them Keep business existence. Because your opinion can affect the growth of this store. You have nothing to lose. Because they offer gift cards as a reward. Follow the Burlington Coat Factory program to get this opportunity.

Burlington Coat Factory Survey and Sweepstakes Rules.

Before you decide to take a survey, see some of the rules. Here you can read some rules that you need to obey. This regulation can determine your eligibility as a survey participant. Furthermore, sweepstakes regulations will be more complicated. Because here you will be bound by state law. If you commit a violation, you can get into trouble in the future. Then you cannot claim even though you are a sweepstakes winner. So, if you don’t have this opportunity, you can seek help from eligible people. Consider the following survey rules.

  1. Product purchases and completion of surveys do not increase your chances of victory.
  2. Survey period. They open this opportunity for you starting on July 2, 2018. On that date, you can conduct surveys and sweepstakes. Furthermore, your opportunity will expire on June 30, 2019. So you can enter the sweepstakes in the 12 survey periods.
  3. Eligibility. Before you take this opportunity, make sure you are eligible to do it. Because not everyone has the same opportunity in this program.
  • You are a legitimate resident in United States, Columbia, and Puerto Rico.
  • You must be old enough to take this part. Here you can take part in surveys when you are 18 years or older.
  • Burlington employees and their families may not take surveys or sweepstakes.
  • Sponsor companies and other companies involved in this program may not enter the sweepstakes.
  1. How to follow Sweepstakes. There are two ways to enter sweepstakes. First, you can enter it after completing Burlingtonfeedback com survey. Second, enter the sweepstakes via email.
  • Survey Method. First, we will explain how to enter sweepstakes through surveys. In short, you need to visit the survey portal. Then answer a few simple questions on the survey portal. Finally, enter your identity and sweepstakes.
  • Email method. Second, you can use e-mail to enter the sweepstakes. Here, write their email address first. You can use service.Stores@Burlington.com. Next, write the subject in the email box. The following is the subject for your email. Burlington Shop Survey Sweepstakes Entry. Finally, write down the name, address and telephone number in the e-mail body.
  1. You can only enter 1 entry per person through surveys or emails for each period.
  2. Sweepstakes Rewards. Here you will immediately find out the reward from them.
  • They offer a $1000 Burlington Coat Factory Gift Card.
  • They have a total prize of $12,000 throughout the survey period and sweepstakes.
  • You can use this card in Burlington, MJM, Cohoes and Baby Depot.
  • You may not redeem gift cards with cash.
  • You cannot use a gift card for payment of a Burlington Coat Factory Credit Card account.
  • You can see the expiration date on the card. Use the card before entering the expiration date.
  • One household only can win one prize.
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Burlington Coat Factory Survey Preparations.

Next, prepare before the survey and enter sweepstakes. If you use email, then you need a computer, browser and internet device. There you can enter your e-mail account to make sweepstakes entries. Following lotteries with e-mail is easier than conducting a survey. But, the method you choose does not affect the sweepstakes results. Then your opinion through the survey is not related to the sweepstakes. So you are free to send feedback to them. Here are some survey requirements.

  1. Select your survey device. First, you need to choose the device you want to use. But, ideally, you can use a computer or laptop for this process. Then you can use a smartphone or tablet if you don’t have both.
  2. Browsers and Internet Connection. Second, you can use survey tools if you have a browser and an internet connection. Internet connection makes the browser work to find survey portals. You can enter the address of the survey portal to find the survey page. Then, your access will be easier if you use a stable internet.
  3. Proof of Transaction at the Burlington Store. If you want to fill Shopping Experience, you need to have receipts. Then you need to do this process within 7 days. After you have passed 7 days, you cannot use the survey code. You will enter this code on the first page of the survey. This code has an 18 -19 digit survey code.
burlington coat factory survey

burlington coat factory survey steps

Burlington Coat Factory Survey Steps.

Then we will help you with survey instructions. You can complete the survey if you follow all the stages we wrote here. This survey helps Burlington look after their consumers. Consumers can provide value for staff services at the store. They can rank each aspect of the assessment. Then you don’t need to worry about survey questions. Because they make this survey easy for all consumers. You only need to remember your problems and experiences in the store. Here’s how to give Burlington Feedback.

  1. Visit Burlingtonfeedback.com.

First, enter the portal address on your computer’s search engine. There you can land on the survey portal directly. If you use keywords, you need to land on the search engine homepage. So you should use the address of the survey portal.

  1. Change the Language Settings.

Second, you can change the language of the portal into Spanish. If you don’t need change, then you can complete this in English. Because the initial setting for language is English.

  1. Enter the survey code.

Do you remember the discussion about the survey code? So, you can get it after making a transaction. Find the 18-19 digit survey code in the receipt. See sample receipts to make it easier for you to find the survey code.

  1. Click on the start button to visit the next page.
  2. Answer the survey questions.

They have several survey questions for you. Here you only need to choose one of several answers. Here are some questions that can appear in your survey.

  • Your shopping method. You shop at the store or through the website.
  • They ask that you rate your overall level of satisfaction.
  • They ask you to assess their products, prices, stores, and staff.
  • Write down your problems and opinions in the fields provided.
  1. Join the sweepstakes program now.
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After you have given them a score, you can now take part in the draw. You can complete your identity for sweepstakes entry.

  1. Check the sweepstakes winner announcement every period ends.

You can receive notifications by email or telephone. So, make sure your identity, email and telephone number are correct.

Burlington Coat Factory Store Credit Card.

Do you have a credit card? Credit cards help you to shop without cash. There they will enter the bill. You can pay according to the program you choose. Does Burlington Coat Factory Have a Credit Card? Basically, they don’t have this credit card program. They have a program to buy gift cards. However, you can make payments using a credit card. Then you can use it in stores or online shopping. So, you cannot submit the Burlington Coat Factory Credit Card Application. Because they don’t have this program. If you cannot apply for the Burlington coat factory credit card, you can use other credit cards.

Burlington Coat Factory Near Me.

  1. Visit www.burlington.com.

First, enter the portal address on your computer’s search engine. There you can land on the official website directly. If you use keywords, you need to land on the search engine homepage.

  1. Click on the “Find a store” button.

On the main page of the website, you can find various Burlington products. Then you can find various buttons and links for further information. Click on the find a store button to find the location of the store.

  1. Enter your city and country.

Here you can see the location search box. You can use the city and country names. Or you can enter your region’s zip code.

  1. Set the search filter.

Here you need to click on the arrow. There you can find filters for the distance of your location with the store.

  1. Click on the find a store button.

They will soon find a local shop for you.

  1. Click the view store details to see the complete store information.

There you can see the address, store hours and products.

Burlington Coat Factory Customer Service.

If you do not qualify for the survey, you can use other methods. You can submit feedback through the website or customer service. So you only need to save some information from us to contact them.

  1. Burlington Coat Factory Credit Card Phone Number.

If you want to confirm the Burlington Credit Card, note this number: (877) 213-6741. They will serve you from Monday to Saturday, from 8 am – 9 pm.

  1. Burlington Coat Factory Customer Service Phone Number.

(855) 355-BURL (2875). They will help you from Monday to Friday, starting at 8 am – 8 pm.

  1. Burlington Coat Factory Social Media.
  • Facebook: @BurlingtonStores.
  • Twitter: @Burlington.
  • Instagram: @burlingtonstyle.
  • Pinterest: burlington.com.
  • Youtube: Burlington.

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