Brief Info about Sears Holiday Hours and Sears near Me


Do you need to do your monthly shopping? Then, you may go to Sears store. You can do get your daily needs at Sears because this store has provided complete products for its customers. Besides, Sears store has great services to satisfy its customers’ needs. But, what if you are only able to go shopping during Sears holiday hours? Is it possible for you to get what you need at Sears store on holiday? Well, you can get the answer in this article. We have prepared beneficial information for you about Sears holiday hours, Sears Store hours, and Sears Store locations.

About Sears

Sears is a retail chain in the United States. This company operates 529 department stores. Sears founders were Richard Warren Sears and Alvah Curtis Roebuck. They had their first department store in Chicago, Illinois in 1892. Then, Mr. Sears started a partnership with Julius Rosenwald. This partnership created the second incorporation of this business in 1906. Now, Sears has secured its positions at the 23rd biggest retail chain in the United States. The headquarter office is in Hoffman Estates, Illinois. This company has branches in Puerto Rico, Canada, and Mexico.

sears holiday hours

sears holiday hours can be accessed from

Sears store has top quality products which will satisfy your daily needs. If you visit Sears stores, you may be able to bring home many sorts of clothing for men and women, children’s clothing, shoes, footwear, painting equipment, women jewelry, beauty products, bed accessories, bath accessories, housewares, tools, appliances, battery, electronics, furniture, and many more. Besides, those products come from the best brands. You can find Roebucks, Covington, Laura Scott, Kenmore, Everlast, DieHard, and many other popular brands.

sears holiday hours and sears near me

sears holiday hours and sears near me

About Sears Store hours

Before you decide to go to Sears Store, it would better if you get enough information about Sears Store hours. This way, you will not need to waste your time and fuel to visit Sears store when it has been already closed. You just need to know the schedule of Sears store. The store hours of Sears will provide you with important information about when Sears store is open and when it is close. This is the normal Sears Store hours.

Monday7 am - 10 pm
Tuesday7 am - 10 pm
Wednesday7 am - 10 pm
Thursday7 am - 10 pm
Friday7 am - 10 pm
Saturday7 am - 10 pm
Monday7 am - 10 pm

Most of Sears stores use the schedule to decide the open and close hours of the stores. But, Sears Store hours may vary in different locations. At several Sears stores, the operation hours may be later or earlier than the normal schedule of Sears Store hours. The state and seasons may affect Sears Store hours. For the fixed schedule, you can contact the local Sears store. So, you can adjust with the local Sears Store hours.

  • Is Sears open today
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Yes. As you can see from the Sears Store hours timetable, Sears store is open today. But, it is for the normal schedule. In case you are wondering about the store hours of the nearest Sears store to your place, you may contact the local store first.

  • What time does Sears open

Based on the regular schedule, Sears store is open at 10.00 a.m. You can go there before you have lunch. The store will be open later than the usual schedule on Sunday. It is open on 11.00 a.m. Certain Sears stores may be open at 11.00 a.m. Make sure you know about the open hours schedule before you go to Sears store.

  • What time does Sears close

Sears store is close at 09.00 p.m. The close hours can be different at other locations. For example, Sears stores in some states will be close earlier at 08.00 p.m. So, if you come here after 08.00 p.m., it is impossible for you to do your shopping at the Sears store. And on Sunday, these stores will be close at 07.00 p.m. It is later than the normal Sears Store hours which is close at 06.00 p.m.

About Sears holiday hours

What about Sears holiday hours? Is there any different schedule for shopping at Sears store during holiday? Well, the holiday hours at Sears store can be different from the normal Sears store hours. But, you can go check the open and close schedule of Sears holiday hours to the customer service of Sears store. Or, you may contact the local Sears store to know Sears holiday hours. You may do this before you come here on holiday. Nevertheless, Sears store may open during certain holiday. So, you can go there with your family during that day. If you have got the trusted information about Sears Store holiday hours, you may start to make plans about shopping at the store with your family members during Sears holiday hours. These are the holidays when Sears store is open:

Public HolidayOpen/ Close
Christmas DayClose
New Years EveOpen
New Years DayOpen
Good FridayOpen
Black Friday Open
Mothers DayOpen
Father’s Day Open
Easter SundayOpen
Easter MondayOpen
St. Patricks Day Open
Valentine’s DayOpen
Mardi Gras Fat TuesdayOpen
Martin Luther King DayOpen
Columbus Day Open
Memorial DayOpen
Veterans DayOpen
Labor DayOpen
Tax DayOpen
Independence DayOpen
Thanksgiving DayOpen
Presidents dayOpen
Christmas EveOpen

Based on the list of Sears holiday hours, you can see that Sears store is open on any holidays, except Christmas Day. All Sears stores will be closed during Christmas Day because it is a kind of respect for Sears employees. Hence, this store allows its all employees to gather with their family members during Christmas Day. In case you are eager to make online order for Christmas celebration, we recommend you to do it a few days before Christmas Day. So, you can still get the Sears service to get what you want from this store.

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About Sears location near me

After you have got the information about Sears Store hours and Sears holiday hours, you may have arranged your personal schedule to visit Sears store. It will be more convenient if you can visit the Nearest Sears location to your place. If you are wondering about the nearest Sears store, you can search for it online. Sears store has provided 3 smart ways to search for all Sears store locations. You can use one of the following ways before you can go shopping at Sears stores.

  1. Sears Store Locator

You will be able to find Sears Store Locator on its official website. You will not take a long time to find the nearest location of Sears store. You can just make some simple steps to use Sears Store Locator. These are the procedures:

  • Go to

First, you should visit the website of Sears store. It is available at

  • Click Store Locator

Second, you can click Sears Store Locator. This locator is on the home page of the website. You may find this locator on the top part of the website. Or, you may scroll down the page and find it among other links on the bottom part of the home page.

  • Enter location details

Third, you can enter the location details in the provided field. You may enter a ZIP code or a city name with the correct state name. Then, you can click Search button. In a few seconds, you will see the search result of the Sears store locations.

  • Click View Store details

Fourth, you can click View Store Details link. This link is available on each Sears store location. Once you click this link, you may find complete information about Sears store which you prefer.

Sears Store Locator will allow you to get the information about the Sears store which you have selected. For instance, you may find the store address, store phone number, Sears store hours, and service at the Sears store. Besides, Sears Store Locator will show you a map of the Sears store locations. This map has a feature to get the directions to the Sears store locations. So, you do not need to get confused if this is your first time to visit this location.

  1. Sears Mobile App

You can use Sears Mobile app to find the nearest location of Sears store. If you do not have this mobile app, you can get it from its website at Also, you can download it directly from Google Play Store and Apple App store. you just need to create an account if you need to use Sears mobile app. Moreover, you get a discount after you have download this mobile app in your smartphone. You may get $5 off after you have made $15 purchases.

  1. Search Engine

In case you want to find a Sears location using a search engine, you only need to launch your browser. The browser will provide a search field. You can use this field to find the nearest location by typing Sears near me. Besides, you may use this search engine to get information about Sears holiday hours.

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How to Contact Customer Service of Sears Store

In case you have got difficulties in searching for the locations of Sears store, you may contact the customer service of Sears. Besides, you may ask the customer service about Sears holiday hours. The customer service representatives of Sears store will be your main source to dig information related to Sears store. Moreover, you may contact Sears customer service if you want to share your feedbacks about products and services at Sears stores. You may inform your suggestion or criticism through this customer service.

Sears store has given several ways to contact the customer services representatives. These are very simple. We are sure you will not find difficulties in applying these methods. If you really need the information about Sears holiday hours or many other matters related to Sears store, you can do the following things:

  1. By website

You may try to contact the customer service of Sears via website. Of course, you should visit the official website of Sears if you want to do it. The website is available at on this website, you will find a lot of information about Sears store. You just need to scroll down the page to get the link of Sears Contact. Besides, you may submit your questions on this website of Sears stores.

  1. By mailing

In case you are eager to contact Sears store by mailing post, you do not need to go online. As long as you can prepare some pieces of papers, a pen, an envelope, and a stamp, everything will be easy for you. Do not forget to write the destination address. You can send your letters to the address of Sears corporate office.

Sears Holdings Corporation
Beverly Road 3333
Hoffman Estates, Illinois, 60179

The United States

  1. By phone

Sears store has provided several phone numbers for different issues. You can ask the representatives about Sears holiday hours. Besides, customers may use Sears phone number which is appropriate for your problems. These are the phone numbers that you can contact in case you need help from Sears.

  • Corporate Office is at (847) 286 2500
  • Online and Store Experience is at 1 888 311 2262
  • Home Delivery is at 1 800 416 6031
  • Installation service is at 1 800 497 4402
  • Appliance Repair service is at 1 800 469 4663
  • Computer repair service is at 1 800 877 8701
  • Parts and Part Orders is at 1 800 252 1698 or 1 787 287 3800
  • Craftsman Club is at 1 800 682 8691
  • Shop Your Way Program is at 1 800 991 8708
  1. By social media

Sears store also has several social media pages to give more spaces for customers to interact with Sears customer service representatives. You only need to create your personal account on the same platforms where Sears store has the pages. You can ask about Sears holiday hours on the pages.  Besides, these social media pages will bring your beneficial information related to Sears Deals and Promotions. You can use the following links to know more information from Sears:

  • Facebook:
  • Twitter:
  • Google+:

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