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Are you planning to go shopping for video games or wireless services on holiday? Then, you can get all those things at the GameStop store. This place will be a good place for you to go shopping with your loved ones. Besides, it will be more fun because you are going to do it on holiday. It is a good chance for you to see them after you have done with busy time. If you are eager to visit GameStop store on holiday, it means you have to get information about Gamestop holiday hours first. You may wonder when GameStop store is open during the holiday. But, you do not need to worry because you are now on the right page. You will find beneficial information about Gamestop holiday hours here. Besides, you can read more information about GameStop store hours, GameStop store locations, and GameStop store customer service.

About GameStop

GameStop is a brand of a retail chain from the United States. It is operating under GameStop Corp. Everyone can find consumer electronics, wireless services, and video games at GameStop store. This business began in 1984. The founders were Dan DeMatteo, Richard Fontaine, and Leonard Riggio. The first store was in Dallas, Texas. The store went as Babbage’s and it sold video games. Then, the store name hanged into GameStop in 2000 following an acquisition process.

gamestop holiday hours
gamestop holiday hours

Now, GameStop is operating 7276 stores. Customers may find several GameStop stores in the United States, Australia, New Zealand, and some Europe countries. No wonder, this company has thousands of full time and part time employees working here. This company has other brands, such as Game Informer magazine, Simply Mac products, and Spring Mobile wireless service. The headquarters of GameStop Corp is in Grapevine, Texas.

What You Should Know About Gamestop hours

You should get the information about Gamestop hours before you come shopping at GameStop store. Gamestop hours is the operation schedule of the GameStop store. If you know the Gamestop hours information, you will not feel confused with the open and close schedule of GameStop store. Gamestop hours consist of the specific time of the GameStop store schedule. So, you will be able to plan your visit to this store. You can see the Gamestop hours timetable below.

Monday10 am - 9 pm
Thuesday10 am - 9 pm
Wednesday10 am - 9 pm
Thursday10 am - 9 pm
Friday10 am - 9 pm
Saturday10 am - 9 pm
Sunday11 am - 6 pm

The Gamestop hours timetable above is the normal schedule of GameStop store. Most of GameStop stores use the Gamestop hours above. Some other locations of GameStop stores may use different Gamestop hours. But, the differences are not too significant. Seasons and law in different states may be the reason for the various Gamestop hours. In case you need the more specific time of Gamestop hours, we suggest you contact local GameStop store near to your location. So, you may use the local Gamestop hours to help you make plans for shopping at the GameStop store.

Now, you can answer several questions related to the Gamestop hours timetable above. For example:

  1. Is Gamestop open today?

Yes, it is. You can see from the Gamestop hours timetable that GameStop store is open today. If you cannot visit the store today, you may come on another day because GameStop store is open every day. You only need to pay more attention to the open time and close time at the GameStop store. For more specific information, you’d better contact the customer service of GameStop store. Or, you can call the local GameStop store to get the Gamestop hours used at the store.

  1. What time does Gamestop open?

GameStop store is open at 10.00 a.m. on Monday up to Saturday. This open time applies to most of GameStop stores. Then, they will be open later an hour later on Sunday. Based on the Gamestop hours timetable, these GameStop stores are open at 11.00 a.m. only on that day.

  1. What time does Gamestop close?

This may be where you can find what makes the Gamestop hours different at several locations. Even though the Gamestop hours timetable shows that GameStop store is close at 09.00 p.m. on Monday until Saturday, it does not mean that all GameStop stores use the same Gamestop hours. Some GameStop stores are open for a longer and shorter time. No wonder, you may find GameStop stores which are open until 10.00 p.m. and some other stores are close at 08.00 pm. Besides, these different close time also applies on Sunday. Although most GameStop stores are close at 06.00 p.m. on Sunday, several GameStop stores choose to open the stores an hour longer. These stores are close at 07.00 p.m. on Sunday.

About GameStop Store holiday hours

Now, you may consider the different operation schedule of GameStop Store on holiday. You may wonder if there will be the same Gamestop hours at the same store which you have visited during the holiday. Is there any different schedule for Gamestop holiday hours? Or, will Gamestop hours apply on all holidays? Well, you will find the answer below.

Gamestop holiday hours is not the same as the regular schedule of Gamestop hours. you may find several GameStop Stores will be open for a shorter duration. Besides, it is also possible for these stores to open later than the normal Gamestop hours. It may be closed earlier than the usual hours during the holiday. Moreover, not all GameStop Stores are open on holiday. If you want more information about Gamestop holiday hours, we recommend you to check it to the nearest GameStop Store to your place.

However, there are some holidays when GameStop Stores are open. Please check the following Gamestop holiday hours below. You may find the right holidays for you to visit GameStop Store.

Public HolidayOpen/close
New Years EveOPEN
Black Friday Good FridayOPEN
St. Patricks DayOPEN
Mothers DayOPEN
Father’s DayOPEN
Easter MondayOPEN
Mardi Gras Fat TuesdayOPEN
Valentine’s DayOPEN
Martin Luther King DayOPEN
Columbus DayOPEN
Veterans DayOPEN
Memorial DayOPEN
Cyber MondayOPEN
Labor DayOPEN
Cinco De MayoOPEN
Presidents dayOPEN
Christmas EveCLOSED
Christmas DayCLOSED
New Years DayCLOSED
Easter SundayCLOSED
Thanksgiving DayCLOSED
Independence DayCLOSED

The Gamestop holiday hours list above shows on which holidays GameStop Store is open or close. There are some holidays which the GameStop Store decides to close. Those are Easter Sunday, Thanksgiving Day, the Independence Day, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, and New Year’s Day. Gamestop holiday hours are chances given to GameStop Store employees to spend the holiday together with their loved ones during this close time. Next, GameStop Store will be open with the normal Gamestop hours the following day.

How to Find Gamestop near me

Gamestop holiday hours and Gamestop hours information may give you a solution in making visit plans to the Nearest Gamestop location to your current place. In case you do not know where the GameStop Store near to you is, you may use some simple ways to find it. There are 3 simple ways to find GameStop Store nearby. Besides, these 3 ways will enable you to find all locations of GameStop Stores. If you feel interested in trying these ways, you may read the following explanations first.

  1. GameStop Store Locator

This GameStop Store Locator is only available on GameStop official website. This feature will help you to get complete information about GameStop location which you are searching for. You only need to do a few simple steps to use GameStop Store Locator. if you do not know how to operate it, you may follow the instructions below.

  • Go to

First, you should go to This website address will take you to the official website page of the GameStop store.

  • Click Find a Store

Second, you can click Find A Store. You will find this link on the top part of the GameStop website home page. This link will help you to open the page of GameStop Store Locator.

  • Enter Location Details

Third, you may enter the Location Details in a provided field. You can find this field on the page of GameStop Store Locator. You only need to enter a city name, a state name, or a ZIP code. Then, you can click the Search button. Or, just click the Enter button on your keyboard. It will not take too long until you can see the search result. There will be a list of GameStop Store. This list consists of information about several GameStop Store locations. You may see each GameStop Store address on this list. Also, this result shows the distance from the store to your place.

  • View Store Details

Fourth, you may click View Store Details on the search result. Then, you will get more information about the store which you are looking for. You may see the address, phone number, and the Gamestop hours. You may find a feature which allows you to get directions to the GameStop Store. Besides, there is a map which will be helpful to locate the GameStop location.

  1. GameStop Mobile App

You may use GameStop Mobile App to find the location of GameStop Store. You can download this app from Google Play Store or Apple App store. You can also find the download link on the official website of GameStop Store. Furthermore, GameStop Mobile App has some features which will be useful for you. For example, you will be able to shop online at, track your trade credit, view PowerUp Rewards, and get coupons plus exclusive offers.

  1. Search Engine

Another way to find the location of GameStop Store is by using a Search Engine. This search engine is available on your browser. You only need to type GameStop Store near me in a provided field on the Search Engine. It will only need to take a few minutes. Then, you will find the result of GameStop location. Besides, this search Engine will be able to help you find Gamestop holiday hours information as well.

How to Contact Customer Service of GameStop

Do you need help from GameStop Customer Service? If so, you can try the following methods to contact GameStop Customer Service representatives. You may get valid information about Gamestop holiday hours from this customer service. These are the ways that you can use to reach GameStop Customer Service.

  1. By website

You may use the GameStop website to search for the information about Gamestop holiday hours. The website is at Then, you can submit your inquiries about Gamestop holiday hours here. You only need to fill in a feedback form and send it via the website.

  1. By mailing

You can send your mailing post about Gamestop holiday hours to the corporate office of GameStop. Besides, you may use this method to share your visit experience at GameStop Store. You can also tell your suggestion or criticism about GameStop as well. You can send your letters at:

625 Westport Parkway

Grapevine, Texas, 76051-6740

The United States

  1. By phone

If you want the information about Gamestop holiday hours as soon as possible, you may contact the phone number of GameStop Customer Service. The representatives of GameStop Customer Service will be ready to share the information about it. You just need to dial (800) 883-8895. If you need to know about GameStop PowerUp Rewards, you can call at (877) 676-GAME.

  1. By Social Media

Social media has been a good way to get information. Hence, you can also use this to search for Gamestop holiday hours information. GameStop may announce its holiday hours via social media. Besides, you can use this social media to know the most updates news about GameStop. If you want to have access to GameStop Social Media pages, you use the following links.





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