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Did you just visit the Bojangles restaurant? Then, you must check your purchase receipt very soon. You may get an invitation to take part in the Bojangles Survey. this survey website is available at or Talktobo survey website. You do not need to hesitate about taking this survey as Bojangles listens to all customers feedbacks. Besides, you may share your visit experience at Bojangles restaurant through this survey platform. After you have done the survey, you will get a coupon that you can redeem with Bojangles free biscuit.

Now, you can get more information about Bojangles biscuit survey in this article. Besides, there are some more tips to find Bojangles’ deals and locations that you can try easily here. Happy reading!

bojangles coupons

bojangles coupons from Bojangle survey

About Bojangles

Bojangles is a chicken and biscuit restaurant chain in the United States. the main office of Bojangles is in Charlotte, North Carolina. this company began in 977 when Jack Fulk opened the first Bojangles restaurant with Richard Thomas in Charlotte, North Carolina. Their previous job abs restaurant operators gave them some motivations to build a restaurant which introduces fast concepts in serving customers.

Today, there are over 600 Bojangles branches serving Southeastern cuisines throughout the United States. This restaurant offers its fried chicken with buttermilk biscuits as its main biscuits. These foods will keep you healthy. Besides, Cajun recipes have been their top ways to serve customers better. Further, you may have ever heard about its bo time slogan for multiple times. This ad is very popular because it shows how everything can be in the second place when it comes to Bojangles.

bojangles survey and bojangles deals

bojangles survey and bojangles deals

Steps to Take Bojangles Survey

You do not need to feel confused if you have never taken any Bojangles survey before. You just need to do the following steps to take Bojangles listens survey. all of the steps will only take less than 10 minutes. So, these are the steps that you can take.

  1. Go to

First, you should go to the website of Bojangles Guest Satisfaction Survey. You can visit it at Besides, you may reach Bojangles’ survey website at or Those survey websites are not integrated, but you can use one of them to take part in the Bojangles survey. Just use the survey website address printed on your purchase receipt.

  1. Choose a language

Second, you can choose to use English or Spanish to do the survey. As the survey website will appear in English, you can click Español link provided on the website to change the language into Spanish.

  1. Provide survey information

Third, you provide some needed survey information on the website. What you are able to inform here is:

  • Restaurant number
  • Visit date
  • Visit time
  • Check number

Then, you can click Start button after you have done entering the survey information.

  1. Answer survey questions

Fourth, you can give answers to the survey questions. You will get some questions related to your visit experiences, such as food qualities, restaurant services, cleanliness, employees’ behavior, purchased items at Bojangles restaurant, and some more.

  1. Answer classification questions
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Fifth, you need to answer some classification questions as well. you may inform about your age and household members under 18 years old here.

  1. Write the validation code

Lastly, you can write a validation code that appears after you have done the survey. this validation code will form a coupon if you write it down on your valid purchase receipt from Bojangles. Then, you can bring this coupon to any participating Bojangles location. You may redeem the coupon to take your survey reward. This way, you can enjoy your free sausage biscuit from Bojangles restaurant.

Smart ways to Find Bojangles Deals

Are you interested in Bojangles deals? then, you can hunt any deals from this restaurant thru some ways below.

  1. Take Bojangles Survey

Every time you take the Bojangles guest survey, you will receive a reward automatically. There will be a validation code that you can use as your Bojangles coupon to get a sausage biscuit for free.

  1. Visit Bojangles Website

You can always visit Bojangles’ website whenever you want to find any new deals from this restaurant. this website is available at

  1. Download BoRewards App

Another way to get deals from Bojangles is by using BoRewards App in your mobile device. you may download it from Apple App Store or Google Play Store. Then, you will receive exclusive offers regularly.

  1. Join Bojangles eClub

If you join Bojangles eClub, you may receive tasty benefits since you register yourself as a member of this club. Besides, you can get special offers as the privilege.

  1. Follow Social Media Pages

Make sure you follow social media pages of Bojangles restaurant if you do not want to miss any updates and deals from Bojangles. You can visit the pages on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and Pinterest.

  1. Find Online Deal Sites

There are a lot of Bojangles coupons if you find online deal sites. Just be sure you use secured sites to avoid any frauds.

About Bojangles Gift Card

Do you want to make your purchases at Bojangles easier than ever? Then, you should have Bojangles gift card every time you visit this restaurant. to make it clear about the Bojangles gift card, you can pay attention to this explanation.

  1. Physical Bojangles gift card

Bojangles only provides physical gift cards that you can purchase at the nearest Bojangles restaurant location. Currently, Bojangles does not have any digital gift card. Besides, you will not be able to buy the gift cards online.

  1. Balance check

If you want to find how much you have used your Bojangles gift card, you can check your balance on Bojangles website at The information about Bojangles gift card balance will be available after you enter the number available on the back of your Bojangles gift card.

  1. Unable to load

No, Bojangles does not provide any ways to load the balance of your gift card for your mobile payment. So, you should make sure to bring your physical gift card every time you want to make purchases at the Bojangles restaurant.

Benefits of Bojangles eClub

One of the easy ways to find Bojangles coupons and deals is by being a member of Bojangles eClub. Besides, you may get more from this Bojangles e club since you have done the registration steps. the list below may help you understand more about what you may receive as a member of Bojangles eCLub.

  1. Bojangles Legendary Iced Tea
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Once you have successfully registered as a member of Bojangles eClub, you will directly receive a coupon as the reward. You can use this coupon to redeem 1/2 gallon of Bojangles Legendary Iced Tea for free in your next visit to Bojangles restaurant location. But, the redemption requires you to make purchases before you can enjoy Legendary Iced Tea from Bojangles restaurant.

  1. Bo-Berry Biscuit

Bo-Berry Biscuit from Bojangles will be available for you on your special birthday. This means you will be able to enjoy this biscuit every year. Besides, this Bojangles biscuit is free for you every time you visit the restaurant on your birthday. To get this free biscuit, you need to pay for your purchases first.

  1. Bojangles exclusive offers

The most regular benefit that you will get from Bojangles eClub is the exclusive offer. there will be a lot of offers that you may receive right after you join this eClub. You may check the offers easily from your device and use the offers to enjoy your meals at Bojangles restaurant locations.

To get the benefits from Bojangles eClub above, you should make some registration steps. You can visit to join this eClub.

How to Search for Bojangles locations

Did you find difficulties in searching for the closest Bojangles restaurant in your area? It is not anymore now. You can just use one of the easy ways below to get information about Bojangles restaurant location near to your place. But, you should have prepared your device with the internet connection before you use the following ways. Here is the explanation.

  1. Bojangles Restaurant Locator

You will have access to Bojangles Restaurant Locator if you can visit its website. Then, you may use the locator with some simple instructions below.

  • Go to

Firstly, you should go to This website address will help you reach the Bojangles official website. Then, you can focus on the restaurant locator.

  • Click Locations

Secondly, you will find a restaurant locator on the upper part of the website home page. You can click the Location button as the restaurant locator. You will see this button on the menu bar. If you click the button, it will take you to the page of Bojangles restaurant locator.

  • Enter Location Information

Thirdly, you may enter some location information about Bojangles restaurant that you need to find on this locator page. You just need to type in the information in the search field. You are able to use ZIP code, city, and state to search for the location.

  • Click Search button

Fourth, you can click the Search button if you have finished typing the location information. The button will start your request to search for a Bojangles restaurant location. Besides, you may press the Enter button on your keyboard as the alternative way to start the searching process.

In case you do not know the location information where you want to find a Bojangles restaurant, you can simply use the state names. Bojangles restaurant locator has a feature that will allow you to find Bojangles locations by the state. Then, you can select the city name to get the result.

Bojangles Restaurant Locator is able to help you get beneficial information you need about Bojangles restaurant that you want to visit. This locator will be able to provide restaurant address, restaurant hours, and directions to reach the place, a map, and also a tool for a planned trip.

  1. Bojangles Mobile App
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You can get more convenient experiences in searching for a Bojangles restaurant location using Bojangles Mobile App. This app has a feature that will help you locate the nearest Bojangles restaurant that you want. Besides, you use this mobile app to do some more things, such as mobile payment, explore restaurant menu, get rewards, etc. If you have not got this mobile app in your mobile device, you can start downloading it from Google Play Store or Apple App store.

  1. Search Engine

If you want to use a simple way, you can launch a browser installed in your device. then, you may type in some keywords in the search field. For example, you may try to use Bojangles near me as the keywords. After that, you can wait for a few minutes only to get the search results.

A Guideline to Submit Bojangles Customer Feedbacks at

If you do not have a chance to take part in the Bojangles guest satisfaction survey, you can still give your feedbacks for this restaurant. However, you should make sure that you have reached 13 years old if you want to submit your feedback via the website. Now, you can use some easy steps below as your guideline.

  1. Go to

First, you should go to the official website of Bojangles restaurant at Once you reach this website, you will be able a lot of buttons and link that will help you explore the website.

  1. Click Contact

Second, you can scroll down the website home page and click the Contact button. After you click it, you will get directed to Bojangles contact page. Besides, you can reach this page directly at

  1. Fill in Feedback Form

Third, you may start filling in the feedback form provided on this contact page. The form will require you to give some information, such as:

  • Your Contact Information

If you want to submit feedback here, you should be able to provide your contact information. there are some blank spaces that you can fill in with your name, phone number, email address, and home address. It means you cannot leave your feedbacks anonymous.

  • Bojangles restaurant location

You can inform the Bojangles restaurant location that will be your focus in this feedback form. With this information, the Bojangles management team may take some important decision as the evaluation. Thus, the restaurant location that you have talked about through this form can give better services and products.

  • Feedback Type

It is also necessary to select a feedback type before you make comments about Bojangles restaurant issues. You are able to choose one of some types here, such as request, suggestion, or your visit experience.

  • Comments

The feedback type will represent what comments that you want to share to Bojangles management team. You can type in your comments in the comment field. You should make sure you make your comments clear. This way, the Bojangles team will understand your feedbacks easily.

  1. Submit

Finally, you have to click Submit button to send your feedback for Bojangles restaurant. As this submission is voluntary, you will not receive any rewards from Bojangles.

If you want to enjoy the freebie from Bojangles, you should not miss taking part in Bojangles Listens survey. As the reward, you can get a Bojangles coupon which is redeemable with the sausage biscuit. Click HERE for the details.

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