Frum 1 Frum: Hillary would ‘short-circuit party renewal

David Frum compiles his own case against Hillary Clinton in a column for CNN, where he writes that the biggest risk of her nomination is “that it would short-circuit the necessary work of party renewal.” A Hillary Clinton campaign would want to shut down any such debate before it starts. It would want to inherit the […]

The Chase: Rand, Walker rising

A new month brings a fresh listing of The Chase — The RUN’s rolling rankings of the most likely 2016 presidential nominees of each party. The most significant changes come on the Republican side, where Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul and Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker have vaulted into the top-tier. Paul grabs the #2 spot and Walker is […]

Huntsman: Rand broadens the base

More praise for Sen. Rand Paul’s libertarian-ization of the Republican Party, this time from former Utah Gov. Jon Huntsman. He delivered his comments to PolicyMic on the same night he gave a speech at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library: I think Rand Paul has tapped a vein, particularly among young people with whom these ideas have always been […]

Could a pro gay marriage Republican win?

As Republican politicians incrementally adjust their rhetoric on gay marriage, a pivotal political question simmers beneath the surface: Could a pro-gay marriage candidate capture the party’s presidential nomination in 2016? At first blush, it seems hard to imagine. Some of the activists who wield considerable influence over conservatives in early states are already warning it’s […]

Easter in South Carolina

WASHINGTON — The White House says Vice President Joe Biden is heading to South Carolina for Easter weekend. The vice president and his wife, Jill Biden, were to arrive Thursday evening in Kiawah Island, near Charleston. He’s not planning any public events while he’s in town. Biden has strong ties to South Carolina, and spent […]

CPAC snub good for Christie in Jersey

Nearly half of New Jersey voters say the Conservative Political Action Conference’s snub of Gov. Chris Christie makes them more likely to support the Republican, according to a Conservative Intel/Harper Polling survey. And the sentiment is quite bipartisan: 55 percent of Republicans, 45 percent of Unaffiliated/Other voters and 46 percent of Democrats say they’re more likely to support […]

The media savages Paul Ryan

Wisconsin Rep. Paul Ryan’s most prominent day in the limelight since he was a vice presidential nominee earned him a stack of some of the most brutal headlines of his political career. From cable television to leading political news sites, the reaction to Ryan’s 10-year budget blueprint was largely aggressive criticism with a slice of mockery. Ryan ”promises to balance the budget in a decade by . […]

Hick’s civil unions good enough?

New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo was the first major 2016er to pass a gay marriage bill back in the summer of 2011. Eight months later, Maryland Gov. Martin O’Malley followed suit with his own same-sex marriage signing. Now Colorado Gov. John Hickenlooper – a second-tier, potential darkhorse 2016 contender – gets his turn in the […]

What Is Affiliate Marketing And How To Get Playables Traffic

When you market products or service of other companies via different types of marketing methods not limited to online marketing, video marketing, article marketing, SEO, joint venture or any other method of promotion and you receive a commission check for every sale, it is known to be affiliate marketing.   Affiliate marketing can be both […]