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Do you ever shop at Big Lots Store?. If you ever shop there, of course, you understand what goods they sell. Having a beautiful and comfortable house is the hope of everyone. Then you can design your home with unique and quality furniture. Here maybe you are still using the old way. So you have to come to the store, then choose the furniture you want. Unfortunately, often stock of goods sold out. So you should try to find furniture at another store. Thus, you should visit Big Lots. Because they provide various types of furniture. You do not have to worry about running out of items you want to buy. Because you can see the catalog of goods using their website. In addition, if you want to give the rating to the store, you can follow the survey. Big Lots Store provides a survey portal named Biglotsurvey.

Here you do not just do an assessment of the performance of employees and services in the store. But you also have the opportunity to take a monthly sweepstake. Remarkably you have the chance to win a sweepstake worth $100. Wow, great deals! The company rewards them as an appreciation to their loyal customers. Then the company hopes consumers can provide suggestions for service improvement. So they can maintain good performance and invite more customers. Of course, as a wise consumer, you want to save your money. Thus, following the survey and sweepstakes is the right step. In addition to providing an assessment, you can beautify your home. Because you can use your reward when shopping at Big Lots Store.

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About Big Lots Store.

What do you know about Big Lots Store ?. If you frequently move there, you should use their program. First, you can follow the Big Lots Promo Code program. You can make a promo code after you sign up to be their member. So you just need to add name and email address. Then they will send the code via your email. You can then use the promo code when you access the furniture. So you just need to visit their website. Then you can use keyword “Mybiglots Furniture” or  you can enter the website address. Here are the advantages of being a member of Big Lots.

  1. You will get furniture related information. Then they will serve your reservation quickly.
  2. You will get 5 Dollar discount every 3 transactions.
  3. You will get 10 Dollar discount for every purchase of 200 Dollars for certain furniture.
  4. They provide VIP Shopping Days.
  5. You can review the rewards you receive.

Regulation of Survey on Biglotsurvey.

Have you ever completed a survey ?. If you have ever conducted a survey, of course, you understand the survey rules. Each survey has its own rules. But most have almost the same rules. Thus Biglots Survey also has their own rules. You must understand the rules before conducting a survey. Because we do not want your survey wasted. Violation of survey rules may end fatally. Because they can cancel your victory. Then they look for another winner. Of course, you do not want your chance to get the prize to be lost. If you have never conducted a survey, you should read the survey rules we mentioned. The following is a Big Lots Survey rule.

  1. Eligible citizenship Follows Biglotsurvey.

First, you must understand the rules of citizenship. The company establishes rules on citizenship that can follow the survey. So this survey is limited only to residents of the United States. Then including the people of Columbia. Even if you are a loyal consumer, not all consumers can follow the survey. Make sure you are a resident of 50 United State or Columbia. If you are not a resident of both countries, of course, you cannot enter this survey. Because the company does not acknowledge your participation. So even if you win, the company will cancel your luck. So we suggest you do not try to break this rule.

  1. Minimum age to follow Biglotsurvey.

Secondly, you need to pay attention to the minimum age of following the survey. So the company sets the age limit to follow Biglotsurvey. Not all ages can participate in this survey. So the company stipulates that participants must be 18 years old or older. Because the company expects you to understand the survey conditions. Then you can judge with mature and logical thinking. Thus, the survey results can be held accountable. Primarily responsible personally before the law. Thus you should check your validity to follow the survey. If you are not old enough, ask for help from an adult. We suggest you do not violate any rules.

  1. Your position against Big Lots Store.

Third, you should pay attention to your position against the company. If you are working in the Big Lots Store, of course, this rule will block you. So companies set rules that employees should not follow this survey. Even if you shop there, you are still not eligible to conduct surveys. As an employee, of course, you have a personal assessment of your company. Because you have a better knowledge of your company. Your knowledge can influence your survey. If you have dissatisfaction with the company, of course, you will give a bad judgment. But if you feel satisfied, you will give a good comment. So your judgment is not objective. Because your personal feelings affect your judgment. There are some parties who are not eligible to conduct surveys.

  • First, you work in the company as an employee.
  • Second, you have a family relationship with Big Lots employees.
  • Third, you are not a family member but live in one house with employees.
  • Fourth, you are a company business associate.
  1. Terms of Big Lots Rewards.

Finally, you must understand the reward conditions you can win. After you do the survey, you can participate in the monthly sweepstakes. Here you have to register first. After that, you will be included in the lottery list. Remarkably you the opportunity to win a Gift Card worth 100 Dollars. Of that many rewards can help your finances. Especially can reduce the cost to shop for furniture in Big Lots. However, understanding of the terms and conditions of reward is an important part. So the risk to lose your reward becomes smaller. Here are the terms of Biglotsurvey Rewards.

  • The company offers a gift of 100 Dollars Gift Card. Then they provide 24 Gift Cards to be drawn every month. So the total prize is 2400 Dollars.
  • You may not redeem gift cards into cash. Then you can only use your gift card at Big Lots Store.
  • The prize tax is the responsibility of the winner.
  • Then you must register to enter the lottery in the period that has been determined. Here they provide 6 periods. If you want to see the full version, you can visit the survey website.
  • The Company will select 4 winners per survey period each month.
  • If you are lucky, you must claim your prize within 4 weeks. If you do not immediately make a claim, then your gift will be forfeited. Then they will choose another qualified winner.
  • Remember, you should pay attention to the expiration date on your gift card. If your gift card is out of date, you can not reuse it

Preparation to do Biglotsurvey.

Before you conduct a survey, you should prepare your needs well. Of course, you do not want to make mistakes when doing a survey. Then the error can keep you from the chance to win rewards. If your preparation is good, then you can minimize errors during the survey. So you can survey comfortably and smoothly. Your convenience is a priority in preparing surveys. Then the completeness of needs is also an important factor in the survey. Because if one of the preparations you do not do, then you will have difficulty conducting surveys. So you just need to follow our instructions and prepare everything. Do not you regret because your survey preparation is bad. Here is a need to do Biglotsurvey.

  1. Tool to do Biglotsurvey.

First, you have to prepare a device to do an online survey. You may use any device you own. But you need to consider some things before choosing the device. First, you should consider the ability of the device to capture the signal. Secondly, you should consider your convenience when using the device. If you prefer a large screen display, then a computer or laptop to be the right choice. But if you have high mobility, you can use your tablet or your android phone. Because of course, you want more easy and practical when carrying the device with you. Basically, you should focus on doing the survey. Errors while conducting surveys can be detrimental to you.

  1. Internet connection to access Biglotsurvey website.

Secondly, you have to prepare internet connection. So your device must be connected to the internet. So your device can access the survey website page. Then you just need to set up an internet provider. You can use any internet service. However, you should consider several things before choosing an internet provider. First, consider the location where you are. Because your location can affect the power of internet signals. While the strength of internet signals affect the speed of access to the website. Second, consider the type of signal provided by the provider. Because sometimes your device has different specializations.

  1. Prepare your basic language skills.

Third, you should be able to speak English or Spanish. Because on the start page you have to make a decision. Do you want to survey in English or Spanish? If you want to use English, then click on the “to continue in english click here” button. But if you speak Spanish, then click on the button “the continuar en espanol, Haga clic aqui”. So here you have only two language options. But you do not have to worry about your limited language skills. Because you can ask your friends who can speak English or Spanish. Then you can use an online or manual language dictionary. Basically, good language skills can facilitate you when conducting a survey. So before doing a survey, recognize your abilities first.

  1. The valid receipt from Big Lots Store.

Finally, you need to make transactions in Big Lots first. Because you have to enter the information on the receipt. While the receipt you can get after you make a transaction. So if you are shopping for furniture, you should not waste your receipt. Because your receipt can be a Big Lots Coupon/code. There you can find the invitation code to do the survey. So without entering the invitation code, you can not enter the survey page. Remember, your receipt can only be used for a single survey. So before doing the survey, make sure your receipt is not used.

Steps to do Biglotsurvey.

If you have prepared all the needs of the survey, it’s time you do a survey. So you just have to recall the furniture shopping experience last time. Your experience can be the basis for assessing the company. As a consumer, of course, you want to shop comfortably and easily. Then you want to get the price accordingly, or cheaper. So you can submit all your wishes through the survey. The company wants to always innovate. Because their priority is your satisfaction. So to know your satisfaction level, then they provide a survey portal for you.

  1. Visit the official website of Biglotsurvey.

First, you should visit the official survey website. Then you can use the search engine to find the website. Make sure your device is connected to the internet. So you can write the address or keyword survey on your search engine. Then click on the enter or search button to start the search. Furthermore, you will find a survey website.

  1. Select the language you want to use when doing Biglotsurvey.

Secondly, you must make a decision about the language you choose. We discussed this before. On the first page, you must choose to use English or Spanish. Then the portal will provide survey questions according to the language you choose. Remember, you can only set the language on this page. On the next page, you will not find the language selection button. So recognize your language skills first. Then choose the language you want.

  1. Enter information related to your visit to Big Lots Store.

Next, you need to enter some information related to your visit. So you need to prepare your receipts. First, you must enter the register number. Secondly, you must enter your transaction number. Third, you must enter the store code you visit. Fifth, you need to select the range of amount you pay. Sixth, you must enter the date and time you shop at the store. If you do not have a receipt, you will be confused with the information. You can see an example of a receipt image to the left of the column. Then you just need to adjust the information you enter with your receipt. Check back your answer. Make sure the information matches your receipt. Then you just need to click on the “start” button.

  1. Do your Biglotsurvey now.

On the next page, you can give your rating. Then you just need to enter a rating according to your experience. There you have to answer the survey question. All questions are simple and easy questions. They are about the services that are in store. Then there you will find questions about your satisfaction with the service. Furthermore, you should give your opinion in the form of scale. Usually, they provide questions with multiple choice answers. So you only need to choose the answer according to your opinion. Then they also provide space for you to argue. There you can share your experiences and feelings about shopping in the store. The following is part of the service you may want to review.

  • Treatment of the team at the Big Lots Store.
  • Completeness of furniture you need.
  • Cleanliness and convenience of shopping.
  • Price and quality of furniture.
  • Your experience shopping at the store.
  1. Sign up to follow Sweptakes.

After you do the survey, now you must register to participate in the lottery. Here you have to fill in the lottery registration form. So you have to enter your personal contact information. You must enter your phone number, email, name, and address. Thus you are registered and following the monthly sweepstakes. We wish you luck in the next survey period.

Big Lots Store Customer Service.

If you have any questions and concerns, you can contact customer service. They provide several ways that you can use. Then you can use this facility to give criticism and suggestions to the company. Here are some ways to stay connected to the company.

  1. You can leave a comment on the website.

Here you only need to visit the official website of Big Lots. Then select the menu to contact us. Then you will find a blank field and comment box. First, you must fill out your identity first. Then you can enter your comment in 1000 characters. Then check the box “im not a robot”. Finally, click on the send button. Here is the website address of Big Lots Store.

  1. You can provide an assessment through the website.

You just need to visit the website. There you have to choose “Give Us Your Feedback” menu. There you can survey. Then you can comment on their store or website. On the website, you can also see Big Lots Sale. You just need to press on the “weekly deals” menu. There you can see the furniture at the cheap price.

  1. Customer Service phone number

1-866- 244 – 5687

  1. Social Media.
  • Facebook :
  • Twitter :
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