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Have you just visited Bealls Florida recently? If you still keep Bealls Florida receipt, you can use it to access This receipt can be a tool to win $500 Beals Florida gift card. Wow, you must be interested in this survey prize. Taking part in the Bealls Florida survey is the only way to win this prize. Soon after you complete Beallsflorida survey, you will be entered into their sweepstakes. So, you can share Bealls Florida feedback while competing to win this great reward. Does it sound very interesting? If you want to get the more details about this survey, you can scroll down this page.

About Bealls Florida

Bealls is one of the popular retail companies in the US. This retail store was firstly founded in 1915 in Florida. No doubt, people used to call this store with Bealls Florida. In fact, Bealls has three branch companies. The first chain is Bealls Department Store. The second is the Bealls Outlet Stores. Then, the third is Bunulu. Indeed, Bealls Inc. Has a role as the parent company. So, all the management of these three stores is under Bealls company. For your information, Bealls has no affiliation with Bealls Texas. Bealls Florida is headquartered in Samoset Florida. Besides, other stores are headquartered in Iowa, Montana, and Texas.

beallsflorida survey
beallsflorida survey can be accessed at

The Rules of Bealls Florida Survey Sweepstakes

After knowing about Bealls company at glance, it is the time to find out more about Bealls Florida survey sweepstakes rules. In fact, the complete rules can be seen at But, for most survey takers, viewing the rules at that page is too complicated. So, here we try to simplify the rules. This way, all the survey takers and sweepstake entrants can understand it easily.

bealls florida survey steps
bealls florida survey steps
  • Eligibility.

Before accessing, you have to make sure that you are the eligible entrants. It is because not all customers of Bealls can enter this sweepstake. Perhaps, you may be able to submit an entry. But, the committee may disqualify you since you are not eligible for this monthly drawing. So, who are the eligible participants of the Bealls Florida Survey sweepstakes? Check out on the list below.

  1. The entrants must be the legal residents of the USA and its territory.
  2. The participants must reach 18 years old at least.
  3. Employees of Bealls Department Store cannot take part in this sweepstakes.
  4. The immediate family of Bealls employees is also not eligible.
  • Sweepstakes entry method.

Other sweepstakes may provide some entry methods for the participants. So, they can enter the contest by online, mail, or phone call. But, Bealls Florida is different. This company only offers the online sweepstakes. So, if you want to enter Bealls Florida sweepstakes, you have to finish its online Bealls VOC survey first.

  • Bealls survey sweepstakes rules.

Here are some points you have to obey. Otherwise, you can be disqualified from Bealls sweepstakes.

  1. Each participant is only allowed to submit one entry per email address and per quarter.
  2. This sweepstake does not require any purchase. So, your transaction at Bealls will not increase your winning chance.
  3. The prize of Bealls sweepstakes is not redeemable for cash.
  4. The winner cannot ask for the prize substitution. They also cannot transfer this prize to another person.
  5. The winner of Bealls sweepstakes must be responsible for the taxes.
  • Bealls sweepstake prize.

When you can win the sweepstakes held by Bealls Department Store, you will receive a Bealls gift card valued at $500. If you are the lucky winner, Bealls will contact you by email. Then, you have to respond to this notification email by submitting your name as well as the mailing address. Remember, you only have seven days to respond to this notification. If you ignore this email, you will lose your $500 gift card. It is because Bealls will give it to the alternate winner.

The Steps of Bealls Florida Survey Sweepstakes

From the description above, you have understood about the rules of Bealls survey. Are you the eligible entrant for Bealls survey sweepstakes? If you meet the requirements above, now you have to make some preparation before you visit what should you prepare? The most important item for Bealls survey sweepstake is a valid receipt from Bealls. The receipt you get from Bealls will contain the receipt number. With this code, you can start Bealls online survey. The next, you need a device such as a computer or a smartphone which is connected well to the internet.

When your preparation is ready, it means you can begin Bealls survey. Haven’t taken part in this survey before? You should not worry. It is because you can see the simple guideline below.

  • Step 1. Visit the Bealls Florida Survey Portal.

You can access the BeallsFlorida survey website by typing on your browser. But, you should not be panic if you are directed into the new web address

  • Step 2. Select the location.

Once you access the Bealls Florida survey portal, the website will try to identify your location. If it’s failed, you have to select the location of Bealls store you have just visit.

  • Step 3. Enter the date of the visit.

In the new page, you will see the form of the survey. Bealls survey is different from other surveys. Other surveys may present the survey questions slide by slide. But, Bealls presents the questions on one page. So, you have to scroll down to fill out the survey form. First of all, you need to indicate the date when you come to Bealls.

  • Step 4. Enter Bealls receipt number.

The next, you have to write down Bealls receipt number. You can find this number at the right bottom part of your receipt. Usually, Bealls receipt number consists of 16 digits in length. Besides, Bealls receipt number always starts with zero (0).

  • Step 5. Answer Bealls survey questions.

The questions at Bealls Florida survey consists of several parts. It includes the questions about your shopping experience. Then, you will also be asked about Bealls reward program to get Bealls Florida coupon. After that, there are some questions about your overall satisfaction. The next, you are permissible to provide additional feedback.

  • Step 6. Enter Bealls sweepstakes.

After completing the survey questions form, you will get an invitation to enter Bealls quarterly drawing. If you select Yes, you have to submit your email address. Then, you can decide whether you want to receive the promotional email from Bealls. If you subscribe to this email program, you will receive the email from Bealls. This email will inform you about Bealls latest sales, Bealls Florida coupons, and other info.

The List of the Questions at Bealls Florida Survey

If you have never participated in Bealls Florida survey, you may be curious about the survey questions. That is why here we present the survey questions at

  • Types of shopping.

It asks how you purchase the products at Bealls. You can select either online or in store.

  • Experience details.

In this part, you have to respond to some questions asking about your latest shopping experience at Bealls. First, you should state whether the store associate makes you feel welcomed. Then, you can say whether the products are organized well. The next, you can give your opinion about the prize. after that, state whether the store condition is clean and tidy. The last, you should respond the questions about the attentiveness of the store associates.

  • Checkout process.

In this section, you should indicate whether the cashier is friendly. Then, you can say whether the checkout process is fast and efficient. The last, state whether the cashier offers you to open Beall’s credit card. The next, say if the cashier offers you to sign up FREE Coast2Coast Rewards program.

  • Overall satisfaction.

Now, it’s your time to share your overall satisfaction after shopping at Bealls. First, rate your overall satisfaction feeling with your experience at Bealls. Then, select the scale to represent how likely you are to recommend Bealls to others. After that, show your likeliness to go shopping at Bealls in the next three months.

  • Write your feedback.

In the last section, you are allowed to explain any additional feedback. You can use this space to write down your complaint or suggestions.

How to find Bealls Florida near me

If you want to purchase any beachwear and home decorating items, you should visit Bealls Florida near me. It is not difficult at all to find Bealls Florida store locations. It is because this store has many chains. Use one of two options below to locate the nearest Bealls Florida.

  • Bealls Florida store locator.

You must access the official website of Bealls Florida. You can visit Then, scroll down the Bealls homepage. Under the menu Shop Bealls, you will find an option entitled Store Locations. Just click on this store locator menu. Then, you can search Bealls Florida near you by entering the city, state, or zip code. The result of the searching will inform you about the Bealls Florida locations, Bealls Florida store hours, and phone number.

  • Search engine.

If you want the fastest way to locate Bealls Florida store, you can use any types of search engine. Perhaps, using Google is the easiest one. Just enter the keyword Bealls Florida near me. Then, you will see the maps containing some locations of Bealls Florida. Select one of the store to see its details.

How to Contact Bealls Florida Customer Service

Luckily, Bealls Florida always wants to get connected with its customers. No doubt, this store provides some ways to let the customers communicate with the company. If you have any questions about Bealls Florida, do not doubt to contact Bealls Florida Customer Care. Here are some of the methods you can try.

  • By phone.

Do you have the urgent issue about Bealls Florida? You should call Bealls Florida Customer Support soon. You can dial 800-569-9038 to speak up with Bealls Florida Customer Service representative staff. But, make sure to call this number on Monday – Saturday from 9 am – 9 pm. Besides, on Monday, the customer service is ready to respond to you from 10 am – 8 pm.

  • Live chat.

If you do not want to speak up directly, you can use Bealls Florida live chat feature. Just visit to chat with its customer service. This live chat is available at Bealls Florida official site from Monday – Saturday at 9 am – 9 pm. Then, on Monday, you can chat from 10 am – 8 pm.

  • Mail.

In case you have any business inquiry with Bealls Florida, sending a business letter will be the right option. Just type your letter briefly. Then, you can send it to:

Bealls Stores

Attention: Customer Care.

P.O. Box 25207

Bradenton, FL 34206-5207.

  • Email.

Bealls Florida also lets the customers send them an email. Through this email, they can tell their experience at Bealls Florida. Luckily, Bealls Florida website provides the online form to send the email. You can do the instructions below to submit your message to Bealls Florida.

  1. Visit the Bealls Florida website at
  2. Press contact Us menu which is available at the bottom menu bar.
  3. Click on the link entitled Click here to send. This link is available under Email Us menu. Once you select this link the new page containing Customer Comment form will appear.
  4. The next, you can fill out the form. First, write down the first and the last name. After that, you have to write your email address.
  5. If you want the copy of this message, you can click on the option Send a copy to me.
  6. Now, you can write down your message. You can write any questions, feedback, comments, or complaint in this field. But, if you want to ask about the order status, you should include your contact info and order number.
  7. The last, you can press the Submit button. Bealls Florida will answer your message by email.

Those are some alternatives to getting touch with Bealls Florida. Which method will you choose? If your matter is urgent, we suggest you make a call to Bealls Florida Customer Support soon. But, if your problem is not too urgent, you can use live chat or email menu.

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