BBI Connect Login – Bloomin Brands Employee Login Steps

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Any of you work at Bloomin Brands Company? As we know, Bloomin Brands is a well-known company which owns several restaurant brands. As the example, this company manages Outback Steakhouse, Bonefish Grill, Carrabba’s Italian Grill, and Fleming’s. If you are working at one of these restaurants, you should be familiar with BBI Connect Login Portal. This portal is also known as BBI University Portal. Bloomin Brands company launches this portal for its affiliates and employees. So, if you are the staff of one of Bloomin Brands restaurant, you should know the use of this portal.

BBI Connect is a useful employee portal. You can access any information related to your job and employment issues through this website. Knowing the benefits of this portal, you have to sign up to create the new BBI Connect account soon after you are hired by Bloomin Brands company. You should not be confused about the registration process. It is because this article presents the brief guideline of BBI Connect registration steps. Also, you can check the way to process Bloomin Brands employee login. In addition, to make you easy to use this portal, we also provide the features and the benefits of BBIConnect. Happy reading.

BBI Connect Login
BBI Connect Login page can be accessed at

About BBI Connect

For those who are not familiar yet with the BBI Connect portal, here we present the general information about this employee portal. BBI Connect or Bloomin Brands Incorporation Connect is the portal who manages all employees at Bloomin Brands restaurants. But, you have to notice that BBI University is only accessible by the US-based employee. So, the employees who work at Bloomin Brands franchise cannot access this portal. If you want to use all features of this portal, you have to create the new account. You can ask for help from Bloomin’ Brands HRD staff to sign up to this portal. You will need Bloomin Brands employee ID numbers to create the new account.

What are the Menus at Bloomin Brands BBI Connect?

Before using this portal, you have to understand all of its features. This way, you can take the benefits from this employee website. As stated before, you only can explore this portal if you log into BBI Connect. Just by providing BBI Connect username and password, you will be able to try all menus available on this portal. To get started, you can check all features available at BBI Connect below.

  • BBI My Benefits

As like other employee websites, BBIConnect provides the benefits of information for all employees. This way, you can check which benefits you are eligible for. Then, you can enroll and claim your benefits. This is the reason why the former employee or the retirement staff of Bloomin Brands company can access this portal. They can claim the 401 (K) plans as well as other retirement incentives. For your information, Bloomin Brands company offers several benefits to its employees. For instance, it provides the overtime paid, retirement benefits, medical insurance, family allowance, and many more. You will be happy working at this company since you can receive the financial benefits as well as the sustainability career path.

  • BBI Connect Direct Deposit.

This feature contains information about your salary. Besides, you also can check the monthly incentives, bonus, and other rewards. If you want to check your pay stub, you can access this menu as well. If you are the newly hired at this company, you have to give your banking information so every month this company can transfer your salary to your bank account.

  • Schedule.

Most of the employees of Bloomin Brands company have the status as the part-time staff. This way, they will have a different working schedule since they work in a shift system. Visiting BBI Connect will help you much to check your daily working schedule. You also can ask for the day off through this scheduling system.

  • Employee Source and Support.

This portal can give support to all Bloomin Brands employee. It is because you can access any data you need from this portal. So, even you are not in the working area, you still be able to access any information related t your job and the company.

  • Communication tool.

BBI Connect is the most effective way to handle thousands of employee. Through this portal, the company can share any information with all employees in a second. Besides, you are also allowed to share the info to your coworker. In addition, the employees can create a group discussion in this portal. So, you can discuss your job with your friends.

What is the Preparation to Access Bloomin Brands Employee Portal?

Before accessing BBI Connect, you have to do some preparation. You should not worry about this activity since the preparation can be done easily. If you make a good preparation, you will not face any log in trouble during accessing BBI Connect. Here are the things you need.

  • Electronic device.

It is recommended to use a laptop or personal computer to access BBI Connect. It is because you can explore the employee portal more comfortably. But, if this device is not available, you also can access BBI Connect via smartphone.

  • The compatible browser and stable internet.

Most of the login trouble is caused by unstable internet connection. So, you need to check the speed of your internet before accessing this portal. It is also recommended to use the latest browser version.

  • Login credential.

Have to sign up to BBI Connect? If so, you will have a valid BBI Connect username and password. This username is containing the initial of your name and five digits number.

BBI Univesity login
BBI Univesity login steps

How to Sign Up at BBI Connect Portal

It is a must to register a new account at BBI Connect portal soon after you are hired by Bloomin Brands. You do not need to worry since BBIConnect registration process is very simple to do. Within five minutes, you will be able to accomplish all steps of creating the new account. here is the brief guideline to sign up at BBIConnect employee portal.

  • Step 1. Visit the official site of BBI Connect.

The registration process must be done online. So, you need to visit the Bloomin Brands employee portal to start the registration process. You can stat this registration process by accessing

  • Step 2. Change the language.

Once you land on the BBI Connect employee portal, you are allowed to change the language setting of the website. The default language setting of this website is English. But, if you want to use another language, you can choose the language from the available options.

  • Step 3. Press the link Forgot your Password.

You can use this link when you want to change your password as well as create the new password.

  • Step 4. Write down your username.

If you do not know your username, you can ask Bloomin Brand HR manager. Usually, this username consists of the initial of your name and five numbers. After entering this username, you should press the Go button.

  • Step 5. Write down your personal details.

In this section, there will be a simple form where you can submit your personal information. BBI Connect requires your full name, address, employee ID, phone number, email address, and so on.

  • Step 6. Create BBIConnect password.

This section requires you to set the secured password. Your password should contain 8 up to 15 characters. In order to create a strong password, you have to include the numbers, uppercase and lowercase letter, and special character or symbol.

  • Step 7. Choose and answer the security questions.

To help you retrieve your password later, you need to select some security questions. Then, you need to provide the answers. You have to remember this answer since you will need it when you lose your password.

  • Step 8. Submit your request.

Finally, you have completed all steps of BBI Connect registration. Now you have the valid BBI Connect username and password. Then, you can try to log into your account by using this login credential.

What are the Steps of BBI Connect Login?

After completing all steps of the registration process, now you can try to sign into BBI Connect portal. If you cannot reach the BBI Connect portal, you also can log in through BBI University portal. If you want to have a good experience in using this employee portal, you have to browse this website by using a desktop computer. It is fine to use other devices such as a smartphone or tablet. But, it may result in poor website performance. Besides, the use of the browser also affects the performance of this portal. It is recommended to use the latest version of Google Chrome rather than Safari or Internet Explorer.

When all the login requirements are ready, you can start logging into this portal by using the valid login credentials. Then, you can follow the instruction below to reach your account.

  • Step 1. Visit the Bloomin Brands employee portal.

You can access this portal at or For your information, this employee portal is accessible by all employees of Outback Steakhouse, Carraba’s Italian Grill, Bonefish Grill, and Flemings.

  • Step 2. Enter your Username.

The login field at BBIUniversity portal is available at the top right corner of the page. You can log into BBI University portal by using your BBI Connect username. It means you can log in by providing your employee ID. You have to note that only US-based employee and not franchise employee can log into this site.

  • Step 3. Enter your BBI University password.

The next, you need to provide your password. If you forget your BBI Connect password, you can reset it by clicking on Help Logging In link. Then, you may need to read Password Reset FAQ. This link is available at the bottom of the page.

  • Step 4. Press the Login Button.

After checking all the login credentials, you can click on the Login button. If your username and password are valid, you will be able to reach your account. Then, you can explore all the features at BBI University.

How to Reset BBI Connect and BBI University Password.

If you forget your BBI password, you do not need to be panic. It is because BBI Connect provides the help link to get your password back. No matter you lose BBI Connect or BBI University password, you still can retrieve it. here is the brief guideline to reset your password.

  • Visit BBI Connect employee portal.

If you want to reset BBIConnect password, you can visit But, if you want to reset BBI University password, you can access besides, these two portals also can be accessed through

  • Click on Forgot Your password.

The next, you need to press the link entitled Forgot your Password? This link will take you to BBI Connect rest password page.

  • Enter your username.

In the new page, the system will ask you to provide your username. If you do not know what your username is, you need to ask the system administrator.

  • Enter the Access Code.

If you receive the access code, you have to enter this code to the provided field. Do not forget to include the username.

  • Click on the Reset link by email.

Then, you will receive an email from BBI Connect containing the reset link. You need to click on this link and follow the further instructions.

  • Create a new password.

You may be asked to set up the new BBI Connect password.

That’s all the simple steps to reset the BBI Connect password. If you still find any difficulties in resetting your password, you have to contact BBI Support System by email. Here is the email address of BBI Connect tech Support [email protected] If you want to request the new password, you have to include these details.

  1. First and Last Name
  2. Contact Number
  3. Ulti Pro ID
  4. Restaurant number and/or the city and state
  5. Reason for your request.

You may need to wait until 48 hours for the solution.

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