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TV is a popular media of information besides the internet. There you can see various events such as drama, movies, news, etc. But they can’t be separated from advertising. Nowadays media and information service companies are growing quite fast. They help you to produce advertisements. They don’t just make advertisements for television. You can see advertising media on the highway or on youtube. Well, if you are a resident of Virginia, then you will be familiar with this company. They are partners of various business in the world. Working in a comfortable and popular place is the desire of all job seekers. There they have good welfare guarantees for staff. Well, you can try working at Dominion Enterprises. You will need help to use Ask4HR Login.

Ask4HR Employee Login is a portal to contact the HRD office. This portal is open to Landmark Media and Dominion Enterprises staff. If you are just working there, then you need to find out their programs and profiles. Then you need to contact their HRD. An easy way to contact HRD is through the Dominion Enterprises ESS portal. Your experience exploring the internet can help your steps to log in. You don’t need to find this portal information on the website, because you can read it here. Well, we will give you some information about this company.

  1. Dominion Enterprises Profile.
  2. Dominion Enterprises Benefits and Perks.
  3. Ask4HR Login Preparations.
  4. Ask4HR Login Steps.
  5. How to Fix your DE Employee Self Service account.
  6. Dominion Enterprises Help desk.
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ask4hr login
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What is Dominion Enterprises Profile?

Job seekers should use the Dominion Enterprises official website. There, you can find positions that match your skills. Or you can explore their culture and their mission. This information can help you make decisions. So, you apply for a job comfortably. Because you know the benefits of working there. As a new staff, you need to know various information about them. You can visit their website to see company profiles. Dominion Enterprises is a media service company and Information. They have headquarters in Norfolk Virginia. There they serve the automotive industry, travel, etc. Their parent company is Landmark Media Enterprises.

This business has been running since 2006. So they have been able to serve consumers for 13 years. You can see and enjoy this service now. Because they still exist to help consumers succeed. Their mission is to help businesses succeed and consumers make the right choice through their products. What are the products of this business?

  1. They help you to advertise your business.
  2. They help you with marketing services.
  3. You can get software solutions for private dealers and sellers.

If you want to work in this company, then visit the career menu on their website. First, enter their website address Second, click on the career menu. Third, enter your location to find the nearest office. Fourth, select the category of work you want. Fifth, click on the search button. They have 5 job categories for you. You can choose customer service, sales, technology, etc. Next, check the requirements and responsibilities in the position you choose. If you work there, we will guide you using the Dominion Enterprises ESS.

What are Dominion Enterprises Benefits and Perks?

Do you work here? If you are new staff, then you need to know the Benefits and Perks information. You can ask the HRD office to discuss this issue. Then they can give you an employee manual. However, that method takes a long time. Well, you can contact them via Ask4HR Login. Or you can read our review of the program for the staff here. As a staff, you have responsibilities and rights. The responsibility of workers is to complete tasks and obey rules. Whereas the rights of workers are to obtain the welfare of them. Then if you work here, get to know their culture.

  • First, teamwork makes the dream work. If you are not happy, then the job just works. They want you to have creativity in your work. So Dominion creates a workspace that is open to accepting ideas.
  • Second, For the Greater Good. Here you can attend several community events.
  • Third, work hard to play hard. They give you a break to play. Love your self more. Then reward your own job. So, your work day will be more alive and enjoyable.

Here are some program staff that you can follow at Dominion Enterprises.

  1. Medical Treatment. First, make a plan for medical treatment. Here you can get care for dental health or vision. So, don’t hesitate to take care of your health. Because they provide this convenience for your life.
  2. Savings Program. Second, make your future plans with a savings program. If you retire from this job, you are ready to undergo your retirement day.
  3. Vacation Programs for Staff after 90 days. Are you tired of this job? Well, they understand the staff well. You can take a day off after 90 days of work. Heal your soul with a comfortable and pleasant vacation.
  4. Get a Flexible Spending Account. Do you have a credit card? Here you can join the FSA program. So you can purchase prepaid products with this account.
  5. Get Tuition Fee. They support staff who take classes. Then you can make a claim for tuition fees. They will cover all or part of these costs. So, you can learn better to improve your knowledge.
  6. Employee Discount Program. If you work here, then you can enjoy shopping services more efficiently. Because they give discounts to several stores that work with Dominion.
  7. Payments for Short and Long Term Disabilities. All jobs have risks. Accidents at work are risks that you need to face. However, they give you reimbursement for disability due to workplace accidents.
  8. Life Insurance Program. They have life insurance for the staff of up to 100,000 Dollars. You can take part in insurance if you meet several criteria. Before you make a decision, you can consult first.
  9. Parental Leave Program. What is special about this program? Well, you can take a day off, but you can get a four-week salary.
  10. Formal and informal training programs. Staff can receive training to improve their skills. So, staff productivity can increase. Well, you can participate in various programs if you access Ask4HR Login.

What are Ask4HR Login Preparations?

Preparing to log in is easy enough for you to do. Because the login device you need is around you. If you work here, then you need to have a computer. You can use a laptop instead of a computer. If you want to make a design, you can use popular software. Well, you will be familiar with this login device.

  1. A computer or laptop as login hardware. The device you need to have is a computer or laptop. Or, you can do this process via smartphones and tablets. You can use all these devices.
  2. Browser to search for login portals. Next, the browser is the software that you need to have. This software helps you do data searches and login portals. So, you can choose the device you want. But you need to have a browser on the login device.
  3. DE -ENT Credentials. The account credentials in this login process are the User name and Password. Here you can get credentials from the Dominion enterprises and Landmark portal password. We will help you create an account and get DE-ENT Credentials. So, read our next guide.
ask4hr login
ask4hr login steps

What are Ask4HR Login Steps?

It’s time for you to start the Ask4HR Login process. We will guide you to log in via Ask4HR employee login. You need to login if you use social media. So, your login experience can help you complete this process. If you need other help, then you need to contact the DE Helpdesk. So, we will explain the login process first. Because this process is simpler than the step of creating an account. You can repair your account through There you can get DE credentials. Then you can make account repairs.

  1. Visit the portal.

First, visit the DE employee portal. It’s time for you to use all login devices. You can start from activating a computer device. Then you can open the data search software. Finally, enter the address in the search field. Or you can use the address.

  1. Enter the User Name of the DE Employee Self Service account.

Second, you can see the employee portal display. There, fill in the username column first. Re-check your username after writing it down. Because account credentials are sensitive information. Writing errors can prevent you from entering your account.

  1. Enter the DE Employee Self Service account password.

Third, complete the password column. You set a password in the portal password. Here you can create and correct account passwords. So, remember your password to enter this portal.

  1. Click on the Login button.

Finally, you can complete the login process at this stage. Then you can enter the stage of exploring the program from Dominion Enterprises.

How to Create an Account at Ask4HR Employee Portal.

If you don’t have an account, you can make it on a different portal. On this portal, you can make various improvements. Now, it’s time for us to give you enrollment instructions.

  1. Visit the portal.

You can start from activating a computer device. Then you can open the data search software. Finally, enter the address in the search field.

  1. Select the portal language.

Click on the arrow. Then choose one of the 11 languages there.

  1. Read a brief description of the portal.

If you want to create an account, then you need to read the Enroll menu. They explained that new users need to register first. Then the registration process only takes a few minutes.

  1. Click on the Enroll link for new users.
  2. Enter the name of the account you want.
  3. Select your account domain.

Here they have 3 choices. You can choose between staff, eneigborhoods, and tamtse.

  1. Enter your password.

Here you need to create a password. But they have rules for making passwords.

  • First, passwords consist of 8 characters.
  • Second, at least 1 Latin capital letter.
  • Third, at least 1 Latin lowercase letter.
  • Fourth, at least have one number.
  • Fifth, at least one non-alphabet character.
  1. Click on the next button.

Then you can follow orders from your account.

  1. Now you have a Dominion Enterprises employee account.

How to Reset account password Ask4HR Employee Login.

  1. Visit the portal. You can start from activating a computer device. Then you can open the data search software. Finally, enter the address in the search field.
  2. Click on the Reset Password link.
  3. Enter your account name.
  4. Enter your account domain.
  5. Click on the next button. They have 3 stages to set a password. You can follow the next instructions from the portal. They will confirm their identity on the account. Then you can create a new password.

How to Unlock Ask4HR Account.

  1. Visit the portal. You can start from activating a computer device. Then you can open the data search software. Finally, enter the address in the search field.
  2. Click on the Unlock Account link.
  3. Enter your account name.
  4. Enter your account domain.
  5. Click on the next button. Here they have 2 stages to open an account.
  6. Just login to enter your account.

How to Change the account password Ask4HR Login.

  1. Visit the portal.
  2. Click on the Change Password link.
  3. Enter your account name.
  4. Enter your account domain.
  5. Enter the Old Password.
  6. Enter the New Password.
  7. Confirm your new password. Re-write the new password in the field provided.
  8. Click on the next button.

How to Contact the Dominion Enterprise Help Desk.

There are various ways to contact the DE Helpdesk. Write down the information below to fix your account.

  1. Employment Verification Customer Service.

Phone: 1-757.351.8899.

Email   : [email protected]

  1. DE Helpdesk Phone Number.


  1. Social Media.

Facebook: @domenterprises.

Twitter: @DomEnterprises.

Instagram        : @domenterprises.

  1. Mailing Address.

Address: 150 Granby St. Norfolk, VA 23510.