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Have you just enjoyed your meals at Applebee’s restaurant? Then, you may check the purchase receipt that you just got from the restaurant. Why? It is because Applebee’s restaurant may invite you to take part in the Applebees feedback survey. You may find a survey invitation printed on the receipt. After that, you can follow the instructions given by the survey invitation. This survey will ask you to take the Applebees survey online on its survey website at There are some questions that you may answer based on your true visit experience at Applebee’s restaurant.

Besides, this survey platform will you enable you to Talk to Applebees about your feedbacks for this restaurant. You may tell why you feel satisfied with the products and services you get at Applebee’s. Moreover, you may share your suggestions in case you find anything disturbing when you visit it. This way, you will be able to have a more satisfying experience next time you visit Applebee’s restaurant. If you wonder more about Applebee’s Guest Survey, you may get the information below.

applebees feedback survey

applebees feedback survey to get Applebees coupons

About Applebee’s

Applebee’s is how people call this Applebee’s Neighborhood Grill + Bar. It is a restaurant chain specialized in riblets. If you wonder what riblets are, these are dishes made of particular ribs. What makes the riblets different from other restaurants’ ribs is that Applebee’s uses secret seasonings in cooking them. But, you will not find riblets only at this restaurant as there are more menu items that can be your choices here. You may order some other entrees, such as burgers, chicken, sandwiches, tacos, pasta, seafood, and salads. Then, your meals will be perfect with several options for appetizers and desserts.

Bill Palmer and T. J. Palmer started this restaurant in 1980. They both had the first Applebee’s location in Decatur, Georgia. After several acquisition processes, Applebee’s has moved its headquarters to Glendale, California. So far, there are almost 2000 Applebee’s locations in the United States, Mexico, and Canada.

Steps take part in Applebees feedback survey

You may take Applebee’s guest survey without difficulties if you have prepared the prerequisites. For example, you can get an internet connection, a device, a browser, and a valid purchase receipt from Applebee’s. then, you may take the survey within 5 minutes only. The steps below can be your guideline to participate in Applebee’s survey.

  1. Go to

First, you should access the official website of Applebee’s guest survey. it is available at

  1. Select a language

Second, you may select a language if you want to. This website uses English as its default language. But, you may change the language setting into Spanish by clicking Español button. You will find this button on the website home page of Applebee’s guest survey.

  1. Enter receipt information

Third, you will have to enter some information in the blank fields. All information needed here is provided on your Applebee’s purchase receipt. Well, there 2 ways to enter the information based on the type of your purchase receipt. This is the explanation about the difference.

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          using a survey code

If your purchase receipt has a survey code printed on it, you may need to enter the following information.

  • a survey code

If your receipt has a survey code, you will be able to locate the code on the lower part of the website. It is in the section of Applebee’s survey invitation. This survey code has 13 digits in length.

  • visit time

It is the time when you make payment for your purchases at the restaurant. you can find this visiting time printed on your purchase receipt.

  • server’s name

You can get this server’s name on your receipt, too. It is on the left part of the purchase receipt.

  • not using a survey code

if you find your receipt without an invitation code from Applebee’s guest survey, it means you have to submit the following information to enter the survey website.

  • A serial number

The serial number is near to the transaction information on the purchase receipt. The serial number consists of 9 digits.

  • Visit date

You will find this visit date below the server’s name.

  • Visit time

This visit time represents when you have done the payment of your purchases at Applebee’s restaurant.

  • Check Number

You will be able to find the check number in the middle part if the receipt. It has 10 or 11 digits in length

  • Server’s name

The server’s name is available on the upper part of the website.

You may click the Start button if you have entered the correct information in the provided fields. The button will take you to the questions pages of this Applebee’s guest survey website.

  1. Answer survey questions

Fourth, you can answer the questions that appear on the survey website. There are some types of questions here. Thus, you can answer them by giving some rates, typing explanations, etc. If you want to know what kinds of questions that will show up for this Applebee’s guest survey, you can look at this list.

  • your overall satisfaction level,
  • food qualities,
  • beverages qualities,
  • restaurant’s facilities,
  • restaurant’s cleanliness,
  • employee’s friendliness,
  • and some more questions.
  1. Complete final questions

Finally, you can reach the final page of this Applebee’s guest survey. On this final page, you can provide some answers to several classification questions. What you can inform on this page is gender, age, income, and ethnic background. Congrats, you’ve done the survey very well! Applebee’s may give you a coupon code in other survey periods. Or, you will get a chance to enter Applebee’s customer sweepstakes.

Tips to Get Applebees coupons

Applebees coupons are available if you want to search for them. The coupons will help you save your money whenever you want to enjoy Applebee’s dishes. In case you want to get coupons from Applebee’s, you can follow the following tips.

  1. Buy Applebee’s Gift Cards

Applebee’s has launched special holiday gift cards that you can use to pay for your purchases at Applebee’s restaurant. These gift cards are limited edition. This is way, there will be a coupon for each Applebee’s holiday gift card you buy. The coupon is in the form of a Bonus Card worth $10.

  1. Visit Local Applebee’s
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You’d better go to any local Applebee’s restaurants if you want to find Applebee’s coupons. Several locations may offer you special coupons on several occasions. For example, you may receive Applebee’s entree for free on Veteran’s Day y showing your military service ID card. So, do not ever hesitate to visit local Applebee’s nearby to find information about such coupons.

  1. Find Deal Sites

A simpler way to search for Applebees coupons is by visiting online deal sites. You can find such deal sites on the Internet. Besides, you may get the newest Applebee’s promo codes as well.

How to Find Applebees deals

Applebee’s always has its ways to make customers satisfied with its deals. The deals may help customers to get interesting promotions at lower prices. Now, are you wondering how to find deals from Applebee’s restaurant? you may try the following things.

  1. Check Applebee’s website

Applebee’s website is the home for every deal you can get from this restaurant. you may reach the official website of Applebee’s at When you have reached this website, you will find a lot of information about Applebees specials posted on the website home page.

  1. Download Applebee’s Mobile App

You can use Applebee’s Mobile App if you want to receive messages about Applebee’s deals. the messages may come regularly for you. thus, you do not need to wait for a long time to receive the updates.

  1. Sign Up Applebee’s eClub

You can only receive information about the newest deals from Applebee’s eClub after you have signed up. You will receive emails about Applebees deals periodically. In addition, this eClub will provide a birthday gift for you on your special day.

  1. Follow Social Media

Applebee’s social media pages are good sources for deals and promotions. You can follow the pages if you do not want to miss any information about Applebee’s deals. Applebee’s pages are available on some social media platforms, such as Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, YouTube, and Instagram.

How to Search for Applebees near me

Do you want to find Applebee’s locations nearby? Well, it is very easy. Just prepare the internet connection. Then, you will be able to find them in a matter of seconds. Here are the explanations.

  1. Applebee’s Restaurant Locator

You may find Applebee’s Restaurant Locator on its official website. Then, you can operate the locator using the following instructions.

  • Go to

Firstly, you must reach the Applebee’s website at

  • Click Locations

Secondly, you should click Locations. It is a button that you will find on the menu bar.

  • Enter Location Information

Thirdly, you can enter some information about your preferred Applebee’s location, such as location address, city name, or ZIP code. There is a search field that you can use to type in the information.

  • Click GO

Lastly, you need to click GO. This button will let the searching process begins. Then, you may wait for some seconds until the search result appears.

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Applebee’s Restaurant Locator will give you excellent assist to find location address, phone number, restaurant facilities, restaurant hours, and the distance to the location. Moreover, there is a feature to Get Directions that will be ready to show you the ways to reach the location. Besides, you may use the locator to place an Online Ordering service.

  1. Applebee’s Mobile App

If you use Applebee’s Mobile App, you may locate the nearest Applebee’s Restaurant easily. Besides, you will be able to do several tasks that will really benefit you. For example, you may browse the menu, customize Applebee’s dishes, order online, and some more. You can get this mobile app from Google Play Store or Apple App Store

  1. Search Engine

A search engine will be helpful as well. You can type in the keyword of your preferred locations in the search field. Then, you will get the result within a few seconds. Further, this search engine can gather some information about Applebees feedback survey for you.

How to Submit Feedbacks at

You can still talk to Applebee’s even though you do not take part in Applebees feedback survey. it is possible for you to share your feedbacks via  Applebee’s website. These are the steps to do it.

  1. Go to

Firstly, you must reach Applebee’s website at This website has provided a feedback form that you can use anytime you want to inform your suggestions and feedbacks about Applebee’s restaurant.

  1. Click Contact Us

Secondly, you can just click the Contact Us button. You will find this button on the lower part of the website home page. this button will direct you to the feedback page.

  1. Fill in the Feedback Form

Thirdly, you may see a blank feedback form on the page. Then, you can complete the feedback form with some information, such as:

  • Comments

The first section is about your comments. You may type in all feedbacks that you feel Applebee’s need to know about. You can make it as specific as you want. Do not worry about the character limits as you will find none.

  • Contact information

The second section will require you submit your contact information. Hence, you can provide your first name, last name, email address, home address, city, state, ZIP code, birthday, and phone number.

  • Restaurant information

The third section needs some information about Applebee’s restaurant location that you have visited. You can select some options in some drop-down fields. The options are about the country, state, city, and restaurant location. But, this information is options. This means you can skip this section if you have not visited any Applebee’s locations.

  • Visit information

The fourth section is about your visit information. you may use your Applebee’s purchase receipt if you are not sure about it. the information needed here is visit date, visit time, number of people coming with you, the server’s name, and check number

  1. Submit

After the feedback form is complete with the correct information, you can end the steps. You may just click Submit button after you tick a Captcha verification.


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