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Amu student login is a social platform for academic purposes. Students of American Public University System (APUS) can use this portal website. APUS has developed two institutions.  Those are American Military University (AMU) and American Public University (APU). So, all students of AMU and APU should create student accounts at Amu login Portal. Some people name this portal as American military university login. Or else, they will name it American public university login. Those are the same. Students can access this student portal at the official website of AMU. Students can access this student login at AMU students can create student accounts there. If they have created accounts, they can get college information through the accounts. Every student can have one account only. They cannot make more than one account. If they make more accounts, AMU will consider it as illegal.

Furthermore, Amu Student Portal has some benefits for all of AMU students. AMU students can get the easiness for collecting university information. Also, they can get convenience for getting academic updates. Besides, it also gives advantages for the alumni as well. AMU alumni can stay connected to university members. This is including AMU faculty members. Alumni can keep in touch with AMU students as well. Then, this portal can inform you about career services. And to show feelings of pride of the alma mater, alumni can order merchandises.

AMU Student Login
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As a university student, people are able to take some advantages. Further, you will be grateful for this opportunity. It will give you a great life experience. At this phase, you can feel what it is like to meet new friends. You can have an excellent circle among university friends. You can learn how to keep social skills. Further, your knowledge will increase because you can share ideas. Besides, you can improve your skills there. But, before you experienced those things, you must enroll first. When you have enrolled, you can start your life as a university student. After that, you must have a student account. Several universities will oblige their students to have accounts at their official student portals. The same thing happens if you are a student at American Military University. You will have to have to create an account at the official portal of Amu login.

About American Public University System

American Public University System (APUS) is a private education institution. This university holds online learning. Students can choose where to access this online program. APUS began this learning program in 1991. Since then, this institution has grown bigger. The administrative office of APUS is in Manassas, Virginia. Meanwhile, the academic office of APUS is at 111 W. Congress St., Charles Town, West Virginia. That is the same location of American Military University and American Public University address. APUS has two institutions, such as APU and AMU. APU stands for American Public University. And AMU means American Military University. AMU is a program from APUS for students to study about navy. Further, APU is a program to learn public services. Although students can learn about military and public services, APUS is a profit institution. Thus, it does not have the affiliation with the US military and the US government.

Apart from those main academic areas, APUS holds other academic choices. Even it has built six schools for those academic areas so far. Such as, School of Business, School of Art and Humanities, School of Education, School of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math, School of Health Sciences, and School of Security and Global Studies. Besides, APUS holds learning programs with various degrees. There are certificates for those who can pass certain standard as well. Furthermore, this university has an accreditation status from Higher Learning Commission (HLC). If you want more information about APUs, you can go to its official website at But if you want to get more specific information about AMU, you can visit Moreover, if you need more APU information, you can access it at

Things to Prepare Before You Enroll at American Public University System

American Public University System (APUS) provides great learning programs. If you are eager to study here, you must enroll yourself first. APUS requires its future students to make the application. This application is a part of admission process of APUS. Because this is online, you must prepare several things. If you can have these things ready, you will not get significant difficulties later. Things you will need are:

  1. Contact details

APUS will give questions about your contact details. The details are about military affiliation, your employment, and the association membership. This information will be beneficial. It will show whether you qualify for tuition grants or special services.

  1. Educational Background

Then, APUS will give some specific questions to you. The questions may be about your latest graduation. It will ask if you have got high school GED or diploma degree. After that, you should tell about colleges or universities you have attended. Next, you must inform about your educational background as clear as you can. And you do not have to send your transcripts, though.

  1. Selection of Academic Program

Next, you must choose which major program you want to take. This step is important. You can start your step to a better future from this step. Thus, you must decide the academic program which is right for you. Be certain about what you choose. But if you are not certain about the choices you make, you can ask for help from admission representatives. You can contact them at 877 777 2787. Or else, you can tell them via email at [email protected] You must know if it is a bachelor degree or an associate degree.

Besides, you should know where APUS will locate your program. For your information, APUS has 6 schools to hold this learning process. Thus, you should get informed which school will hold the academic program you have chosen. In case you do not know about the school name, you can take advantage of APUS program finder tool.

  1. Create Student Account

After that, you will have to create a student account. You will create this at the last step of your application process. This process will only take fifteen minutes, though. Along with your student account, you will receive a student ID as well. You must save this ID. If it is necessary, you can make note of it. This is to prevent if you forgot this ID next time you need it. Then, you will get a password of your account. This student ID and the password will be the key to sign into the student ecampus and classroom.

Guidelines on Applying for Student Admissions

The first thing you t do is complete the registration process. If you have done it, you will get a student account at Amu login page. Every AMU registrar must go through this process. After the process has finished, you can get the student ID and the password as well. You do not have to worry if you do not know about this process. We have prepared a guideline for you. You can read this information first, so you understand the steps you must take. Please keep on reading.

  1. Go to

You must go to the official site of American Military University before you begin the application process. You can go to Then, it will show a homepage with full of information. On this homepage, you can use a program finder tool. This program finder tool will be helpful for you. So, before you apply, it would be better if you know which academic program that you will take. You can choose the degree you want. The degrees are associates, bachelor, master, doctoral, etc. Then, select the academic area. After that, you may click Go button. As a result, several programs will show up for you. You can choose which academic program that is the best for you. If you are sure about the program, you can do the next step.

  1. Click Apply Now

After you have understood about the programs, you can go back to the homepage. It is at Then, look at the buttons on the left top part of the page. There are Apply Now button and Request Info button. Because you want to make a registration, you must click Apply Now button.

  1. Click Begin Application

Next, you will see a new page. There will be some information on that page. You can consider reading it first. If you do not find difficulties, you may click Begin Application button.

  1. Fill in Contact Information Continue

Now, you can reach another page of AMU application process. To begin it, you should fill in the Contact Information form. You must tell the details you have. You should be honest in this step. The details needed here are your first and last name, your email address, your phone number, sort of your phone. Then, you must give the details of your home address as well. You can use your permanent address. If you are not living in your permanent address, you can add some more information later. Now, you must answer the details of your permanent address. Those are your country, the street, home number, city name, state or province name, and ZIP code. Then, you may click Continue button.

  1. Answer affiliation questions

The next step you should do is answering the affiliation questions. There are three aspects that you must clarify here. The aspects are military, employment, and membership organizations. Here is for more information:

  • Firstly, you will have to choose the sort of your affiliation. You can select if you are an active member of the US military, a veteran of the US military, a spouse of the US military member, or a dependent of the US military member. Then, you must specify some more information about your sponsor. The sponsor here means the one you have the affiliation with the US army. On this page, you must give details about the branch where your sponsor gives services. Then, you should complete it with MOS, AFSC Rafting, Pay Grade, and Permanent Duty Station. But if you do not have the affiliation with the US military, you can select None.
  • Secondly, you must be honest about your employment. The page will ask you about your current employment status. You can select whether you are full time or part-time employed. Then, you can tell if you are self-employed or not employed.
  • Thirdly, you can select which organization you have joined. AMU has the educational partnership with some organizations. It has made partnerships with several associations as well. If you are a part of those communities, it will be a great advantage for you.
  • The last, you are able to inform how you got AMU information. You may tell the first time you got to know about American Military University. Select one of the available choices.

If you have done with all of the steps above, you may click Continue button.

  1. Complete the Educational Background form

When the next page has appeared, you should complete the form there. The form will need the information of your Educational Background. The information is about the highest level of your completed education. Further, you should inform the name of the college you have attended, the year when you completed it. Next, you must confirm if you attend that institution under your current name. Now, click on Continue button to go to the next page.

  1. Create Account

This is the last step to apply for AMU student enrolment. In this step, you will create a student account. This means you will get a student ID. This ID consists of seven digits. Besides, there will be a password for your account as well. After this last section is over, you can try to sign in to American public university student login.

Guideline on How to Do Amu Student Sign In

Amu student Portal is the place for you to access beneficial information. Mostly, it will relate to the academic purposes of AMU. Now that you have created a student account, you can access it at the portal of Amu Portal. There are some steps you must take. But, you do not have to get confused. These steps are simple. You can do it in a few minutes. If you want to learn it first, we have the guideline for you. Here we go!

  1. Go to

To access the student login, you must go to the official website of AMU first. You can go to When you have reached the home page, you can continue the step.

  1. Click Login

On the home page of AMU, there are some available links. Look at the top right corner. You will see a Login link. You can click it.

  1. Select Student

After you have clicked Login link, some options will show up. That is because all of AMU members can access at this portal. The options are Student, Faculty, and Alumni. You can choose one of those options. Because you are a student, you can choose Student option. After that, the page will change AMU homepage into the page.

  1. Enter Student ID

On Amu student page, you will see some blank fields. The next thing you should do is enter your Student ID in the first blank field. This ID consists of 7 digits. You can get this if you have completed AMU admissions.

  1. Enter Password

Then, you should give a password. Enter it in the second blank field.

  1. Click Submit

Make sure you have entered the correct student ID and password. After that, click Submit button. Congrats! You have made a successful AMU sign in the move.

How to do password or username recovery at AMU Login Portal

We must never expect to forget important things. But at occasional times, students forget their students ID. They can also lose their account password. At Amu login, you can do recovery steps to get your ID or password back. If it happens to you, you can do the following steps.

  1. Forgot the ID
  • Click Forgot ID

On the home page of the login portal, you can click Forgot ID. The page will load to the next page.

  • Select Student

Then, you will see two options on the next page. The options are Student and Faculty. So, you can select Student.

  • Fill in some details

After that, an information form of Amu student login account will show up. There are some blank fields as well. You can fill them with your last name. Then, you can enter the last 4 digits of your SSN. But if you do not have SSN, you can click a link to state that you do not have the SSN. Next, give your birth date. Follow the pattern of MM/DD/YYYY.

  • Click Submit

If all blank fields are complete, you can click Submit button.

When you have submitted the information, this login system will verify the information that you have submitted. Then, you will receive an email for the recovery ID.

  1. Forgot the login password

The steps to recover your password are the same. You just have to add your Student ID on the information form. After that, click the Submit button.

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