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Do you work on Alaska Airlines or Horizon Air? If you work there then you should try using Alaskaworld. Because maybe you will feel very helpful with this website. It is an online portal for Alaska Airlines or Horizon Air employees. Then it is a medium to communicate with their employees. In addition, it can be used to organize work from employees. So employees can stay connected to the company even if they do not meet in person. As an employee, of course, you want to get good service from your company. Then you also want to set your working hours. But often you do not have the time to go directly to your boss. Alaska world is the solution to your problem.

So are you interested in using the site? One of the programs in Alaska world is Paperless Employee Travel. or more familiar to us by the name of PET. If you are interested in using Alaska world, you must have keywords first. You need not worry. Because we will guide you from making passwords and how to use PET Alaska world. You just need to do our instructions well. Then you will get your PET Alaska world password. Let’s try it together!

Alaskaworld login

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What should I prepare to create a PET Password?

Alaska world is a secured portal for employees. So to be able to use Alaska world you also have to create a password. But before you use Alaska world PET, you should know how to do Alaskaworld Login. Because if you have not logged in, then you can not access Alaska world PET. Then before you access Alaska world you have to prepare some things. Furthermore you should understand if Alaska world is an online portal. Below are the things that are needed to create Pask password:

  1. Tool to access Alaskas World

It is an online portal. So if you want to access Alaska world, then you must have the device. The ideal device that can be used to access is computers and laptops. Basically, all computers and laptops have a widescreen display. so it’s easier for you to access the site. Then you can also read the instructions better. But if you do not have a computer or laptop, it’s not a big problem. Because you can take advantage of your smartphone or tablet. In addition, both devices are more practical if taken anywhere. So you can access the site whenever you want.

  1. Internet Connection

Next you have to provide internet connection. so your device must be connected to the internet. so your device can access the site. Then you can choose any internet provider. But you should consider the speed and power of internet signals. because if your internet smoothly, then your access will also be smooth. But if the connection is weak, then maybe the website page to be trouble. So make sure that your internet signal is strong. Then consider where you are. Because sometimes there are locations that are still not supported by internet services. Thus you impossible to find an internet signal.

  1. Prepare your English skills

Next you need to prepare your English skills. because Alaska World only uses English. So if you find it difficult to speak English, this can troubles you. So you should ask your friends or family for help to use the site. But you can also see with the popular online dictionary. So you should not be afraid or worried about your limited language skills.

  1. Prepare your Username and Password
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Then you should prepare your username and password. Because you will use it when setting up PET password. Make sure that your username and password are valid. Because if your username and password are invalid, then you can not access the site. then you also should not share your username with others.

  1. Prepare your User ID as an employee

every employee working in Alaska Company has an ID as an employee. If you work for an Alaska company, then you will have a Web User ID and ID Number. Your ID can be used to access the site. If you do not have ID, then you can not access the site. So you can ask about your username and ID number in the HRD office. Then by your officers will be directed to create PET. So before you access PET , set up your username and ID number.

How can I do Alaskaworld Login?

Before you access Alaska / Horizon pet login website, you must login to the site first. Make sure all your preparations are all available. If your preparation is good, then your accessing activities are also smooth. Because by using the site you can do a lot about your work. below are steps to perform the Login:

  1. First, you must visit the Official Website. Here you have to enter the website address in your search engine. Then you simply press enter or search button. Next you will be directed to the page The following is the official website address:
  2. Second, select menu. On the first page you can see 4 menu options. One of the menus is Then you just need to click on the menu. Then you will directed to access Alaska Airlines Login.
  3. Thirdly, on this page you must enter your username and ID number. we have discussed this before. Is your username and ID number ready? If you have finished filling out the columns, then check back your answer. Make sure your Username and ID number are correct. Then under the password field you can put a check mark in the box “Remember my User Name”. Thus every time you login, your device automatically write your username. But sometimes you have to be careful if your device is used by others.

4.Click on the Sign In button. If you feel confident, click on the sign in button

Thus , you now can access the site. But maybe you are still confused about the password. Before you use the PET service, you must create a password on your account. But, you don’t have to worry. We provide guidance on creating PET password. You simply follow our directions.

How can I create My PET Password?

Have you prepared all your needs to access the site? If you have completed all, then now you are ready to create PET password. The password is your provision to access the PET page. If you do not have a password, then you can not enter the PET page. Understand every step we show you well. Then immediately after that, you will be able to take advantage of PET service. Below are steps to create Pask password:

  1. Visit Alaskaworld’s official page

The first step is to visit the official Alaska world page. You just need to enter the website address on your search engine. Then click on the search or enter button. Furthermore, your search engine will guide you through the Alaska world page. Alaska world’s official website address is

  1. Select Paperless Employee Travel Menu

Secondly, on this page, you will find some menu options. There is a menu Paperless Employee Travel. Then you can also find the Alaska world explore menu. In addition you can also select the menu M & E Vendor. Since you will create a password, then you need to select the PET menu. You simply click on the “Paperless Employee Travel” button.

  1. Select on the “Don’t Have a Password?”
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Furthermore, if you do not have a password, then select the menu “Don’t Have a Password?”. On the next page you will be guided to create PET password. Remember, it is a limited service for Alaskan and Horizon employees. If you are not an employee there, it’s good if you do not continue accessing the site. Next click on Continue button.

  1. Visit the Alaska world site

Then on this page you have to do the login. you can access the login using your username and password. Then on the next page you will be given a confirmation question. This question to make sure you are indeed an employee of Alaska or Horizon.

  1. Enter your identity

The confirmation made by this site is by checking your employee number. On this page you must enter SSN number or social security and date of birth. Then if your data matches the employee number, then you can create PET Password

  1. Make your Alaska world PET password now

The next step is to create a PET password. Here you can create your password. Then you can combine letters or numbers. But consider the ease in remembering. So you will have no trouble accessing PET Alaska world. Congratulations, now you can enjoy all the convenience available on PET Alaska world

What if I forgot my PET password?

Do you already have the Alaska world PET password? If you already have a password, you better record the password. Because sometimes you forget your password. Here are the steps to get your Alaska world PET:

  1. Visit the official page
  2. Select on the PET menu
  3. Choose the company you work for
  4. Then enter your employee ID
  5. Next automatically your password back.

How can I change my PET password?

If you feel your password is difficult, then you can make changes. Here you can make changes with the instructions we provide. Make sure you follow each step well. Because by changing the password periodically then your account will be more secure. Then you will soon have the password you want. below are steps to change Pask password:

  1. Sign on the official website
  2. Select on the Alaska world PET menu
  3. Then click on the “Change your PET password” button. This button is below the PET login column.
  4. Next, you will be directed to enter on Alaska world. So you need to enter your username and password.
  5. Create your new Alaska world PET password. Check your password again. Do not forget to record your new password. Finally, you now have your new Alaska world PET password.

What can I do with Alaskaworld?

On the official website, you can see 4 menus. There you can sell every menu. You will get as much information as an employee. below we will discuss the menu on Alaska world portal. Let’s see!

  1. PET Alaskaworld

On the Alaska world PET menu, you must login first. PET Alaska world can accept all Alaska and Horizon employees. We already discuss this before. You need your ID and password as an employee to access PET. There you can connect with Alaska HRD company. Then you will also get health insurance information. In addition, you can also obtain information related to your salary and other benefits. One of the advantages of using PET is the travel privilege. These benefits you can enjoy with some of your other people. Below is a rule for that travels privilege through the PET program:

  • Program to travel using Alaska and Horizon Air airlines.
  • Invite your colleagues to travel together. In this program allows you to invite colleagues or family. If you want to go with people who cannot be guaranteed, then this is the solution for you. But you have to set the program validity period. If you are a new employee, then you can not use this facility. So you have to wait up to 30 days. Then you are eligible to use this service. Are you interested? so you should immediately use your Alaska world PET.
  • You can get around with your partner. Then you just need register your partner.
  • In addition, you can travel with your child. unfortunately, they set age restrictions. So your child must be 19 years old or less. In addition to 19 – 23 years your child can still travel. But you have to make sure your child is a student. If His or she status has changed, so report to the company.
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  1. Jobs at Alaska

Further, on this menu, you can search for job information. Then click on the “Jobs at Alaska “ button. Furthermore, you will find 2 menu options. then you have to choose where you work. You just need to press the company button that you want. Next, you will be directed to enter the job vacancy page. Furthermore, click on Find All Jobs button. Please find out about the work that suits you.

  1. M & E Vendor Sites

If you want to explore this menu, you need a username and password. Then you simply fill in the username and password in the available fields.

How can I connect with Alaska Company?

Alaska is a service company. They provide a travel service. Then, sometimes their service is less satisfying customers. So you need to give criticism or suggestions to them. the current aviation technology is good. So they are trying to keep up with the times. Furthermore, they are trying to understand the customer’s wishes. Below is a way to connect with Alaska Company:

  1. You may contact Alaska Company using the phone.

Do you have an urgent problem? If your problem is urgent, then you need to make a phone call to the company. Because with the phone you can express your opinion directly. Then you can also directly receive the officer’s response. But make sure that you call during hours of operation. Because if outside the hours of operation, you will not be served by the officer. The following is the telephone number of the Alaska Company: 1 887 238 1077

  1. Then you can send a letter to Alaska Company.

If you prefer the old way, you can send a letter to the company. Then if you do not have social media, you can choose this way. The Alaska company also accepts your submission by mail. Thus you can write as many comments as you want. But you will not know when your letter is read. Then you also have to pay for mailing. Furthermore, you have to go to the post office to send a letter. The following is an address to send a letter to the Company Alaska:

PO box 68900, Seattle, WA 98168

  1. Finally, you can use your social media.

Currently, communication technology is growing. You can connect with people who are away from your location. So the borders are getting blurred. Then Alaska uses communication technology. They use social media to stay connected with customers. In addition, they do promotion using social media. Then you can see Alaska Company’s exciting offers through social media. Below is a social media from Alaska Company:

  • Facebook:
  • Twitter:
  • Instagram:
  • Youtube:
  • Google +:

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