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Have you just visited Advance Auto Parts? Do you still have Advance Auto Parts Receipt? If so, you can check your receipt now. At the bottom of your receipt, you will see a survey invitation to enter It is recommended to take part in Advance Auto Parts survey. It is because you will get a chance to enter the sweepstakes. And have you noticed what the prize given by Advance Auto Parts? You can get $2500 gas card. With this card, you can get the free gas for a year. is the strategy used by this automobile supplier. This company wants to maintain the automotive business. By inviting the customers to the survey, the company can observe their feedback. This way, the company can evaluate how successful they are in serving the customers. If the customers are happy with their automobile products and service, they will repeat purchasing. It means, the company can increase the sales. But, if the customers give the negative feedback, Advance Auto Parts has to make some improvements in their business.

advance auto part survey

advance auto part survey can be accessed from

About Advance Auto Parts

Advance Auto Parts is one of the largest automotive retailers in the US. No doubt, you can find Advance Auto Parts chains in every state in the US. This company has more than 5400 privately owned store and 1300 franchise stores. With a large number of stores, it employs more than 75.000 workers. You can even find Advance Auto Parts in Canada, Puerto Rico, and Virgin Island. Founded in 1932, Advance Auto Parts now becomes the great automotive retail store and the online store as well.

advanceautoparts survey

advanceautoparts survey

The Rules of Advance Auto Parts Survey

If you want to participate in AdvanceAutoParts survey, you should check the rules of this survey first. So, you will know whether you are qualified as the participants. It is because not all customers of Advance Auto Parts can enter the survey sweepstakes. There are some qualifications and requirements they must meet. In fact, you can find the link of the survey rules at But, if it is too complicated to understand, you can check the simpler rules below.

  • Advance Auto parts survey Participants.

Before entering, you should check your eligibility. This survey is open to the legal residents of 50 states in the US, Columbia, and Puerto Rico. Besides, they have to reach at least 18 years old. Besides, the employees of Advance Store Company and the sweepstakes sponsor are not eligible to enter this survey sweepstake. Moreover, the immediate family of Advance Auto parts employees is prohibited as well.

  • Survey requirements.

If you are eligible as the participant, you should start preparing the survey requirements. What are they? First of all, you should have the valid receipt from Advance Auto Parts. This receipt contains the survey code to start Advance Auto Parts survey. Another survey requirement you need is an electronic device. You can choose either smartphone or laptop to take the survey. But, make sure that you have the stable internet connection. Without the stable internet, you will find any trouble in completing Advance store survey. Also, you should have an email address. It is one of the requirement to enter Advance store sweepstakes

  • Sweepstakes entry methods.
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Advance Auto Parts offers two methods to enter its sweepstakes. The first is the online sweepstakes. You need to make a purchase at the Advance store to get a receipt. This receipt serves as Advance survey invitation. Besides, if you do not make any purchase, you still can enter the Advance Auto Parts sweepstakes. See the explanation below to get the clearer idea about the sweepstake entry methods.

  1. Enter the sweepstake with the receipt.

Advance store receipt has a survey code at its bottom section. You can use this unique code to enter after that, you have to complete all the questions in this survey portal. After responding to all the questions, you will get an invitation to enter Advance sweepstakes. To submit a sweepstake entry, you have to fill out the form. Just write down your name, mailing address, email, and phone number.

  1. Enter Advance store sweepstake without the receipt.

Even you do not purchase anything at Advance Auto Parts, you still can participate in its sweepstake. To enter this contest without the receipt, you should prepare a paper or card. The next, handwrite your identity details including name, address, phone number, and email address. Then, you should send this card to Advance Auto Parts Customer Satisfaction Survey Sweepstakes 2018, PO BOX 6002, Morton Grove, IL 60053.

  • Advance Auto Parts sweepstakes Prize.

The winner of Advance store sweepstakes will receive $2500 gift card. But this card only can be used at the selected store. the winner of this contest will be contacted by email. So, make sure that the email address you attach in the sweepstakes entry is correct.

  • Sweepstakes rules.

Here are some rules related to the sweepstakes conducted by Advance Auto Parts. Make sure that you obey the rules below. So, you will not get disqualified by Advance Auto Parts.

  1. Regardless the sweepstakes entry you use, you are only permissible to submit one entry.
  2. Advance Auto Parts will disqualify the robotic or automated entry.
  3. The different sweepstakes entrants cannot use the same email address.
  4. The winner of Advance Auto Parts gift card cannot transfer the prize to others.
  5. The winner must be responsible for the local taxes and other costs.
  6. Then, the sweepstakes winner has to respond the notification from Advance within seven days. After seven days, they cannot claim the prize.

The Steps of Advance Auto Parts Customer Satisfaction Survey

Have you checked out all the Advance Auto Parts survey rules? If you are qualified and meet all the requirements, you must be ready for this survey. Advance store survey only takes less than ten minutes to complete. During the survey, Advance Auto Parts lets you share your feedback about visiting their store. You can give some ratings and comment related to your visit. To get started, you can see the brief steps of advanceautopart survey below.

  • Step 1. Visit Advance Auto Parts Survey portal.
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In order to start the survey, you should go online to the Advance store survey website. It is accessible at Once you type this address to your browser, you will be directed to another web address. It is because the new web address of Advance Auto Parts is At the survey homepage, you will see three links. The first link is about Advance Auto Parts privacy policy. Besides, the second link is the sweepstakes rules. Then, the last link is to view the previous winner.

  • Step 2. Provide the survey code.

Now, you should look at the receipt you got from Advance Auto Parts. Then, you can find the survey code on the survey invitation. This code is usually containing 15 digits in length. You have to fill out the survey code field carefully. It is because when you mistype this code, you will not be able to start Advance Auto Parts survey.

  • Step 3. Give ratings and feedback.

In this section, you are ready to complete Some questions ask you to give the ratings. Please give the honest score based on your experience at the Advance store. The next, you can write your feedback. Perhaps, you want to give any comment, complaint, or even the suggestions to this automotive retailer.

  • Step 4. Enter the sweepstakes.

When you have answered all the survey questions, you will be invited to enter Advance store sweepstakes. If you agree to enter, you have to give your personal data. There will be a simple form you have to fill out. Just enter your name and complete address. Also, you should provide the contact details such as phone number and email address. Make sure that you write the correct contact details. It is because Advance Auto Parts will contact you by email if you win this contest.

Those are four simple steps to take part in the Advance Auto Parts Customer survey. You just need to allocate a little time to do these steps. But, you should notice that you will be able to win the great prize. $2500 gas card from Advance Auto Parts is waiting for you.

How to Locate Advance Auto Parts near me

When you need to purchase the spare parts of your vehicle, you may want to visit Advance Auto Parts location soon. But, what if you are out of town? You may not know the store location in the new town you belong. But, you should not worry since you can use Advance Auto Parts store locator. Here are two ways to find Advance Auto parts locations near me.

  1. Store locator.

You have to visit the official website of Advance Auto Parts to use this feature. The website can be accessed at Then, you will find the menu entitled Choose a Store at the top menu bar. Besides, when you scroll down the webpage, you also can find Store Locator menu. Just click on one of these menus. Then, a new page will come out. You can search Advance Auto Parts locations by city, zip code, or state. Once you press the Search button, the map will show you the locations of Advance stores around you. You can click on the result to show the store details. This way, you can find out Advance Auto Parts hour, address, and phone number.

  1. Google Maps.
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If you are lazy to explore the Advance Auto Parts website, you can use Google Maps. I am sure that everybody has this online map on their smartphone. Just simply type the Advance Auto Parts store near me. Then, this online map will show you the direction to the nearest store.

How to Contact Advance Auto Parts Customer Service

When you have any issue related to Advance Auto Parts, you need to contact the help desk. Advance Auto Parts Customer Support will solve your problem. There are some alternatives to get in touch with the Advance store help desk. You can try to use some methods below.

  • By phone.

When you have the urgent issue, you can call Advance Auto Parts Customer care soon. You can dial 1-877-ADVANCE (238-2623). Then, you can deliver any questions to Advance Auto Parts staff. They will give you the satisfying answer. Make sure that you contact them at the business hour.

  • Chat.

Advance Auto parts also facilitate the customers to chat with the Customer Relations staff. To use the Chat feature, you should go to then, you should press Contact Us link. The next, you will find the Chat option. You can type any questions you want to ask. When the staff is online, they will respond to your chat.

  • By mail.

You are also permissible to write a letter to Advance Auto Parts. You can address your letter to:

Advance Auto Parts, Inc.

Store Support Center

5008 Airport Road

Roanoke, VA 24012

  • Help Desk

Once you visit the official web of Advance Auto Parts, you can see the Help Desk menu. This menu contains the FAQ or questions and answers about Advance store products and service. For instance, you can review about speed perks, billing and payment, product info, warranty, and other topics.

  • Email.

The last, you can send email to Advance Auto Part. Advance Auto Parts website also provides the email menu. This way, you do not need to send the conventional email. You can go to the help desk menu. Then, select Submit a Request. after that, you should write down your email address. The next, fill out the subject of the email. Now, you can write the description of your message. Make sure that you write down the details of your request. Advance Auto Parts Support staff will respond your message as soon as possible. If necessary, you can drop any attachment to support your message.

Those are some methods to reach Advance Auto Parts Customer Support. Furthermore, you also can get connected with Advance Auto Parts by following its social media account. For instance, you can follow Advance Auto Parts in Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and Youtube.

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