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If you are a new user of achieve3000 login page, then you are in the right place. It is very understandable if you feel a little bit confused about this platform. Basically, Achieve3000 portal is not difficult. You just have to get accustomed to this new thing every day. Then, you will be able to access the benefits of this portal after you login to your account. Now, you finished reading this article because you will find some important information related to Achieve3000 portal here. Happy reading!

What is Achieve3000?

Achieve3000 is a platform that enhances students’’ learning qualities. This portal is available at it has a method that is recognized by the world as the programs use online differentiated instruction. This way, students will be able to increase their reading skill and levels of their literacy. BY this means, their writing abilities are supposed to be higher as well. No wonder, a lot of schools have been using this platform, such as North Chicago Community High School, Aliamanu Elementary School, IDE College Preparatory Carver, Shoreline Middle School, and many more.

portal achieve3000
portal achieve3000

Besides, portal achieve 3000 will be able to help teachers develop their students’ abilities. They may create assignments which will meet the curriculum standards. On this portal, teachers can use many kinds of material to boost the process of students’ learning. I addition, Achieve3000 portal is not only for students and teachers only. It is because school principals and school administrators may use this portal to find out the result of students learning. And the most outstanding part is that Achieve3000 is easy to access anytime and anywhere.  So, it will be helping parents to get their children studying with achieve3000 home.

achieve3000 login
achieve3000 sign in steps

What can Achieve3000 offer?

Achieve3000 portal is available for students from all grades. It does not matter if the students are in PreK-1, Grade 2 – 12, or even adult education. They all can always improve their ability using Achieve3000 portal. To achieve students’ learning goals, Achieve3000 has some solutions to offer.

  1. English Language Arts

Students can use this to build their reading skills using informational texts with certain scaffolding standards.

  1. Literacy in Content Areas

There is a lot of knowledge related to social and science studies combined with literacy skills here.

  1. Intervention

Achieve3000 has some intervention ways for all learning levels of the RTL model.

  1. ELL

This solution gives open access to fulfill learning goals based on the curriculum.

  1. Blended Learning

Achieve3000 has instructions made with blended Learning strategies to reach the main point of this portal.

  1. Science

It lets students get used to learning science and find the best solutions for daily scientific problems.

  1. Gifted & Talented

It is necessary to have some reading exploration by yourself using this Achieve3000 portal.

  1. Spanish

Students can use Achieve3000 to learn Spanish as well. it is because this portal provides special bilingual Spanish projects.

  1. Assessment

You can have practiced for your exam if you use this solution. Then, you can take the practices by providing some achieve3000 answers

  1. Foundational Literacy

For younger students, this solution will help them to understand basic reading while having fun with the games.

  1. Summer School

Students can also have achieve3000 lesson during the summer holiday. This way, they can keep learning by themselves.

  1. After School

This after-school solution offers offline ways. It may help students to learn even though they are not at school.

  1. Adult Education

Achieve3000 portal provides some ways to learn for adults. They can use it to find literacy strategies for career and workforce purposes,

To get the solutions above, students may use Achieve3000 products based on their learning level.  Here are the products that will be beneficial to improve students’ abilities.

  1. Smarty Ants

This product is for preK-1 or preK-2 level. Students can learn as well as play some educational games here.

  1. KidBiz3000

Students at grades 2 – 5 can use this product. It helps students to read and write using individual instructions.

  1. TeenBiz3000

Grades 6 – 8 students’ may use TeenBiz3000 products to get a deeper understanding in reading knowledge, strategies, and exploration.

  1. Empower3000

9 – 12 graders are able to take this product because it has solutions by giving intensive input simultaneously.

  1. Spark3000

For students on adult education levels, Spark3000 is helpful to let them learn literacy skills for career goals.

How to Access achieve3000 Portal

As Achieve3000 Portal uses sophisticated technologies, you do not have to worry about the ways to access the portal. these are the explanations.

  1. Website

If you prefer visiting the website of portal achieve3000 com login, you can visit the page at But, it is also possible using several website addresses to access the same login page, such as:

  •, click the User Login button
  1. Mobile App

Achieve3000 has a mobile app that you can get from Google Play Store or Apple App Store. Moreover, you may get achieve3000 app for the browser if you use Google Chrome. This app has special features for you, such as:

  • get Achieve3000 lessons offline,
  • develop literacy skills,
  • access My lesson page with lesson display by date,
  • save earned achievements,
  • and many other helpful things.
Things to Prepare before Login to Achieve3000 Portal

Before you Login to your account on Achieve3000 Portal, it is necessary for you to prepare all the things needed to enter the account. This way, you will not have any difficulties to log in there. Well, you can get these things ready.

  1. A username account and password

It is a must for you to have a username and the password for your Achieve3000 account. Without the username and password, it will be impossible for you to login to your account. Besides, you cannot create your own achieve3000 account by yourself. It is because all of the registration processes of your Achieve3000 account should be managed by the administrator of the school that you are attending right now. It means you should see the administrator to ask for your username and also the password.

  1. A device

What makes it easy is that you can reach Achieve3000 website using any kinds of devices, such as the laptop, personal computer, tablet, or smartphone with recognized operating systems. Moreover, you may install any browsers as this portal is compatible with a lot of browser brands.

  1. The internet connection

As this is an online portal, you should prepare the internet connection as well. Make sure you have a fast and stable connection to reach achieve3000 student login portal.

Steps to Login Account at achieve3000 Portal

After you have prepared all of the login prerequisites, you may begin the login steps. As long as the prerequisites can show its best performance, you will not find any technical difficulties later. Besides, you may need less than a minute to login to your Achieve3000 account. if you do not know what steps that you should take to log in, you can use the follow the instructions below. However, you can apply the following steps for any Achieve3000 products you are using here, except SmartyAnts as it has its own ways to Login.

  1. Go to

First, you can go to to reach the Login portal of Achieve3000. It is the official website address to Login Achieve3000 account.

  1. Fill in Username

Second, you have filled in the Username in the Login section. The Username is on the upper blank field.

  1. Enter Password

Third, you should enter the password as well. You can type in the password in the lower field in the Login section.

  1. Choose Your Class

Fourthly, you can click the Login button in the Login section. This button will let you reach the class page. on this page, you can choose one of several options in the drop-down field. if you have selected the class, you can do the last step to enter the account.

  1. Click Login

Finally, the steps to Login your Achieve3000 account are done if you click Login. Now, you can take advantage of the benefits of your achieve3000 account whenever you need.

What if you have to attend particular training through your Achieve3000 account? As you know, it is possible for your teachers to create a training class using Achieve3000 portal. But, you do not need to get panic because it is just an easy task. You can do the steps below.

  1. Go to

Firstly, you should visit the same Login page of your Achieve3000 account. It is available at

  1. Attending a training?

Secondly, you may click a link of “Attending a training?” on the Login section appeared on the home page. This link is available under the password field. Then, the link will take you to the training login page.

  1. Enter Event Code

Thirdly, you will have to enter the Event Code in the available field. This is the code that you have received from your teacher or instructors. The code is the only way for you to attend the training class via Achieve3000 account.

  1. Sign In

The last step is to click Sign In button. It will help you reach them to the training class page that your teacher or instructor has already created.

How to Reset Achieve3000 Password

Can’t you remember the password for your Achieve3000 account? Then, you should solve this problem as soon as possible. Otherwise, you will not be able to access the portal achieve3000 and get the benefits from it. Besides, this trouble can make you difficult to learn more using Achieve3000 portal. However, you can stay calm as we have provided some steps to reset your password. Furthermore, you may do the same steps if you need to renew your password regularly. Hence, you can secure your account from any hack attempts.

  1. Go to

Firstly, you must go to to reach the login page of Achieve3000 portal.

  1. Forgot your password?

Secondly, you can click a link of “Forgot your password?” You can find this link under the Login page. The link will take you to another account that you can use to get your password.

  1. Enter Username

Thirdly, you have to enter your account Username in the provided field. Make sure you enter the correct username to make the process easier.

  1. Submit

Lastly, you may click the Submit button under the Username field. This button may direct you to the page with the several instructions where you can receive your password.

For your information, the new password will be your own responsibility. So, your school’s administrator will not be able to help you in case there is an issue with the password unless you request the administrator to keep your new password.

Contact Achieve3000 Customer Support

In case you find issues with your Achieve3000 account, you may contact Achieve3000 Customer Support. Besides, you can reach customer support to find information or give inquiries about Achieve3000 products, solutions, etc. Well, you may contact the support using the following ways

  1. website

If you want to contact customer support by the website, you need to visit it at After that, you can find the page of Achieve3000 Customer Support. Or, you can use the alternative address at to reach the page in no time. When you have reached the page, you can fill in the form with some needed information. For example, you can tell the Achieve3000 product that you are going to review, your contact details, and your message. If the form has been complete, you may submit it.

  1. email

You may inform the issues by email. This way, you may type in everything in details. Then, you can send your email to [email protected]

  1. phone

To get immediate assistance from Achieve3000 customer support representatives, you’d better contact them by phone. there are 2 different numbers provided based on your location.

  • the United States area

You can dial 877-235-2525 from Monday to Friday at 8.00 a.m. till 9.00 p.m. EST.

  • International area

The phone number for users living outside the United States is 732-987-3669. It is available on:

Monday to Thursday at 1.15 a.m. till 9.00 p.m. EST

Friday at 8.00 a.m.  till 9.00 p.m. EST

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