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Do you still keep the receipt from Academy Sports + Outdoors? Can you find any Academyfeedback customer survey invitation there? During the promotional period, Academy Sports + Outdoors invites all customers who make a purchase to enter its online survey. When you receive this survey invitation, you should take part in this survey soon. It is because this survey can lead you to win the attractive prize from Academy Sports + Outdoor. You will be surprised since you can win the Academy Sports gift card valued at $1000. If you want to get the details about this Academy Sports survey, you can continue reading this page.

Academy Sports + Outdoors at Glance

Where do you usually go to purchase the sportswear? Do you often go to Academy Sports + Outdoors? Perhaps, this store does not sound strange in your ears. It is because this store becomes one of the most popular sportswear stores in the US. Many people are interested to go shopping at Academy Sports. It is so since Academy offers the discounts. This way, you can buy the cheaper products there. As the example, you can buy the shoes or apparel. This way, you can do the physical training and competitive sport with the stylish sportswear. Furthermore, Academy Sports + Outdoors also provide the outdoor activity equipment. For instance, it sells many items for fishing, camping, hunting, etc.

academy sports survey
academy sports survey can be accessed at

Academy Sports + Outdoors is headquartered in Texas, exactly at Harris Country. Even though it is a large store, Academy Sports is one of the companies which is privately owned. However, in May 2011, this company is purchased by Kohlberg Kravis Robert through the investment on Wall Street. By this acquisition, Academy Sports grows fast. No doubt, Academy Sports + Outdoors operates 290 stores in the US. The stores are available in some states in the US. For instance, you can locate it in Alabama, Georgia, Arkansas, Kansas, Indiana, Kentucky, Missouri, Louisiana, Mississippi, Texas, Tennessee, South Carolina, and Oklahoma.

The official Rules of Academy Feedback Sweepstakes

If you want to be the participants of Academy survey sweepstakes, you should notice all the rules of this contest. When you finish taking part in Academy Feedback survey, you will get an offer to enter Academy Sports sweepstakes. However, you are free to decide whether you would like to involve in Academy Sweepstakes or not. If you want to receive the attractive prize from Academy Sports + outdoor, you should not miss entering this sweepstake. For your information, the lucky winner of Academy Sports sweepstakes will get the gift card valued $1000. With this prize, you can buy any sportswear you want at Academy Sports + Outdoors store.

academy feedback survey
academy feedback survey steps

As a good participant, your duty is to obey the sweepstakes rules. Otherwise, you can be disqualified from Academy Sports survey sweepstakes. In fact, the rules of Academyfeedback survey sweepstakes can be accessed at its survey website. But, most people will say that the rules are too complicated to understand. So, for your convenience, we have summarized the rules of Academy Sports sweepstakes as the following details.

  • Eligibility of the participants.

All the customers who have Academy Sports receipt can take part in Academyfeedback survey. but, not all of them can enter the sweepstakes. Do you know why? It is because Academy Sports sweepstakes have some restrictions about the participants. If you want to take part in the Academy Sports sweepstakes, here are some requirements you have to meet. First, your nationality must be the USA, Canada, or United Kingdom. If you win this sweepstake, you should be able to prove whether you are the legal citizen of these countries. The next, your age must be at least 13 years old. After that, you do not have the chance to enter this sweepstake if you work at Academy Sports + Outdoors. The immediate family members of Academy Sports employees are also not eligible for this contest.

  • Academy Survey requirements.

When you are sure that you are eligible for Academy Sports survey sweepstakes, you have to prepare the survey requirements then. First of all, you must have the Academy Sports + Outdoor receipt. After purchasing any items at Academy Sports, you will get a receipt. Then, you have to complete this survey soon. The receipt is only valid within seven days. after seven days, you will not be able to use this receipt anymore. The next, preparing the device to access the survey website is also important. If a computer is not available, you still can use your smartphone. The use of the internet is also needed. It is because AcademyFeedback survey is only available online.

  • AcademyFeedback Sweepstakes rules.

The rules of the Academy Feedback survey are very simple. First, the employees, family members, as well as the sponsor of this sweepstakes are forbidden to enter this sweepstake. Then, every customer is only permissible to take part in the Academy Feedback sweepstakes five times each month.

  • AcademyFeedback survey prize.

This must be the part you are waiting for. The prize of Academy Sports survey sweepstakes is a gift card worth $1000. In a month, Academy Sports + Outdoor will select one winner. For your information, the winner of Academy Sports sweepstakes cannot redeem this gift card for cash. They only can use this gift card to buy any items at Academy Sports + Outdoors store. Also, the winner is not permissible to sell this prize to others.

The Guideline to Take Part in AcademyFeedback Survey.

Have you checked your eligibility to enter Academy Sports survey sweepstakes? If you are the eligible participants, you have to make a better preparation. Your preparation will decide whether you are successful in completing the survey or not. For instance, if your internet is in a good connection, you will be able to complete the survey steps fast. In contrast, if your internet is slow, you will complete this survey longer. This survey does not need much time to complete. If you are ready, you can do the step by step below.

  • Access Academy Sports survey website.

If you are ready to begin this survey, you should visit Typing is also possible. At the homepage of AcademyFeedback survey website, some spaces are available. You have to complete these fields to start the survey. but, before starting the survey, we recommend you to check out the rules of the sweepstakes first. Just click on the link which is available at the right bottom part of the survey website.

  • Write down the receipt details.

AcademyFeedback does not use the survey code to unlock the survey. But, the survey takers have to enter some details provided on their receipts. First of all, you should choose the date on which you visit Academy Sports store. After that, enter the time (hour and minute) when you ake a purchase. The survey takers also need to type the transaction number. After that, you can enter the Academy Sports + Outdoors store number. Finally, you can complete this form by entering the register number. The details mentioned above are available on your receipt. So, never lose the receipt you get from Academy Sports + Outdoors. Academyfeedback survey website also provides the receipts sample. So, you can find out the locations of the information needed.

  • Answer the questions.

When all the receipt details are correct, you can select the START button. Now, you can start completing the Academy Sports survey. The survey questions at AcademyFedback ask about the details of the shopping experience at Academy Sports store. You may be required to rate the products and service offered by Academy Sports. Then, you can write down your feedback by giving any complaints or comments. Whatever your response in this survey, Academy Sports will receive it gladly.

  • Participate in the sweepstakes.

When you finish answering the survey questions at Academyfeedback, you will get an offer. You are invited to their monthly sweepstake. If you want to enter this monthly sweepstake, you have to provide the personal and contact details. Just write down your full name and mailing address completely. Also, provide a phone number as well as email address. Your contact details must be correct. Academy Sports will inform that you win this sweepstake by email or phone.

Now, you have to wait for the result of random drawing. If you are lucky, you will be the person who receives $1000 gift card from Academy Sports. Just make sure that the contact details you enter are correct. So, Academy Sports + Outdoors can reach you easily when you win this sweepstake.

How to Locate Academy Sports _ Outdoor Nearby

You may ask Where is Academy Sports + Outdoors near me. When you want to buy the sportswear you will search for Academy Sports near me. Luckily, locating this sportswear store is very simple. This store has many chains. So, you will be able to find the chain easily. You can try some methods below to seek Academy Sports locations.

  • Using the store locator.

Simply access Academy Sports + Outdoors official website. It is accessible at then, you can pay attention to the top left section of the website. There will be a menu Find a Store there. If you want to search Academy Sports store locations nearby, you just need to write down the city, state, or zip code. This website will help you by showing some stores around you. Click on the store which is the nearest one. This result also shows you other details about Academy Sports. For instance, you can view Academy Sports store hour as well as the phone number.

  • Search engine.

If you do not want to access the Academy Sports website, you can use any kind of search engine or the online maps. It is the easiest way to locate this sportswear store. Type the searching keywords Academy Sports near me or Academy Sports locations near me. The next, you will see the result of the searching. The maps will show you teh shortest direction to Academy Sports store.

How to reach Academy Sports Customer Support.

What should you do if you have any problem about Academy Sports? Perhaps, you want to ask something in your mind. For instance, you want to know about Academy Sports coupons or the special offer. In this case, you should not doubt to contact Academy Sports + Outdoors customer service. Try one of the methods below to reach Academy Sports Customer Service.

  1. By phone.

If you want to speak up directly with Academy Sports Customer relations officer, you should make a call. This way, you can express any comment or questions immediately. Then, you will get the quick response as well. By calling the Academy Sports Customer care, you can ask about the special deals, Academy Sports store hours, Academy Sports coupons, and many other topics. Just dial 1 888 922 2336 during Academy Sports operating hours. Then, you will get the satisfying response from the Customer Service staff.

  • Live Chat.

Academy Sports provides the live chat option on its official site. To use this menu, you have to visit Then, you should click on the menu Customer Care. On the new page, you will find the option Chat t the bottom part of the page. But, you should notice that Live Chat option is only available during Academy Sports business hour. So, the administrator is not online anytime. If the chat option is offline, you still can leave your message there. But, you have to wait for the response from the administrator. In contrast, if the Live Chat option is available, you can chit chat with Academy Sports Customer Care staff directly.

  • Message.

You can submit a message through Academy Sports website. But, in order to use this menu, you must have an email address. It is because Academy Sports will respond to your message by email. Here are the steps to submit the questions at Academy Sports website.

  1. Visit the official site of the Academy Sports website. You can visit either or We suggest you access the second address. This way, you can reach the Customer Care page straight away.
  2. Select the menu entitled Ask a Question.
  3. Write down your email address on the available field.
  4. Write down the subject of your message. You can choose some of these following topics. For example, you can submit a question about return Policy, Customer Service, Shipping, Price, and so on.
  5. Explain your questions briefly. You are allowed to include any details related to your questions.
  6. Press Submit Your Questions button.

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