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Are you an employee at Sears Holdings Corporation? If you work there, you need to find out your work schedule. Then you need to know about the program or information in the company. Thus, you may need to go to the office to check the information. However, Sears has services for their employees. Sears tries to give information about employee benefits, information, and contacts. Here they make a portal for employees. The portal is named Sears88. Here companies can check the identity and activities of employees. If you want to enter this portal, you need to do Sears88 Login or 88Sears Associate Login.

This portal can make it easier for employees to take part in programs and information from the company. If you are a new employee in this office, you need to find out about the Sears 88 portal. So you can study the profile where you work. If you have never done Sears88 Employee Login, you can read this article. Because we will help you enter an employee account at my88sears. Well, this company began serving consumers in 1886. They grew well from year to year. Then you can find out all information about Sears Holding through their website. There they were. Before finding out about how to do 88 sears login, let’s look at the Sears profile.

88sears associate login page

88sears associate login page

Profile of Sears Holding Corporation

Next, we will discuss the profile of Sears Holding. They made history more than 100 years ago. So in 1886 Richard Sears founded this shop. At first, he worked at the railway station. Then Richard sold wood and coal to make extra money. One time he received a shipment of watches from Redwood Falls. Then Richard resold the middle hour to someone else. But he sells watches at better prices. Furthermore, he ordered more watches. Then Richard resold the watch. The story is the basis for the establishment of the Rising Sears Watch in Minneapolis.

Year after year, Sears Holding grew well. Sears built a new office in Dallas in 1906. Then this office succeeded in becoming a mail order factory. Then, what’s special about this office? First, they offer lower shipping costs. Second, they are able to send goods faster. Third, they are able to maintain the quality and condition of the goods they will send. Even in 1992, they were able to produce 59 billion from this business. That same year, Sears reorganized their business. They closed several shops that did not provide positive growth. then Sears expanded their business by creating a company website. They try to make the office worthy of their profits.

Currently, they are the largest retail company in Canada. They have 125 shops, 179 specialty stores, and 1,550 catalog agents first. Overall they have 863 retail stores. This business uses the mall concept. Then Sears has 1200 locations for shops that sell hardware, automotive etc. So you don’t need to hesitate to shop at this store. Because they offer affordable prices for consumers. For more than 100 years, Sears has strong management. So that they are able to survive and compete with other companies.

88sears login

88sears login steps

88sears Benefit you need to know.

Well guys, after knowing your company profile, now find out the benefits of 88 Sears Login. You can open the employee portal, then read on the 88sears benefits menu. However, now you don’t need to read their website. Here we will discuss the benefits of this employee portal with you.

  1. Update Company Information. Well, you can get the latest information about your office. So you don’t need to come to the office and see the bulletin board. You can do this from home.
  2. Enrollment Benefits. Well, now you can register for employee benefits at the office. They have various programs that you can follow. First, you can get medicine and prescription. Second, you can do dental care. Third, you can get a flexible account. This account can facilitate you when shopping. Then you can make savings for health care in the future.
  3. If you want to register for health insurance, you can download the form on this portal.
  4. Well, this portal can help you make financial, health and other insurance plans. They provide instructions for each program on this employee portal. Thus you can better understand the program that suits you.
  5. You can take part in the program The Sears Holdings 401. Here you can arrange savings for your future. Then you can plan retirement savings. All employees are eligible to register for this program.
  6. Then you can access information about retirement benefits. Here they have 11 programs that can make your retirement easier. You can read the program instructions to choose a suitable program.
  7. What you can get on Worklife Benefits. Here they give various assistance to employees. They give support to employees. Employees, close family, and family members can benefit from this. You can call 1-800-424-4732 for 24 hours. They will help you solve problems.
  • Your financial planning problem.
  • Obtain legal services and consultation.
  • Help you find parenting services and care for the elderly.
  • Help you get a comfortable home.
  • They help your education problem and. Furthermore, they have a consultation program for you.
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How to do 88Sears Associate login

Previously we discussed the benefits of using 88sears associate. There you can find out about employee benefit programs. Next, let’s discuss how to do 88sears associate login. So, you need to prepare your login needs first. You need a computer or laptop. We do not specify the brand of laptop you are using. But you should have a data search software and internet service. The software can help you find employee portals. Then internet service is an important requirement that you must fulfill.

Then you need to access 88 Sears My Personal Information. Because you need a Login ID and PIN to enter the account. Both are important aspects that can help you enter your account. Login ID comes from your Social Security number. If you first access this portal, your PIN is the date and month of your birth. Remember the writing concept (MMDD). The following is how to do 88 sears login.

  1. Visit the official sears 88 portal.

Well guys, now you need to use a computer device. So, the first step is to find the official website of Sears HR. You may use Google or Mozilla to search for this site. Simply enter the site address, you can immediately land on the first page of the website. Then you can use keywords. Next, you need to select the site that matches the address of portal 88sears. www.88sears.com.

  1. Then, click on the MPI / My Personal Information menu to enter the employee portal.
  2. Enter your password and your enterprise ID.
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There you have to fill in the fields correctly. Because this system is sensitive to uppercase or lowercase letters. then your password must consist of 8 digit numbers. Remember, your password will expire within 90 days. Furthermore, the ID cannot contain your company ID. You can get your ID during the first recruitment process from the HR officer. Then the password comes from the month and day of your birth.

  1. Click the Login button. Then you can explore your account and make your life planning.

Problems that you might experience while doing 88Sears Associate login

So there are some things that might interfere with your access to this employee portal. Even if you make preparations, the risk of problems when logging in is normal. Your website can stop before the process is complete. There are several things that can interfere with your access.

  1. First, maybe your internet has an unstable signal.
  2. Second, you might use a search engine that is not recommended.
  3. Third, the server is currently busy.
  4. Or you are wrong when entering your password and user ID account.
How to Reset the Password on the 88sears associate account

After you can enter your account, you can find out about the program at Sears Holdings. Then you might experience problems when entering your account. Don’t worry, they have a solution for you. After you log in for the first time, you can enter another portal. So setting the password is on the portal current SHC Associate Login Page. Now we will help you reset your password.

  1. Visit web.searshc.com.

First, you need to enter the official portal of the Sears Holding Corporation. You may use Google or Mozilla to search for this site. Simply enter the site address, you can immediately land on the first page of the website. You can use the following address. web.searshc.com.

  1. Then you need to click on the Former SHC Associate Logon Page button.
  2. Click on the password reset button.

On this page, you can see the login ID and PIN fields. But you need to visit the password reset page. Then you need to enter Logon ID, Date of Birth and ZIP Code. Remember, you need to fill in all fields.

  1. Next click on the Update button. So, now your password will change according to the format of your month and day of birth (MMDD).
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How to Find the Nearest Sears Holdings

Well, guys, this shop is popular in the community. Because they sell clothes, electronic goods, furniture etc. So you only need to visit one shop to meet your various household needs. The way to find the nearest location is very easy. You need to use this method to save the budget for vehicle fuel. There are two ways to find the closest location. You can search for locations using the website or application on your smartphone.

  1. Find out the nearest Sears location through the website.
  • First, visit the official Sears website first. You can use the www.sears.com
  • Second, click on the store locator menu. This button is in the top right corner.
  • Third, you need to write down the ZIP Code, the name of the city and the name of your country.
  • Fourth, click on the search button. There you can find out about the store’s Operating Hours, telephone numbers and addresses. If you want complete information, click on the detail view store button. So you can see the service in the store.
  1. Find out the nearest Sears location using the application.
  • First, you need to download this application through Google Play or the App Store.
  • Second, open your application, then make profile settings first.
  • Third, then you can use the search menu.
  • Fourth, enter the Zip Code, city name and country name.
  • Last, click on the search button.
How to Find out about job openings at Sears Holdings

Well, our information is not only for Sears employees. Now we will help you join Sear. If you want to have a career in this company, the first step is to find out job vacancies. The way to find out about job openings is quite easy. You can use job search sites on the internet. However, you should immediately find out from their official website. Here’s how to start a career at Sears Holdings.

  1. Visit the Sears Holdings Official Website first. There you can see various menus and submenus.
  2. Well, then visit the “Career” menu. Then you can see several work groups. You can choose part-time or full-time jobs.
  3. Click on the job opening you want. There you can see job requirements and qualifications.

Then there is another way to have a career there. You can use the store locator. Thus you will find the nearest office. Then you can ask for a brochure or ask the clerk directly. Or you may follow their social media accounts. If you want to find a job, you should follow their Linkedin Account.

Sears Holdings Corporation Customer Service

If you want to ask more about this company, do the following methods.

  1. Contact 88 sears phone number.


  1. Sears Holding Mailing Address.

3333 Beverly Road

Hoffman Estates, IL 60179

(847) 286-2500

  1. Sears Social Media Holdings.

Twitter: @SearsHoldings.

Youtube: SearsHoldingsVideo.

Linkedin: Sears Holdings Corporation.

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