The flurry of purported “news” about New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s political future Monday says more about the appetite for 2016 scooplets than it does about the actual political maneuvering ahead of 2016.

The New York Post’s Fred Dicker first reported  the shocker that Cuomo wouldn’t be running in 2016 if another New Yorker by the name of Hillary Clinton decided to run.

It’s perhaps newsy that a “Cuomo administration insider with direct knowledge of the situation” would mouth this to Dicker even on background — but the notion itself is certainly not surprising.  In fact, Cuomo not running if Hillary does is widely assumed.

Did ya happen to see the New Hampshire poll?  She beats Cuomo 68 percent to 2 percent.

But what gave the story some extra legs was Cuomo’s appearance on a radio program where he would have to respond!

What could he possibly say?

Well, exactly what you’d expect a smart ambitious pol to say.

On “Capitol Pressroom,” he dismissed the Dicker piece as “rumor” and of course stated that he’s made no 2016 calculation yet.

“There is no truth to the assertion that I am talking presidential politics and strategy and what Hillary Clinton should do or shouldn’t do or what I’m doing presidentially,” he said.  ”The only discussions I’m having now are how to help this state .. . and to the extent that I’m focusing on politics, it’s my race next year.”

Cue the AP alert.

Cuomo: Hillary Clinton Will Have No Bearing on 2016 Thinking.

Newsy? Barely.

But it’s understood that whenever a politician utters something about 2016, it will attract headlines.

Look at the gratuitous coverage of Gov. Martin O’Malley when he even suggests the obvious, that he’s thinking about a 2016 presidential race.

Yet in this instance, it’s more interesting how the narrative had come full circle by Monday afternoon.

At one point, the Twitterverse even pondered if the leak to Dicker was intentional in order to make clear Cuomo’s aspirations.

Needless to say, by mid-afternoon half the stories stacked in Google Alerts said Cuomo wouldn’t run against Hillary; half said he just might anyway.

Of course, the latter isn’t true.

But Cuomo knows this as much as he knows there’s virtually no risk in saying it anyway.