Marco Rubio’s had a rough six months.

He’s been whipsawed by the right for his efforts on immigration reform.  His standing in the race for the 2016 GOP presidential nomination has dwindled to single digits in a swath of polling.  Most distressing, I’m sure, is that he’s even been dethroned as leader of The RUN’s CHASE rankings (!).

But Rubio is still tops when it comes to one important political category: The Money, honey.

The Florida senator raised the most money among the Capitol Hill 2016 crew during the third quarter — covering between July and the end of September.  It should also be noted that Rubio is burning through a good amount of cash, spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on direct mail communication and shipping.

But it appears he can afford to be a profligate spender, given the fast clip in which he’s been able to lock down dough.

Here are the stats:

  1. Rubio: $1.8 million raised, $3.2 million left on hand
  2. Paul Ryan: $1.17 million raised, $2.6 million left on hand
  3. Rand Paul: $1 million raised, $1.25 million left on hand
  4. Ted Cruz: $800,000 raised, $378,697 left on hand
  5. Pete King: $234,424 raised, $2.67 million left on hand

Correction @ 10:26 PM: This post has been updated to reflect Rubio’s joint committee fundraising numbers, which an Rubio adviser said puts Rubio at $2.2 million on hand for his reelect committee and $1 million on hand for his PAC.