Tier 1


#1 Chris Christie

Age: 50
Birthplace: Newark, NJ
Experience: Governor, U. S. Attorney, Energy Lobbyist
Twitter: @GovChristie
% Chance He Runs: 80%

#2 Rand Paul

Age: 50
Birthplace: Pittsburgh, PA
Experience: U. S. Senator, Kentucky Taxpayers United Founder, Ophthalmologist
Twitter: @SenRandPaul
% Chance He Runs: 85%

#3 Ted Cruz

Age: 42
Birthplace: Calgary, Alberta Canada
Experience: U. S. Senator, TX Solicitor General, Private Attorney, Federal Trade Commission, Department of Justice, Law Professor
Twitter: @TexCruz
% Chance He Runs: 55%

#4 Marco Rubio

Age: 41
Birthplace: Miami, FL
Experience: U. S Senator, State House Speaker, West Miami City Commissioner
Twitter: @MarcoRubio
Chance He Runs: 80%


Tier 2


Scott Walker

Age: 45
Birthplace: Colorado Springs, CO
Experience: Governor, Milwaukee County Executive, State Assembly, American Red Cross Fundraiser, IBM Salesman
Twitter: @ScottKWalker
% Chance He Runs: 60%

Jeb Bush

_Cuomo_RACE Age: 60
Birthplace: Midland, TX
Experience: Foundation for Excellence in Education, Governor, FL Secretary of Commerce
Twitter: @JebBush
% Chance He Runs: 40%

Paul Ryan

Paul Ryan Age: 43
Birthplace: Janesville, WI
Experience: U. S. House, Vice Presidential Nominee, Marketing Consultant, Speechwriter
Twitter: @RepPaulRyan
% Chance He Runs: 40%

Bobby Jindal

jindal2 Age: 41
Birthplace: Baton Rouge, LA
Experience: Governor, HHS Adviser, ULA President, LA Secretary of Health & Hospitals
Twitter: @BobbyJindal
% Chance He Runs: 75%

Rick Santorum

Age: 54
Birthplace: Winchester, VA
Experience: Patriot Voices, Presidental Candidate, U. S. Senator, U. S. House, Private Attorney
Twitter: @RickSantorum
% Chance He Runs: 70%

Rick Perry

Age: 62
Birthplace: Paint Creek, TX
Experience: Governor, Presidential Candidate, Lt. Governor, TX Agriculture Commissioner
Twitter: @GovernorPerry
% Chance He Runs: 75%

John Kasich

Age: 61
Birthplace: McKees Rocks, PA
Experience: Ohio Legislative Researcher, Ohio Senate, U.S. Congressman, Presidential Candidate, Talk Show Commentator/Host, Lehman Brothers Managing Director, Governor
Twitter: @JohnKasich
% Chance He Runs: 40%

Peter King

Age: 69
Birthplace: Manhattan, NY
Experience: U.S. House, Nassau County Comptroller, Hempstead Town Council, Nassau County District Attorney’s Office
Twitter: @RepPeteKing
% Chance He Runs: Despite saying he’s a candidate for president “right now”, there’s only a 50% chance he’ll actually go through with it.