How to Start a Home Garden?

Hi, Guys! Are you interested in gardening? Or, have you just started loving this kind of hobby? Then, you are not too late to love this field because you are right to start your healthy life style. In general, gardening is not a simple activity where you must own several knowledge or experiences. But, you should not worry as it is not as difficult as you are afraid of. Yes, there are a lot of guidelines about gardening that you can get from social media, online and printable mass media, books and magazine as well as real-time experience with your friends, families or neighbors who are expert on this field.

Home Garden Tips
Home Garden Tips

Before starting to create your own home garden, you have to know the types that may be suitable for your condition. And practically, there are more than five garden types in this world. In this post, we will specifically discuss about the herbs or vegetable home garden. Well, this type of garden has several benefits for you. Not to mention, here those benefits are:

  1. It is flexible in space and easy in treatment
  2. It can reduce stress
  3. It can be a great family’s activities
  4. You can do more healthy lifestyle by more active to move
  5. This activity can create a strong relationship between you and families
  6. It needs the less budget
  7. You can get a direct and quick result (Practically easy to pick any leaves or plants then cook it)
  8. It also train your creativity
  9. At last, it may help you save money.
Tips to Start a Vegetable Home Garden

Well, after knowing the benefits above, you need to start creating your own vegetable home garden. But wait, you may need several guidelines or tips to avoid any troubles, failures, or even mistakes. Then, here our simple tips that you can apply on your personal home garden, those are:

  • Make sure the sun availability

The basic need of a vegetable home garden is not a large field. But, it is about the possibility to get sun. Yes, the types of plants on this home garden need an area where it can get the proper sunny to grow. Even, some plants may need a full sun but not with the others. For your information, there are six vegetables where you need to put them in full sun area and those are potatoes, eggplants, tomatoes, squash, corn, and peppers. Meanwhile, the plants that are good to grow in part shades are broccoli, salad greens (lettuce, arugula, cress and endive), peas, radishes, cauliflower, beets, Brussels sprouts, beans, Swiss chard and leafy greens such as collards, mustard greens, kale and spinach.

Pay Attention on your home garden's spaces
Pay Attention on your home garden’s spaces
  • Pay attention on your Space

The second one is about the large of your area. Even we have mentioned that you area is not really important but you have to pay attention on it because it is useful to choose what proper plants should be on it. Well, when you have a limited space, you have two options of gardening, those are container and vertical. Anyway, the container gardening needs you to buy or use your secondhand container then put your plants on your chipped pots or even the vintage olive oil bottle. With your more creativity, you can make some Gardening DIY Stuffs to make it suitable to cover all of your plants. Nowadays, you can use your YouTube App or even social media to explore more ideas. Meanwhile, the vertical gardening needs you to prepare some gutters to the side of your building then plat your shallow corps.

  • Get the more information about watering system

Of course, the water is a most important part of being a human. Especially for the plants, they also need the enough water to be sent it one place. So, are better to make sure that your area has a good water distribution as well as the proper time to water it. Just in case you are in summer or the other less  rain weather, you have to ensure that you have the other plant to water your plants.

  • Plant and Manage your Plants

For the rest, it is the time to plant then manage your plants regularly. Friends, you have to be more careful with the accidental situation likewise weather change, disease, or even any insects. To make it grow healthily, it is better to avoid any pesticides or even the chemical composter. The next important action is about to stay to be patient to manage your plants. And when the harvesting time is coming, you will be happy and satisfied for it.

And, it is some our simple tips for you who are starting your own vegetable home garden. Hopefully, it can be helpful and good luck!

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