Former Montana Gov. Brian Schweitzer all but ruled out a 2016 presidential bid in a talk to college students Thursday, citing his conservative position on gun control laws.

The money quote from The Bozeman Daily Chronicle:

“In Iowa and Florida, those Democratic voters would ask me about things like gun control and I’d say things like, ‘You control yours, I’ll control mine,’” Schweitzer said. “That’s not going to sell in a Democratic primary.”

The comments came a day after the U.S. Senate defeated a group of amendments designed to enhance gun control measures, including background checks and an assault weapons ban.

The story doesn’t include a definitive answer on a presidential run, but includes a line that says Schweitzer “explained his lack of presidential ambition.”  The story does not indicate he was asked about a 2014 U.S. Senate run.

Currently, The RUN lists Schweitzer in the second tier of potential 2016 Democratic prospects.