7 Awesome Things You Need to Know about Your Garden

Hi, Guys! How are you? Then, what do you plan for your next weekend? Well, it seems great when you start paying attention to your garden. Yes, gardening may seem boring or even exhausting for some types of people. But, do you know that your garden can be a great thing to boost your mood? Yes, in the middle of your busy days, relaxing at home while seeing your green or colorful garden can make you fresh and excited. Sure, it will boost your mood to be more excited in running your next days. Anyway, there are seven awesome garden facts that you need to know and here they are:

  • Plants really respond to sound

Do you know? One of the crazy tips to build your garden is about to regularly creating a conversation with your plants. Talking to them is reliable helping them to grow better. Indeed, some studies even prove that a beautiful sound likewise in music, tone or even your beautiful voice can affect on their growth. These studies even compared a silent greenhouse to the ones which gives in a soundtrack. And surprisingly, they second ones grow more.

  • Some Fruits are the Parts of Rose Family

All of us may be familiar with some kinds of fruits such as Apples, Pears, Peaches, raspberries, cherries and strawberries. Do you know? They are the parts of Rosaceae or the family of Rose. Well, if you want to give an anti-mainstream valentine gift, it is better to pack these kinds of fruits on your bucket.

Garden Facts about Rose
Garden Facts find that Some Fruits are part of Rose Family
  • Baking Soda and Tomatoes

One of the benefits of having a garden on our house is helping us to get a fresh fruit or vegetable every day. Yes, you even don’t need to go to supermarket while all of vegetables are ready on your garden. If you love eating a fresh tomato, you can add a sprinkling baking soda on your tomatoes plant’s soil. Do you know? This kind of kitchen staple can reduce the acidity while sweeten up your tomatoes.

  • Orchid and Dessert

If you love cooking and gardening, it is really good to know that the right combination of orchid can give a positive vibes on your small garden. Guess why? These kinds of plant can seem like as your favorite desserts. Not to mention, the orchid varietal can seems like as the vanilla bean. Indeed, the chocolate aromatic can be got from An oncidum hybrid. Even still, there are a lot of types of orchid that spreads a great aromatic like as your favorite dessert. So, with no doubt, you should start combining your orchids to create your garden that smells like a desserts bucket.

Garden Facts about Orchids
Garden Facts find that Orchids smells like a dessert
  • Sunflower’s Facts

When you love yellow and want to create your yellow garden, it is really good to plant a sunflower on it. Indeed, it is a simple and easy plant because you only need to plant one sunflower on you pot. By waiting for several days, it will grow more that you can expect. Do you know? Sunflower may have one thousand or even more flowers holding together on a single stalk. Well, it will be really good to make your yellow garden in a quick and simple way.

  • Hydrangea’s Colors

Like all we know, Hydrangea is the best flower option to color your garden. Yes, it has a great color that for some people it is really relaxing. Do you know? By adding some alkaline soil can result the pink blossoms. Meanwhile, the more acidity you add on them, the more blue blossoms they can produce. To deal with this purpose, you can give mote organic matters on your soil. It can be egg shells, coffee grounds or even a high-acid fertilizer. But, you need to be patient because it will not change overnight.

  • Don’t need a composter anymore

When you think to grow your plant needs a more composter then you are obviously wrong. Somehow, a more composter even makes it worse because it contains a lot of chemicals. Indeed, you have to spend your lot of money to buy it in the supermarket. However, the organic and natural composters are the better one to grow your plant better. To change your chemical composter, you can give coffee grounds, egg shells, chopped up banana peels or even the other organic matters. Of course, it can give the great plant’s nutrients as it helps them to grow fast and healthy.

Well, it is all about seven awesome things that you need to know about plants and the awesome garden facts. Then, are you still hesitating to start creating your own garden at home? Come on! It will be fun!

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